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  1. AKH are you still alive?

  2. I think so.

  3. That’s good, you lost the game btw.

  4. ; _ ;

    What have you been up to over the last <years>?

  5. Well I’m engaged now, in my final year of university, hunting jobs. Lots of life stuff! 😀 How about yourself?

  6. Wow. I’ve had lots of life stuff too. Got through education and been working as a software dev for a few years.

    Who’s the lucky girl?

  7. Nice, well when I grow up I wanna be just like you! Haha. And I’ve found a nice ‘murican I’m trying to bring over. 😀

  8. Cool! Any side projects or just uni stuff?

    Good luck with your ‘murican luring.

  9. Uni keeps me too busy for side projects :(. my dissertation is making procedurally generated Sudoku levels though, which is pretty interesting.

  10. I’ve never looked into how those work, but they sound fun to make.

  11. Anyone still come here? XD

    I still go to Gamejolt and Newgrounds from time to time tough and probably will for a long time

    God, missed this blog 🙂

  12. This place is pretty quiet now. I don’t spend much time on Game Jolt but I have a lot of Newgrounds binges. Especially when a clicker game pulls me in – I don’t even like them, they’re just too addictive.

  13. Yep, right now I am playing LastFight, a game similar to Power Stone, an old game I played before, can’t say I am doing much right now, looking for a job, office clerk to be specific which I hope to be employed somewhere soon.

  14. Fighter games are cool, and office clerk sounds like a comfy job. As a software developer I often find myself yearning for something more predictable :v good luck with your job hunt!

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