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Gotten tired of Zeon’s ways

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Lately Zeon has been thinking I have “mood swings”, and I was originally going to explain the reasons behind this in a post yesterday, but I never got round to it.

Zeon came to the DHF Chat today and I couldn’t take it any more, I just snapped and said it, so here it is now I guess:

Anon4115: AKH?


Anon4115: can I test an email spammer on your email, Ill stop when you say?

AKHFTW: no you can’t

Anon4115: ok

Anon4115: gonna test it on tiger then >:D

Anon6609: “daily sending quota exceded”

Anon6609: XD

Anon6609: The dickhead must have ate like 200 messages

AKHFTW: you’re banned

Over PM:

anon1 (12:28:59 PM): I didnt send them to you it was to tiger
akhftw (12:29:12 PM): I know
akhftw (12:29:21 PM): but you’re not welcome here on DHF
anon1 (12:29:51 PM): are you annoyed cause I spammed your friend
akhftw (12:29:52 PM): also, 200 messages is fuck all
akhftw (12:29:59 PM): OK zeon
akhftw (12:30:03 PM): let’s get this straight
anon1 (12:30:06 PM): That was an estimated guess
anon1 (12:30:08 PM): ok listenin
akhftw (12:30:08 PM): I don’t have mood swings
anon1 (12:30:12 PM): ok
akhftw (12:30:15 PM): I just get mad at you every time I see you
anon1 (12:30:20 PM): aha
akhftw (12:30:20 PM): because I hate you.
You have blocked this person
You can also report this person to Chatango
12:30:25 PM anon1 has logged out

Zeon, if you’re reading this, which you probably are, I don’t want to hate you, but everything you do makes me.

All you do when you are here is hate on everybody but me and sinister now that he supports you (slightly). You know I like these people, yet you seem to think I’m not going to get mad when you’re insulting them or plotting against them.


An Observation of Zeon

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Just a quick post, gonna spill my thoughts here.

He can copy my speaking style, but he can’t copy my arguing style.

I’ve seen him use my (old) speaking style while arguing, but he can’t formulate an argument.

it doesn’t move beyond judgements and insults.

He doesn’t know his audience either, the losers (a small group of people who WOULD agree with his way of thinking) aren’t here, so no one who sees the insults agrees with them, and they don’t work.

He sticks to the same (unrelated) subjects and quite frankly isn’t even good at putting insults together, he can rarely cause offense (which is what he’s trying to do), let alone prove a point or win an argument.

Also, slightly related post …

… in siagon’s post “Siagons Debut”

siagon wrote:

Axle Says:

December 25, 2009 at 7:47 pm I posted that conversation for EVERYONE to see, Zeon. Your just pulling at straws here trying to avoid the fact that you were just completely and utterly owned to hell and back.”

An Extra Christmas Present

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After your 12 AKHLog Christmas presents mentioned in the last post had been written and scheduled, a certain turn of events lead to you all getting another one: a Zeon-free christmas.

And his site-wide ban is going to extend further than that.

Want to know what happened to cause this? Let’s take a look at Axle’s latest post …

… in Axle’s latest post “RIP”

Axle wrote:

“Today my cat was found, frozen stiff, in a construction site about a block from my house. He had apparently been dead a few days.

Rest in peace, Alphabet.



A good cat, friendly, and loved by all who met him.

Alphabet, AKA "Alf"

Alphabet, AKA "Alf"


Enox wrote:

“wow im sorry, i know how it feels to lose a close pet. :(

Daggerhog wrote:

“Dang, that sucks. Sorry about your loss. :(

siagon wrote:

“Hi there axle, thanks for inviting me to the blog should be fun, though I’ve never been on a blog before but anyways, I’m sorry to here about alphabet he was an awsome cat and it’s a shame that he was found the way he was… I know how it feels to lose pets, as you probably already know so you have my condolences…”

doomkaiser wrote:

“My god..

Im very sorry connor, I dont like dead animals… this is a tragic to me as is you”

Zeon wrote:

Haha your fucking cat died

doomkaiser wrote:

“This totally proves what kind of person you are”

“Annnd you find this funny?

Fucktard, your much worse than I first imagined

you hate people AND animals”

Zeon wrote:

No, I hate Axle’s cat, simply because it belongs to him.

Or it belonged to him.

sinister96 wrote:

“:0 zeon! >:0
Fucking alphabet died
I’m sorry for your cat axle
I wish I could find you a Christmas present”

[Zeon, it’s common knowledge that sinister is nowhere near mature (he stabbed someone, for christ’s sake …) and yet he’s seen here treating you as a parent to a child. And he can be seen doing this numerous times elsewhere as well. He’s the same age as you. You are pathetic.]

Zeon wrote:

“Give him an e-hug”

Damian wrote:

“Zeon, I truly believe your a faggot now. Nate is right, you do hate people and animals.

Seriously you bitch, what the fuck is wrong with you? Fucking heartless bastard.

I hope you die in hell.”

I wrote:

Alright that’s it Zeon, you can’t comment on the AKHLog.

I’m not going to approve any more of your comments and I’ll delete any that get through.

Vikorian wrote:

“Wow and zeon says he’s a perfect angel?

If I remember correctly, angel’s under God’s being cared for all. Living and deceased.

I believe you’re pitiful. You try so hard to make people mad, where you go to insane lengths to be an ass. Even you push it to where you make anyone look at you in disgust. I’m even questioning if a criminal could look at you as a rotten person.

If anyone wants proof you’re a complete heartless bastard it’s right here.
Good day sir, I hope hell uprises and freezes on top of you.”

Enox wrote:


I think that’s all I can say.

No matter if you hate someone or not…death isn’t something to spring an insult from.

You really are just a robot on the Internet…nobody with a conscience would comment with something like that.”

Pilot wrote:

““No, I hate Axle’s cat, simply because it belongs to him.”

You know what? I hope karma gets to slap you in the face. It’s a pain to lose something close to you. At least respect his feelings for sadness. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if your parents died and someone at the funeral laughed at you.”

Now I (unlike a lot of people I could name here) am not one for considering animals as more important than humans, but you just don’t fucking do that.

it’s the lowest level of basic human decency.

I didn’t think people could become so oblivious to how strongly hated they are that they would act so … inhuman. Zeon’s behaviour is INHUMAN.


Merry Christmas Everyone (Zeon isn’t included in “everyone”; obviously …).



The end of the AKHLog

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Before I start, let me explain. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I’ve waited until now because it’s the best time to do what I must do [if you don’t see it now, you will see it soon]. This blog has become a drain on me and my life, some days I really just haven’t had the time to write a post, but I did it anyway. I never intended for this blog to become what it has become, I originally intended for it to be a log … a collection of my thoughts. On anything. But then I got an audience, and I got carried away.

I’ve had fights, made friends, and even got myself into a little internet trouble over the past two years and 1,024 posts. I’ve had bad times, good times and even better ones and it’s an experience I’d trade for nothing and recommend to anyone.

I’m leaving the AKHLog to go back to the community I love: YoYo and the GMC. Expect to see me there from now on. Veterans of the AKHLog will know you can also find me at my good old email address

I’m filled with happiness as I write this post because I know it’s the right thing to do. There will be no more posts on the AKHLog after this.

And lastly, because an AKHLog post wouldn’t be an AKHLog post without a quoting session, here we go, for one last time …

… on my post “Why so Not Visiting? + The Story of darthmarus”

Zeon wrote:

“AKH,do you think that the truth oracles blog has been hacked?I mean,suddenly he takes back all he has said about tigerdude,and he hasnt made a post since 19 November!I dunno,maybe one of tiger´s friends hacked into it or something…

What do you think?”

TurboX wrote:

“AKH isn’t it obvious? most of your viewers were only ever interested in the activity between me, tigerdude1993 and truthoracle, but now since I and they have stopped, no-ones really that bothered, i mean even the old crew from yoyogames are gone, I did say this a while back, I guess I was right”

bobserge wrote:

“It could just be the season. People are probably busy getting assignments done for school or something.

– Bob”

~Cookies&Cream~ wrote:

“*yawns* Hey guys, haven’t been around for a while. *pokes AKH* Hahaha the drama fest is over hun ^^ sorries, but I left ’cause I was sick of it and had things to do, and it seems other people have too, no offence *goes back to study for her finals*. Anyways, hope you’re doing well, I still can’t believe mrsmes is still doing that OS thing, but whatever…if he succeeds I’ll be amazed.TTYL loves ^^~FF(Le Uber Yummeh Cookies C8)”

mrsmes, VOR, tigerdude, tigergal, Firefall, Pilot, LavaWave, Zeon, Ultisoft, Ultish, weenom, Dinsdale, $pecter, Bobserge, steware, dragonzrkool, Sandy, Mark Overmars, YoYoJim, ZekeGames, Nekru, Zone51, DiamondDynamite, Chris Rosenfeldt, wassimkatbey, AkmaYo, sonicguy1234, NAL, TurboX, Nailog, Holy Fruit, Alex, ragnarok, Tuntis, FredFredrickson, KC LC, Daniel Dane, benetonmovie, B&B Gaming, -wolfprogramming-, Chronic, Yourself, Damaged, NakedPaulToast, Havok, spork, Caniac, Trollsplatterer, Niik, Vlad, Yal, MelonYoshi, bbgames, Toledo88, Authentic GameWarez, aracnoX, redchu, DJDej, Quinlan Vos, quiznos00, darthmarus, diggit, gmgex, ZXCVBNMASDFGHJKLQWERTYUIOP, Keysle, JAk HAk, JCWman, Capt_Matt, ev149, BlaXun, Hiro, Wirodeu, KDSOFTWARE, TallGames, Power Board, IKSB, EvilWings727, MGC, 4arms, Chipmunk, ihatepenguins, George Williams, SatanChild666, in all your forms, and everyone else I’ve ever met along the way …

it’s been great, and you’ve made it great.

This is not the end.

Infighting + the magical power of icon-locating DLLs

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it’s raining outside and I’m cold and wet 😦

Now into YoYo-related news, there is fighting among the AKHLog ranks. it may not surprise you to know that one of the participants is Zeon, but can you guess the second? 😉 …

… on TurboX’s post “My Honest opinion part 2”

LavaWave wrote:

“Zeon for fucks sake shut up with the swearing already, You’re worse then me whenever you post.”

Zeon wrote:

““Zeon for fucks sake”

Whose swearing know?

Right,so I get it.YOU,lavawave AKA inuyasha,one of the lamest people at the AKHlog,are telling ME that my posts are worse than yours.


LavaWave wrote:

“I am not Inuyasha, I am LavaWave A.K.A Jean Pierre Dalli and I am not the worst person either, You from the look of it is as bad as a pissed off Nekru by which also makes me sick.”

Zeon wrote:

“Jeez,fuck off.Not only you post pathetic posts,but you wont admit youre inuyasha.

I thought you had been de-lamerized.”

TurboX wrote:

“I love how you turn agaisnt yourselves”

LavaWave wrote:

“That is because I am indeed LavaWave, Now I don’t care if you believe me or not but Zeon, You’re turning like Nekru and TurboX at the same time.

BTW TurboX don’t get in the way, Idiot.”

Zeon wrote:

““You’re turning like Nekru and TurboX at the same time.”
You fucking asshole.Why dont you just shut the fuck up?


TurboX wrote:

“Hey, its just funny how my post has caused you two to bitch about each other, its almost patheitic. I love how you to think its going to offend me or anyone else with constantly throwing insults just hoping for someone to sqerm”

LavaWave wrote:

“LavaWave = LavaBall

@Zeon:Enough of this crap now, I’ve had it with your insults, Go cry to your mother Zeon, That’s what you’re good for, Even TurboX makes more sense then you, Dickhead.”

Zeon wrote:

“Yeah,I know,I should do better than that.I shouldn´t bother about insulting you,I should just ignore you.I dont have time to waste with a retard like you.”

Sexy sattelite wrote:

“looks like Zeon and LavaWave have fallen in love with each other ^_^ yeah dudes go on fight, Satan is enjoying you guys fighting, He is watching the fight from Hell

keep on fighting my pity monsters ^o^”



[I’M HERE D:<]

LavaWave wrote:

“@Zeon:You’re either a 13 year old who watches Naruto and other anime crap or American.”

… on my post “tigerdude is back in the YoYo Community + THE HAWK’S DOCK Predictions”

Pilot wrote:



Zeon wrote:

“Hey AKH,LavaWave is inuyasha,right?”

I wrote:

““Hey AKH,LavaWave is inuyasha,right?”

-_- no. LavaWave is LavaBall. AkmaYo is inuyasha.”

LavaWave wrote:

“That was me who insulted you Zeon because I was getting tired of your swearing, You make yourself look like an idiot.”

Zeon wrote:

“Oh,ok sorry for calling you inuyasha.I just got mixed up with all the names he has”

Sexy Sattelite wrote:

“whats this?
who’s Inuyasha?

afaik he is a cartoon character”

… [gb2japan] …

“by the way Zeon i enjoyed watching you 2 fight like a cat and dog on the streets of truthoraclemedia >:D

steroids anyone?
drugs will keep you livin for longer P

i take cocaine whenever i know i am gonna fight someone so i will have more advantages then him, i suggest you do too

“winners DO drugs!””

[it should be blatantly obvious that you don’t trust burnys in his Sexy Sattelite persona, but cocaine is not a steroid. And don’t do drugs >_> …]

And lastly for today, many of you may have noticed a significant increase in speed in the latest HAWK’S DOCK beta. Some of you may have thought it was down to $pecter’s de-mutilation of the GML code, but the true reason behind it is obvious: it was the magic of DLLs, of course! 😛 …

… in the Forum Topic “How could the service of my dock be improved to better suite you?”

mrsmes wrote:

“it is Improved now.”

$pecter wrote:

“It certainly is.”

GZ wrote:

“Yes, it’s definitely faster (my mouse doesn’t lag anymore) and there are a few more programs added to the dock. Again, I suggest reworking your codes and making it less laggy. Other than that, it’s looking pretty good.”

mrsmes wrote:

“well I did think to myself and say to $pecter over msn, that I thought it was going faster because of more DLLS being used strangely enough. You would think the more DLLS there are in it to load and soon unload it would be slower than it currently is or slower than Game Maker. But it’s actually faster than C++, weird huh? @MelonYoshi: I believe I fixed your problem and many problems with it, will this suffice.”

TurboX’s Honest Opinion Part 2 Part 2 (the Aftermath) + mrsmes & mad maker VS Authentic GameWarez + the technical mastery of the smes

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First off today, I’m quoting the reaction to my post yesterday, just so everyone knows Tidz’s latest identities 😉 he’s gotten better at hiding recently …

… on my post “TurboX’s Honest Opinion Part 2, but not the end + Authentic mrsmes”

Zeon wrote:

“You say that the truth oracle is cost-a-buck.

Who is this cost-a-buck guy?Do you know him?”

LavaWave wrote:

“\”possibly you could that find out, mrsmes position also, during youre at him, he for my robbing list are so perfect, find out mrsmes position also please thanks in advance\”

This is what I could get by translating it by babelfish from german to english.”

I wrote:

“Cost-a-buck = Tidz = burnys = SC

I can tell by IP Address. He’s also Denamon. Had me fooled for a little while. I thought he was on my side! D:<

Next up today we return to smessy’s first fight in a while, now joined by 10 year old mad maker. Yesterday was the wrong time to look at this, and only now has it sunk into the depths of immaturity it was always destined to explore 😀 …

… on Authentic GameWarez’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“if u don’t clean up ur attitude and give me a break I’ll send a hit man to clobber you daily until you die.

You have been added to mrsmes’s ignore list.

Reasoning for doing so:
•Untrue speculations about YYG and Microsoft
•Contempt shown towards YYG and Microsoft
•Overall unhealthy attitude

This can be reversed by fixing these problems and PMing Authentic mrsmeswith a well thought out letter of apology.”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“”Authentic mrsmes”? wtf? lol xD”

BetaByte wrote:

“Is that u?

oh, soz i didn’t read the description”

mrsmes wrote:

“@Authentic GameWarez: C u really need to get a life better than this I can a smell a cover up, about Microsoft and the stench is coming from ur guest book, I know they sent u to seem all innocent as if they didn’t do anything wrong and when Google Chrome is tearing them apart.”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“@BetaByte: Haha, I know. He’s my friend who’s going to be in my next game [:D]
@mrsmes: This user has you on ignore. If you wish to speak to this member, you will have to get him to remove you from ignore.”

mad maker wrote:

“fuck off!”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“Whoa, where did that come from?
Random much?”

chris rose wrote:


Authentic GameWarez wrote:


mad maker wrote:

“fuck you bitch!”

mrsmes wrote:

“I have had about enough of this jerk Authentic my ass, mad maker this may be the first and only time I ever agree with you.”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“Huh? Wuzzat? You can’t stand my ass? What’s wrong with my ass?”

mrsmes wrote:

“u have mental problems…”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“Your MOM has mental problems!


… on mrsmes’ profile …

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“You have been added to Authentic GameWarez’s ignore list.

Reasoning for doing so:
•Untrue speculations about YYG and Microsoft
•Contempt shown towards YYG and Microsoft
•Overall unhealthy attitude

This can be reversed by fixing these problems and PMing Authentic GameWarez with a well thought out letter of apology.”

mrsmes wrote:

“sorry wad 4, i don’t know what u mean and I never lie to the public about this kind of thing so I have nothing to apologize for, I think I know a cover up when Microsoft or some one is trying to bring down hope to prevent further damage to their company, as Google chrome is already slowly but efficiently defeating them.”

MelonYoshi wrote:

Your ideas won’t help anyone, nor will your plan create world peace (That is impossible…mrsmes).
Look, I could say that I have been black-mailing the U.S. Government to send FBI agents to your house, and you would believe it.
You believe everything you hear mrsmes, and you don’t try to listen to logic and reasoning. Without those two important skills, you’ll never be able to go through with your “plan”.
Oh…and you are lying mrsmes. Stop with the nonsense, please.”

Toldeo88 wrote:

“MelonYoshi, I completely agree with you, but what I find funny is that Mrsmes is constantly whining about “World peace” when he said this to Authentic GameWarez: “if u don’t clean up ur attitude and give me a break I’ll send a hit man to clobber you daily until you die.”
I can’t think of anything more friendly and peaceful 🙂 “

mrsmes wrote:

“I am not that thick, I am not dumb.”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

said about 1 hour ago

Report to Staff
I am that thick, I am dumb.”

And lastly for today, mrsmes found another opportunity to demonstrate just how much he knows about data transfer on the forums. You all know what happens.

… in the Forum Topic “New Laptop” …

mrsmes wrote:

“u will want a 1 bit server.”

im_not_emo wrote:

“Mrsmes, please don’t spam”

mrsmes wrote:

“but I don’t I was just saying a 1 bit server is the fastest way to download files and u will never get anything faster than a 1 bit server unless you have that and a terabyte ram disk.”

im_not_emo wrote:

“If you had a 1 bit server, it would take an hour (estimating) to download this sentence. And would be impossible to display, besides, a server isn’t a laptop.”

TurboX’s Honest Opinion Part 2, but not the end + Authentic mrsmes

November 20, 2008 at 20:15 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments
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In (very) recent times thetruthoracle persuaded TurboX to release the second installment of his Honest Opinon series of posts, and it was published during my absence yesterday.

This wasn’t the end of it, and part 3 will be on it’s way some time in the near future. My time away has left room for quite a reaction to materialise, so let’s take a look at it 😉 …

… in thetruthoracle’s post “The Uproar…I Can Hear It :)”

thetruthoracle wrote:

“Good job TurboX. The uproar that your post has caused is small compared to the damage that I will later cause, but I am glad that you have gotten us back in the game ) I wish to see part 2 soon, my friend.

So what. What will it take. You fools do not still understand the truth. I put it in front of your eyes and you ignored it. And still, you ignore it. What must I do?

I am not this Bill Gates person, either. And no, AKH, I am not Cyde. Although I do know everything about the events that took place. Finally, one person that tried to (and almost successfully) take a stand against you.

And I’ve got you on my radar too, Tiger. I am soon to release your true location and name unless you confess that you are a liar and that you are a complete fake. You may be popular in real life, but these characters that you have made on Yoyo are outrageous. I don’t see why anyone would believe you. And like me and TurboX have pointed out, there are many times where you screwed up because you were on two accounts. Remember the time you commented on IHT’s profile when Mrsmes was accusing him? The time you claimed that you were just rushing? No. You were, in that comment, speaking IN HIS STYLE, and just like you were actually him. Do I even need to quote? I’ll let the readers decide. If they don’t believe me )

That is all. Keep up the good fight everyone!

-The Truth Oracle-

Sexy sattelite wrote:

“release his true location, i would love to know where tigerdude lives so i can come and rape him

good luck on finding his information truthoracle

möglicherweise konnten Sie dass herausfinden, mrsmes Position auch, während youre an ihm, er für meine raubende Liste so vollkommen ist, herausfinden mrsmes Position auch bitte Dank im Voraus”


… in TurboX’s Post “My Honest opinion part 2”

TurboX wrote:

“This is part 2 in which I shall explain some more things about Tigerdude1993 and my beliefs to everyone else on yoyogames etc.

This is to AKH, Tigerdude1993 and anyone else who enjoys mocking “lamers”, I have read through alot of your comments not one of them were clever or meaningful such as lavewave’s “Fuck your kids if you have any”, you claim that the lamers are stupid and false but from what i can see many of them have made much better attempts at insulting you, their blogs arent a load of smug shit like so many other blogs and to top it all off you are all hypocrites, do you wanna know why? You constantly bitch about other members and how your gonna take them down, they make one post compared to the hundreds you have all made and you start having fits about how someone has stood up against you. You all feel like your speacial and superior by constantly boasting about your home lives that when someone insults you, you break down, probably limping off to a corner to go into a fettle position and try to make everyone take pity on you.

I recently spoke to Tigerdude1993 online the other day though 3 times he changed his voice and personality, first time was a high pitched child claiming not to remember me, second was someone who sounded like they had a cold, and by the third after i said “I can change” he replied “you can’t change nigga”, I know this is Tigerdude1993 for a fact, when i first started yoyogames, he gave me his Xbox live gamertag which I recently found and decided to talk to him.

Ok now for the continuation

Note: This is not in order of the “yoyogames history”

Im gonna talk about Tigergal1993, Tigerdude’s supposed girlfriend. She randomly appeared one day, and claimed she was Tigerdude’s “girlfriend” eventually they started “going out” with each other, I feel that she was only ever made up, only because in nearly every blog post by Tigerdude he would end it with something like “Alice is round and were gonna have fun ;)” he only did this to get “credibility” from his friends, any normal person would just not mention it but oh no, little attention seeking cunt has to notify everyone constantly in order to feed his already dying self esteem. “like tigerdude is like soooo gay and like turbox is soooo right i am just a fake account in order to quench his self importance XD” You see that is how easy it is to copy Tigergal all she is, is the stereotypical American blond that you’ll see in films etc. The same with BBallstar he is also the stereotypical American “Jock” “Tigerdude is an asshole wat wif da gay accounts, he is a nerd” again I have demonstrated how easy it is to copy him. I once read a blog post that sounded something like a children’s movie, it was when Tigerdude1993 fought BBallstar by challenging him in the fair ground by racing him on the dodgems etc and again when “Alice” was playing the “damsel in distress” by being tied to a chair and Ihatepenguins almost beating tigerdude1993, c’mon who actually believed that shit “I grabbed my paintball gun and hid in a tree, when this big nerd grabbed me and tied me up” WTF it just screams cliche’ and him begging to be loved.

Another plot hole that has not been explained, this “Ihatetigerdude1993″ this is probably tigerdude1993 lacking imagination, but at first everyone believed he was SC then he became within a short amount of time to be tigerdude’s friend from school, coincidence? i think fucking not, its obvious he at first wanted to try and stir shit up again but then decided to add another friend, to make him feel important.

I’ll do part 3 soon.

PS:Tigerdude1993 if you do reply to this please actually make a comment than your usual shit, if I see another “this is crap” or “don’t listen to him” then I will actually cry, because all you seem to do is say something is something with no evidence whatsoever. Also I am sick of all you other people who are so gullible to Tigerdude’s crap if he told you that me and him were brothers, you’d believe him. you’d believe him no questions asked. You all seem to be living in a dream world, where you believe yourselves to be god, and think that by impressing people over the net your counted as “cool”.”

Pilot wrote:

“You’re just out to make him look bad. I’m sure he was honest with all of what happened. You’re still pissed because you got into a fight with him.

“and think that by impressing people over the net your counted as “cool”.”

He wasn’t trying to impress anyone. Think before spitting bulls*** all over the place.”

TurboX wrote:

“Not out to make him look bad, but merely to express what I feel about him, which unfortunatly is very negative, I am sorry but I have known him since he first started yoyogames, which i think has been a year and 2 days now, since I first started anyway. and like I said I am thinking my words carefully pilot perhaps you should have done the same.

If you were to just look at the possiblitys you would see right through him, or are you just another person blind to the obvious, it really doesn’t take a genius to work them out. MiNGmOO had tigerdude1993 figured out from reading his blog, and then arguing with him”

Firefall wrote:

“I’m not one to contradict you turbox, and I’m not one to get into this crap because that’s just what this is, a bucket load of over dramatic crap and I really don’t have time for internet anymore, but….”because all you seem to do is say something is something with no evidence whatsoever.” that right there is hypocritical. -_- For all we know he could be telling the truth, or be some 60 year old pedo. Either way turbox, it’s not worth it. =D If you’re right, then these err…gullible people will eventually find out or just get tired of it anyways right? Who knows….o.o maybe they might even get…LIVES and stay off the net XD lol.”

Cost-a-buck wrote:

“the thick heads say that this is not true, i on the other hand believe you and agree that tigerdude/gal/ihp and a cotch of other usernames are just one person doing shit.”

TurboX wrote:

“I can understand the over dramtic concept but by me being hypocritical, Tigerdude1993 would just make up pointless views or arguements that are completely off subject, my evidence comes from an educated guess and the views from so many other people.”

Zeon wrote:

“Fuck off turbox and tell your friend the truth oracle (AKA Cyde)that he can delete this blog,as no one believes the shit he writes.”

TurboX wrote:

“How is it shit when he and I give detailed arguements, whereas all your kind seem to be able to do is swear randomly hoping it would do something”

tarkimos wrote:

“Remember guys, TurboX is entitled to his own opinions, you can’t tell him he’s wrong because they’re HIS opinions. However, that aside, opinions without solid proof should never be taken as fact; if this were the case, we would still be living in the dark ages.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“first of all, i know who the truth oracle is..

and second of all…i laugh because turbox is still on this subject. a little obsessive, don’t you think?

(Btw, no “this is crap” or “don’t listen to him” in this comment, so don’t complain, turbo)”

Zeon wrote:

“Tiger?You know how the truth oracle is?Can you tell me?Please send me a message at the AKHlog forums,if you dont mind.”

Cost-a-buck wrote:

“zeon keep your mouth shut, i on one hand know that turbox and truthoracle are the ones who are putting sense into this crap, so no this blog should not be deleted”

AkmaYo wrote:

“XD, you actually think everyone’s going to believe this?”

TurboX wrote:

“You people are actually missing the point completely, tigerdude1993, I do this one because I feel you are an arrogant asshole(no offense intended) and two because it is a favor for a friend, also I believe that due to what this blog is about, i believe I am on subject, if i was obsesses surely I would do what you lot do and release one post a day? Ok at least your not making random swearwords as your comeback but your still just trying to avoid it by saying that im obsessed in hopes to divert attention away from you.

But this is what I am trying to make you realise you feel that your “Cause” is right and that any other opinion should be slapped. You lot really need to take the rods out your asses and actually take notice that their are individuals in this world with their own views.”

[To see the latest comments on TurboX’s Part 2 Post, and to respond yourself, click here.]

… in tigerdude’s post “Don’t Worry”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Yeah, this is Tigerdude1993, back for another post.

We all know that Truth Oracle Media is false information, backed up by some old “friend” of mine that turned out to be an obsessive freak. We already know that whatever is said at that blog is false.

TurboX does not have my Xbox Live Account. Are you kidding me? Would I just hand out my personal information like that? Let’s remember how much personal info I’ve kept from all of you.

So TurboX, you wish to challenge me? You call me obsessed with making fun of “lamers”…it was something I did in my spare time, when I was bored. You are obsessed with trying to claim that everything I am is a lie. It’s funny, because you and the truth oracle don’t have any proof about me.

But hey…this truth oracle blog crap is the final string keeping me here. Better not cut it just yet.

I’ll leave you with this final thought…never trust anyone, even your closest friend. Even your leader. Your governments. It would be a sad thing if the person you trusted the most turned out to be a fake.”

Cost-a-buck wrote:

“i disagree i believe that ihp/tigergal and many accounts are indeed you so i take my side with truthoracle on this that you are a lamer yourself tigerdude

tigerdude you are a sad sad sad person, stopy playing dump please and wake the fuck up, you cannot hide it any longer because its already over”

Denamon wrote:

“the real lamers page have been updated, i need you to check it out AKH and confirm what has been written on you is real”

I wrote:

““i disagree i believe that ihp/tigergal and many accounts are indeed you so i take my side with truthoracle on this that you are a lamer yourself tigerdude

You ARE the truth oracle. Stop trying to fool everyone.

“the real lamers page have been updated, i need you to check it out AKH and confirm what has been written on you is real”

it blatantly won’t be P but I’ll take a look anyways.”

TurboX wrote:

“ok so now you try to comeback with the constant theory that I am obsessive? I find that highly wrong but hey Im not gonna deem it false because its your opinion something you have not yet to grasp, anyway I remember a while ago you giving me your xbox live gamertag.”

And lastly for today, it would appear that smessy is getting back into his assassination of enemies business, and doing just great as always 😛 not looking stupid attttt allllll ;D

… on mrsmes’ profile …

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“You have been added to Authentic GameWarez’s ignore list.

Reasoning for doing so:
•Untrue speculations about YYG and Microsoft
•Contempt shown towards YYG and Microsoft
•Overall unhealthy attitude

This can be reversed by fixing these problems and PMing Authentic GameWarez with a well thought out letter of apology.”

[YoYo Games does not have an ignore list feature]

… on Authentic GameWarez’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“if u don’t clean up ur attitude and give me a break I’ll send a hit man to clobber you daily until you die.

You have been added to mrsmes’s ignore list.

Reasoning for doing so:
•Untrue speculations about YYG and Microsoft
•Contempt shown towards YYG and Microsoft
•Overall unhealthy attitude

This can be reversed by fixing these problems and PMing Authentic mrsmeswith a well thought out letter of apology.

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“”Authentic mrsmes”? wtf? lol xD”

[Yep, smessy just pretty much pwned himself there. :D]

New theories + Monumental Smessy Moment

November 17, 2008 at 18:49 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments
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Today, floating in a sea of spam, we have seen a new theory around the identity of the elusive Truth Oracle. And it’s interesting.

Let’s take a look at the comments on my post yesterday 😉 …

… on my post “mrsmes update + Peter Porky’s Phenomenon”

Zeon wrote:

“I think I know who the truth oracle is:

He deleted your blog,thinking that that would be the end of it.But you had a backup,and simply created another blog,the AKHloc v4.His plans were foiled.

Then he hacked into your forums,but the same thing happened;you had a backup.

Since he knows hacking your blog or your forums would be useless,instead he tries to get everyone to thing that you and tiger are two rotten liars.To do this,he creates a blog:truth oracle media.

Think about it.It makes sense.”

Timmah3000 wrote:


Zeon wrote:


Tidz wrote:


I wrote:

“I see the connection. The Truth Oracle sounds remarkably like Cyde now you bring it up. But, as much as I don’t know Cyde, I don’t think he’d hold a grudge for this long, or hang around for so long spending so much time trying to bring down a site that hasn’t even spoken of PokePlushies in four months, let alone influenced any members of the site … I’m pretty sure most of them don’t know anything about this place and what happened.

Also, I think Cyde would realise when he was doing nothing but good for the blog with his obvious (or, looking at it another way, unprovable) lies. Publicity is publicity.

And if I remember correctly, Cyde’s case never went beyond an accusation.”

And lastly for today, smessy has finally pushed his goals to their limits, I’m not sure even his imagination can get more ambitious than it did today. it’s that time again. it’s time for your daily update on the smes! 😀

… in the Forum Topic “If America was communist… would we rule the world?”

Peter Porky wrote:

“I mean, America… has more nukes than all other countries combined…

Say we nuked their nukes.

We have several nukes leftover. And we have a no tolerance for attack policy… if we were communist. Dontcha think America would rule the world O_o?”

steware wrote:

“Well, yes… we probably would.
But we will slowly turn a little more communistic when Obama is in.
(no fights on that statement please, he’s a socialist.”

JAk HAk wrote:

“I think yes.

We already are a superpower. If we chose to rule the world, we would have the strength and resources to do so.”

im_not_emo wrote:

“Yes, but the cockroaches would survive and come back and kill you.

Sorry, i think you’d have to screwed in the head to want to rule the world…”

Niik wrote:

“Economies collapse… Empires crumble. The only certanity in life is death and taxes.”

Peter Porky wrote:

“Previous empires had no nukes.”

Niik wrote:

“Previous empires didn’t have national debt.”

Peter Porky wrote:

“A debt we owe to the countries we nuke?”

Vlad wrote:

“Actually, yes they did. Britain, for most of their Emperial age, had a gigantic national debt. I think we could rule the world…but i doubt it’d last long if we used nuclear warfare like that…plus, we’d be destroying most of that nice land that we wanted to conquer…

As Niik said, all Empires fall in the end. Athens, Rome, Zimbabwe, Aztec, Britian…everyone.”

Niik wrote:

“Yep. If you used your nukes, you wouldn’t rule for long, and you’d be ruling a big world of radioactive slop! Fun! You would no longer get any hilarious British humour, Australian resilience, Kiwi pwnage, European… somethings. Then the radioactive wind blows in…

Also, you would confirm the suspicion the rest of the world has that you guys are … can’t say that, my post would just get deleted. I’m not reffering to individuals, just the US as a whole.”

Vlad wrote:

“i’m sure whatever you were about to say wqas immensley stereotypical anyway…it tends to be with this kind of thing.

In a sense, America has started to take over….look at Europe. France has a disneyland. McDonald’s…everywhere. It’s scary, and…to be honest, I don’t like most of it. I like being able to look at completely different cultures.”

Niik wrote:

“I apologise. It was rather syereotypical, though you must admit, the reason it is a stereotype is because it is common. I’ve never had anything but friendship for any US past or present citizen I’ve met, though the States as a whole seems to throw it’s weight about a bit. Look at this topic. What message does that send?”

JAk HAk wrote:

“Niik I completely understand where you are coming from.

I currently will willingly say that as a USA citizen, I do not agree with most of the direction America has been taking for the last few years and is taking now and plans on taking.

I know that America was founded on solid morals and a good foundation, but it is losing — perhaps already has lost that foundation. I pray for revival of this nation.”

steware wrote:

“We just need to get a good conservative in office. It’s just gonna keep getting worse with all these liberals.”

WhoKnew wrote:

I’m sorry but it seems to me that you’re just trying to start an argument…

Please keep your opinions to yourself.”

JAk HAk wrote:

“Steware, unfortunately it will take a lot more than just a president to change a nation. The people have to be changed.

And like WhoKnew is insinuating, we have already had this argument. What is done is done. We can’t change who gets the throne, but we can better ourselves.”

GZ wrote:

“If America was communist… it would be possible.

Yes, America DOES have the most nukes… as far as we know. It’s possible that a country has been stockpiling nukes for it’s own defense.

Then there is also the defensive technology available… but even if the opposing force DID destroy the nuke, I’m pretty sure that the nuke would detonate instead of the defensive weapon destroying it.

And you also have to think that if America went on a rampage, that all countries would shoot their nukes at us as well. There IS technology to track incoming missles, and determine their origin.”

JAk HAk wrote:

“I get what you are saying about tracking the missiles, but I’m pretty sure that if America was firing nukes, we’d claim it. Our *cough* president *cough* would be apt to admitting it (IMO).”

Niik wrote:

“What do you mean by the provocative coughing?”

MT wrote:

“Much of america’s power comes from its economy. If they tried to nuke everyone or invade, every country in the world could band together to take America down.
Especially China.
China would pwn”

JAk HAk wrote:

“Not every country. The vast majority surely. But not every country. Some major countries would stick with the US (even though, I believe, they would be wrong in this) and also many smaller countries stuck between the choice of whether with or against America and some of these are bound to choose America. Just because there are so many little ones, odds are at least a few would try to join with (or maybe would succumb to) America.

Haha. This is how it lays down. I don’t believe that if this were to happen that it would still be while Bush is in office. Thus, if this kind of thing were in the near future, that would put Obama as president. I’m not very happy about him in that position, but I have already had the Obama argument and don’t need to start it again unless someone really just wants to go at it.”

ThyDeath wrote:

“I don’t believe that the USA are such great world power. I don’t want to offend anyone, but USA were more powerful in the Cold War, because they had strong opponent-the Soviet Union. Both countries fought each other for domination over the world, creating powerful weapons, and that rivalry made both of them world powers. Now USSR does not exist, USA don’t have strong enemies, and they are becoming weak. I also believe that the war in Iraq was a big mistake, taking away big money which could be used for something more smart than killing people “for democracy”. And, of course, the finansial crysis has done its job too. Nukes aren’t everything, guys.”

mrsmes wrote:

@ThyDeath: You make a excellent point we may have greater rivals hiding on uranus that have been working on weapons and a empire instead of mainly comfort and video games during all that time we have been making and enjoying them and we could all use all our forces to work together as one and protect this planet, you see war is not the only thing that matters in this world it’s not all gore and explosions and blood shed, sure it can be a interesting effect in video games and movies but as long as it remains in those 2 elements and does not cross the line of offensive and insulting and the same principal applies with cartoons, how ever to watch a man die or, have some one dying in your hands with blood on your hands when you are trying to help a wounded soldier who is a friend of yours is just to sad, and horrible to have to imagine so the answer for this world and a better world is not war, and all guns blazing if you think about it logically there is always another answer, but ts only I know it, but I won’t give it until I am elected president of Australia I will also help remove pollution, and eliminate crimes, the crime factor of earth will be exterminated if I am elected.

Oh no …

I think that is possibly the greatest thing mrsmes has said to date. His ambitions have seriously gotten out of hand now.

MT wrote:

“I skipped most of your post but im sure you’re aware Australia doesn’t have a President but a Prime Minister. Like Britain.

mrsmes wrote:

“elected president of Australia”

good luck on that.”

GZ wrote:

“mrsmes… PLEASE break up your long paragraphs, because I literally hurt my eyes reading that…

Just a quick thought- Wouldn’t we need more than just the president’s approval to launch a nuke?”

yoshermon wrote:

“Meh, I don’t think America could take over the world. We’re in so much debt right now, if even one country like China decided to call in the debt we owe them they could screw us like a lightbulb. A very loooong lightbulb.

We’re only powerfull because we import every resource we can get and we export very little resources of our own. The cold hard truth is, without China, Japan, Russia, and other major countries we import from, we’re defenseless.

So even if we launched all our nukes at all the other countries, that would just piss them off and short out our supply income, eventually leading to USA’s downfall.”

Truth Oracle Threat Level +1 + Revival of a Dimension

November 15, 2008 at 13:19 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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First off for today comes an official announcement: the Truth Oracle Threat Level has been raised throughout all YoYo Games-related blogs. it’s at 2 now. 😛 He’s impersonating, and he’s doing it … slightly well.

(and yes, I have just made the Truth Oracle Threat Level up)

… on my post “Ultisoft’s ING Company Website + smessy changes his business plans?”

Bill Gates wrote:

“YoYo Games will be the next victim, it’s true mrsmes has great courage to come and try and bring my company down. But I shall see to it that this does not happen and in 20010 the missile will not be stopped, and put to a hault instead we shall increase production speed. This mrsmes character is more cunning than I thought and even using a friend of his Zone51 as a spy to steal the missile’s blue print, and search for any suspicious documents and even those on how much money we have total and judge us of being tycoons pffft asta la vista YoYo Games. I will return some day I wreak revenge and tear this worthless company to shreads I have no use for it.”

Bill Gates wrote:

“YoYo Games will be the next victim, it’s true mrsmes has great courage to come and try and bring my company down. But I shall see to it that this does not happen and in 20010 the missile will not be stopped, and put to a hault instead we shall increase production speed. This mrsmes character is more cunning than I thought and even using a friend of his Zone51 as a spy to steal the missile’s blue print, and search for any suspicious documents and even those on how much money we have total and judge us of being tycoons pffft asta la vista YoYo Games. I will return some day I wreak revenge and tear this company to shreads I have no use for it.”


Zeon wrote:

“Ive been reading the truth oracles blog.
Ive read a post in which he claims to have hacked
tigers blog.

AKH,theres something peculiar about the truth oracles writing style…its strangely familiar…”

I wrote:

““AKH,theres something peculiar about the truth oracles writing style…its strangely familiar…”


I didn’t notice anything. :\

[this next part happened as I was writing this post … pure gold 😀 ]

Bill Gates wrote:

“Is it not yet clear that, I can see through YoYo Games’s marketing and plans if I wanted 2 I could buy this worthless company. Asta la vista YoYo Games I have returned and will wreak revenge, to get rid of this mrsmes character.”

mrsmes wrote:

“@Bill Gates: I know what you are up to, you will not get away with this.

… on TurboX’s post “My Honest opinion…part 1”

LavaWave wrote:

“Well this was the perfect place for me to vent my anger.”

TurboX wrote:

“Ok instead of giving an intelligent comeback you make yourselfs look like childish pricks by spammming and creating insults that im sure the kids you fuck can come up with”

LavaWave wrote:

“What the hell?
You’re on his side?

FYI I am intelligent probably more then this idiot here(truthoracle)It’s just I was pissed at that moment and I don’t fuck kids, So don’t say crap turbox.”

VOR wrote:

turbox are you really worth considering to side with this dickhead here who believes he can unscramble the truth here by making up lies on AKH and tigerdude? i would think twice if i was you.”

[that’s not the real VOR. He doesn’t talk like that, and he always writes more 😛 but it was a fair attempt.]

TurboX wrote:

“im not on anyone’s side he asked me to make a post about what i think of tigerdude1993 and to be fair i have never been to kean on him, but like i said i am not doing this to offend him just speaking out

lavawave you claim your more intelligent then why not act it, so far all i can see is that you are a childish kid with issues”

LavaWave wrote:

“Act it?
Check out my blog first and you will find out that I am working on something 3D, You on the other end is having issues.”

Zeon wrote:

“Why dont you shut the fuck up turbox i know you have taken his side.


Zeon wrote:



TurboX wrote:

“I do not care about most of you people and your quest for internet fame, truthoracle just kept on asking me to make a post so i did”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“you’re all wrong )

[is this him? Not enough to tell either way.]

TurboX wrote:

“I am just telling everyone my experinces honestly at the request of the truthoracle, I have not made one lie, its my opinion, something that everyone seems to fail to grasp”

And lastly for today we take a trip to the YoYo Games Forums where mrsmes’ theories on the fourth and fifth dimensions – if I remember correctly the very thing that first got me writing about him – have been revived in a topic that should have died it’s death a long time ago. Enjoy! 😀

… in the Forum Topic “Updates to 3D GM”

im_not_emo wrote:

“I think that you should have a new ‘class’ like objects or rooms, and this one be levels. (For 3d) What i mean by this, and a lot of you won’t understand this, is for a level developer like on the professional tools. So you have a top view, a side view, a back view and a 3d preview. So you can add blocks with textures and develop the look of your 3d game very similar to how the 3d orientated software. (Goto and go to screenshots of the WED (level editor) to see what i mean)”

[July 13th]

SoulRed12 wrote:

“Might be nice, but Mark has mentioned frequently in the past that more 3d support would likely not ever happen.”

im_not_emo wrote:

“True, but a reason not many games are done with 3d could be because of lack of 3d support. I think he’s a bit closed minded here…”

SoulRed12 wrote:

“I disagree. GM holds the title of “easy 2d game development”. It was never meant to be 3d in the first place; Mark only added it in when members begged him to. =p”

[July 14th]

GmMkr wrote:

“The reason may be because it’s “Game development made easy”

Some people won’t find 3D so easy. It might scare an audience away from the product.”

im_not_emo wrote:

“True, but he doesn’t have to advertise that it has 3D, just add support. But, if he had the tool i’m describing, it would be some much simpler, the only problem would become models. If you look at the website i gave, and actually try the demo (if you want to download it) you’ll see you can make a working 3d shooter in around 2 minutes. (As long as you follow the tutorial first)”

mrsmes wrote:

wow, but what if they put more time making C++ into C+++ to make it even faster so they could program that way so u could make games in 1 minute, and even the simplest 3d shooter game, or puzzle game could be done in a minute or less, and then your set to go marketing with your creation Microsoft did it, now every company is doing it in the development industry so y not make something professional?, ‘ people will appreciate it, and absolutely luv it when they think they are dreaming and about this wonderful product, they would even pay $40, or $60 just to get a copy of it, they’ll be so dazzled that they would think that this is impossible, at last finally the product and tool of their dreams to go marketing, so they will pay any price for it that u label it for. This is the first step in marketing and then u can move up, and up and make millions and work your way to buying up a small company and then getting larger and larger each day, and soon why not battle the master hand(Microsoft who is not really the master hand) and all the other Big guns, ready to take u on, when your riding on v raideo.

[July 15th]

Campadrenalin wrote:

“When designing a room, you can just do it in 3dgamestudio first. Note down all your positions on a piece of paper first, then transfer it to the individual objects’ creation codes.

It’s an extra step, but less unnecessary work for Mark. That means he can get around to making a respectable debugging system.

Also, some optimization in the runner wouldn’t be all that bad either… when I switched to GM7, suddenly my games ran like mud. An empty room with no drawing events cost 50% CPU. We know you can do it Mark! We believe in you!”

[July 16th]

mrsmes wrote:

just make it so it designs the Games in theory and converts the project to the desired code which is also required and can be copied into a program like programmers notepad it’d be fast and easy to get the code to make the game and then when u want to juice up the speed copy it into programmers notepad and run it, or make Game Maker flipping faster, and better like people want or give them both, and do add a option in the level editor as to which levels will be 2d and which will be 3d and which will be 1d and yes even the PS3 has 4d graphics surprisingly so why not add 4d to it, and then u choose and have your main menu in 2d or 3d etc and make the actual 3d game so it’s 3d and a 3d puzzling like game even or a tds(top down shooter), or fps(first person shooter) or anything u can imagine and why not even a model editor, u can make 3d models and 4d models, with it.”

[July 17th]

im_not_emo wrote:

“If you’re gonna design the level in 3dGamestudio, you’re wasting your time even using Game Maker because 3dgamestudio is so much more powerful, and easier. Now if what i described was used, you wouldn’t have to note on paper anything, wouldn’t have to use creation codes. It would simplify the use of 3d Game Maker so much. And isn’t that part of game maker? Being able to EASILY create games?

There is no visible 1D”

mrsmes wrote:

“It’s true, but apparently the play station 3 portable, can allow u to see 4d graphics, in some games on the play station 3 portable, now people have seen that so maybe 5d is the time dimension, so we could add 4d support, in a future version of v product of Game Maker, after 3d is supported in the game, woah that would be wicked, any way @im_not_emo: If u like Game Studio so much why r u still using Game Maker?”

[August 1st]

JasonWitt1 wrote:

“I agree with mrsmes!!!! A 3D user friendly atmosphere in game development is what people want now days. Game Maker did not draw my interest with a 2d pitch, it did draw my interest when I found out 3d was possible. If Game Maker 8 had more 3D user friendly support; then we could learn 4d and even 5d as a next step easier. In the age of PS3 gamers and HD products I believe that Game Maker is on its way to becoming the leading Game Designing software. If we had an import option for objects created with 3DS Max and other 3D object making programs we would see a lot more 3D computer games.”

[BUMP – Today. Also, what the fuck? There’s only room for one dimensional moron on YoYo Games.]

Yal wrote:

“4D games might be possible since time is a dimension. But 5D?”

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah one step at a time I here you I believe that 5d is holographic images so in other words turning the screen into a holographic projector which beams images on pure thin air as though it were a solid object.

[*sigh* not this again …]

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Ive got this horrible feeling this is going to end up in a discussion without reason or sanity, but hey, Im going to try anyway.


I wont quote your previous post, but you seem a little confused by why C++ is called C++

The C programming language was “improved” (although some would argue not) to include classes (and other features)and was renamed C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 I believe. The “++” has nothing to do with anything other than its name, and adding an extra “+” would be irrelevant.

In regards to making it faster, you can include assembly calls into C code anyway and Im not prepared to explain the concept of how and why it was developed as I dont believe you would understand.

In regards to the 5d thing I thought you had this sorted and understood that we live in a 3d universe, a hologram is not a dimension. You cannot get a 5d game, and the laws of our own universe would prevent us from having a 5d game even if you used C++ to the power of 100 plus’es. BTW that was a joke, so please dont think that there is such a language.

Also a little bit of bad news. When you said “just make it so it designs the Games in theory and converts the project to the desired code” I believe this is what Microsoft is intending with their new project OSLO (in a way not too unfamiliar with your “ideas”), its unfortunate then that you want to “crush” them, because if you do, you will never see your idea in action. (and Mrsmes before you start thinking that Microsoft have stolen your idea, they have been working on this project for a long time, and way before you starting mentioning yours ideas)

and finally, you said “I believe that 5d is holographic images so in other words turning the screen into a holographic projector which beams images on pure thin air as though it were a solid object.”
Thats the holodeck from the starship Enterprise, its not real and even if it was it still wouldnt be 5d. Its just a 3d hologram.”

mrsmes wrote:

“close enough and works for me. but they may do that but they don’t have the marketing campaign ideas I have or the wits to stop the Missile or even many other handy ideas that I have come up with, but that’s only project OSLO they have used so far, while I have so many more ideas.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Ok, its going off topic and I can already see the walls of reality crashing down around us.

Mrsmes, Microsoft is a public company, it has shareholders, how would it develop a missle without its shareholders knowing? why would it develop a missle? and if it used the missle wouldnt it be getting rid of people microsoft wants, customers?

There is no missle. I hope you are just joking.

Mrsmes, companies dont work with “handy ideas” they make profit. They invest large amounts of money to develop an idea. Instead of posting on forums about how they are going to “crush” other companies, they spend millions in research, with many intelligent, educated people.

They have not released the OSLO project yet, so they havent “used it”

Mrsmes, I think you are ok. I do not have a problem with you at all, but please just think to yourself:

You say you have marketing campaign ideas that MS doesnt? From the way I see it, Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company, and you simply post on the Yoyo games forum.

I think Microsofts ideas are a little better than yours, afterall they make more in a day than you probably will in a couple of years.

People far richer and far more intelligent than you or me or anyone here have tried to take on Microsoft, theyve failed. Why? Because Microsoft is so huge. The only people who have a chance to stop Microsoft expanding and dominating the market is the government with legislation (monopolies commission etc) Microsoft will not be stopped by someone who posts here and believes a hologram is a 5 dimensional object.

Why not concentrate on making your software? If you spend the amount of time working on it that you do talking about taking over Microsoft, you would probably have an excellent package.”

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