The MrSmes OS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The MrSmes OS FAQ has moved to ultisoft’s blog. For the latest on the MrSmes OS, check out the link below:

Edit by AKH (11th April 2011): Dead link, but I’ll preserve the page anyway. Page originally (and technically still, though he’s not an author here anymore and I don’t believe he can change it) authored by Ultisoft.



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  1. Whats the point making A++ by using C++? would’nt it be easier just to stick with C++

  2. @TurboX – I think you may have hit the nail on the head, although Im sure A++ will be better. 😉

    Quote Utilisoft “A. a mrsmes and my own code which will actually be MADE in C++ (wonder if thats copyright infringment… hmmmmm)”

    I didnt know that either you or Mrsmes was a C++ coder (I thought you used GM) my mistake, sorry. I wouldnt worry about copyright infringment (read the DevCPP Public License)

    Quote Utilisoft A. Don’t understand… You should PM mrsmes and ask him – Ok, will do! Im sure Mrsmes will have an opinion on which is better.
    Maybe he is considering making his own version, he could call it INdirectX instead of directX, – Just an idea.

    When you said (in regards to the keyboard) “A. It is padded on all sides” dont you mean the room?

    I am really looking forward to seeing a beta of this. I have a PC with a blank HD and will be able to install Mr.Smes! v1.0 on it to test

    Best of luck with your OS!

    Ramasees Niblick the third, kerplunk, whoops wheres my thrible.

  3. Mr. Smes can’t make an Operation System

  4. I do use Game Maker; I don’t know anything about C++; I am the one providing him with all the graphics.
    @turbox: Actually, I didn’t start out with the idea of A++; it was all his idea.
    @VOR: No, I meant all of the keys should be padded; mrsmes is the one that actually made a beta keyboard; and for the main beta, that would take another year or so; unless we make different versions; one without the brain-reading hardware.

    Oh, and the brainware is NOT a helmet. It is just a chip u put on ur forehead… Simple enough huh? We will make that side sticky so it can stick to ur head, but come back off; no incisions or cuts or anything harmful to ur body as well

  5. it’s impossible to “make this into a page” since it was started as a post, but I can copy it over (comments too) to a page if you want. Do you want me to do that?

  6. […] in ultisoft’s post “MrSmes OS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)” […]

  7. Oh god I copied that perfectly. YEAH! 😀

  8. Had to change some things (page titles) to make it all fit in the header.

  9. Good luck with the OS and keyboard. I hope you guys have fun doing this.

  10. Thanks!

  11. Why he is using c++

    I thought he want Microsoft dead.

  12. Hmm. I honestly would need to see this to believe this. Right now the best that chip can do is let someone move a cursor on a screen. (I’ve seen it.)

    In any case, Good Luck.

    (mrsmes can code?)

  13. yeah he can code…

    hes excellent in C++, and we are trying to study binary to create the A++ code….

  14. And why he want help on CG games.

  15. […] MrSmes OS FAQ […]

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