Thought Dump. (One of many)

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Collection of shit I wrote down. Or shit that adheres to some of my values, enjoy if you like, no one is forcing you though.


“Forget why it’s hard to say “Merry Christmas”. Forget why it’s hard to “Be a Man in America”. Forget that it’s hard to be a teenager. Forget it’s hard to be a woman. Forget that it’s hard to live in poverty. Because no matter the circumstances, you will always be prosecuted for being a human being, you will always suffer for being a human being. It’s not just hard to do these things, It’s just hard to be a fucking human being, and we should never assume there is a Universal truth, as there is only one Universal truth and that Universal truth is that there are no Universal truths.”

“Fear of action because of failure is no better then action with the possibility of failure.”

“Ironic that media became the very reason why it exists in the first place.” (I’m well aware of how redundant this sounds)

“Debaters armed only with the knowledge of their opponents weakness are morons.”

This needs no explanation.


I’m Designer

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Raging 1000 Suns.

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(Caution: Loud)

Time to blow this fucker down

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Alright motherfuckers listen up.

I’ve been away from wordpress for about 2 years, with Enox coming around again I decided to get my shit together and coordinate with him on something collaborative. Of course, there’s also the AKHlog, nothing wrong with that. Although the only thing I know about AKH is…well fucking nothing, it’s been awhile, call me bro.

So it’s me, Nate. Ready to contribute my excellent but rather silent opinions to the open world. Or at least have a good laugh or two.

thanks again AKH for inviting me, I didn’t really know you’d approve, Figured you didn’t like me or something but whatever, I’ll live.

As for what to write in the future? I will probably just post what I find interesting. If you want some erotic philosophy, Enox has you covered, or if that isn’t enough, you also have AKH, nuff said. Really, nothing more to say.

~ Nate

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