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  1. Best scene, Best Episode. Good Times.

  2. Oh mai. :3 well it didn’t strike me as the best episode, but that was certainly one of its best scenes.

    Also, welcome.

  3. Thanks. I particularly liked it for the awesome Cheerilee faces, yet another song, Great Sweetie Bell moments etc… etc… *nerdgasm*

  4. Yeah, those were all great. :3 I especially liked the song and sweetie belle characterisation/lead (she’s my fave CMC).

  5. Sweetie bell is the only reason why I haven’t gutted the CMC yet. I’m not a big fan of them, but they shined rather well in this episode. Also Big Mac.

  6. BIG MAC SPOKE IN FULL SENTENCES AGAIN *gasp* I can actually empathise with not being able to come up with more to say than something like “eeyup”, but that was before I’d had much real life social contact that involved having to think of things to say instead of stuff just coming to me.

    I like the CMC, but not as much as the mane 6.

    Also, how do you feel about cupcakes? :3

  7. I got sick of Big Mac having little to no lines, at least they explained that he was “shy.” Even if a little half-assed. Most of his lines were sappy love garbage, but it’s lines all the same, there’s a character in there damn it! I don’t speak much to people I don’t know, so I can’t really relate, since he speaks little to his family members even.

    I have a bizarre fascination with Cupcakes and many grim-dark aspects of the fandom. As well as the more sexual or perverse natures as well. Cupcakes are delicious though, particularly ones with a hint of dash. What makes it effective is how pinkie is in character the entire time. Is Cupcakes well written? hell no. But it’s certainly effective.

    As for other grim dark stories? they don’t have nearly as much traffic as cupcakes does, so perhaps I’m just fascinated with cupcakes in general. Since I know little about other infamous stories like “Rainbow Factory” or “Rocket to Insanity” coincidentally Rainbow Dash related tales.

    Sweet Apple Massacre is just…fucking retarded.

  8. I don’t speak much with my family members either, I think they’ve written a really good shy character, ignoring the fact that he never seems to be awkward. Fluttershy on the other hand seems too innocent to be real, though if it were a facade, which there is perhaps hinting at (when she thinks she’s alone she mutters something a bit egotistical that would seem out of character normally: “Fluttershy: good with animals, good with kids”), then she also would be a well written shy character.

    Heh, I think cupcakes is the only fanfiction I’ve read, I did it just to check it out and I really don’t see what all the fuss is about (and yes, it’s terribly written). It’s not like it’s official material or anything, it’s just a story written by a fan, and doesn’t apply to the real Pinkie.

    Also, I bet you’re gonna love this …

  9. I died a little inside watching that, yet I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh hey is there too, go figure. I find the fan fiction to be the most taxing, your imagination tends to makes things worse then they actually are. (Implying that cupcakes isn’t bad) So animations and comics don’t tend to capture the whole thing…but it’s still pretty effective. I love that this was a “music video” of sorts. What a champ. I’m still obsessed with it, even after that.

    I’m weak to cute things, so Fluttershy’s lack of characterization hasn’t bothered me. But she isn’t a bad character, she has some other development in there we don’t see often because its veiled by her introverted personality. Although you’re right, Big Mac IS shy but not awkward. Fluttershy is though. The Season Finale of Season 1 was definitely surprising. To say the least.


    Also, the music in the video is awesome and the video fits it very well. I especially like this part:

    And it wasn’t too surprising to me, that’s similar to how plenty of people would react if they were used to animals loving them all the time, and then suddenly a bunch of animals they really liked all ran away scared. What with there not being many other ponies around (only one), Fluttershy was able to come out of her shell and be more confident in that moment.


    Anyways I see your point, but it was certainly a side we don’t know much about, even if a little hashed perhaps. Out of all the characters in the show, I believe Rarity went through the most characterization, I hated her guts, now I actually love her. Weird thing, that. Rainbow Dash reminds me too much of conure, so I ended up hating her. Twilight, Applejack are on par for me. And finally Pinkie is best pony. There’s no argument there. She’s funny, cute at times, has a soften side for the cake twins (a certain motherly/sisterly tenderness) and some of the best animations. God I love her, some find her annoying but she reminds me of that hyperactive best friend everyone has once in their lives. Except I think I happen to be that person.

  12. XD yeah, I think you do that with a pause annotation at the end.

    Yeah, it was a bit OTT. And hmm, I’m not sure who went through the most characterisation, but Rarity’s certainly up high right now. And yeah, lotsa people went through stuff like that, I used to find her uninteresting pre-characterisation (it’s the first impression she gives off), but now I like her. I think the only pony I’ve ever disliked for a long amount of time is APPAJACK, but now I like all of them. I don’t really have a favourite, Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie and Fluttershy all rank high for me. And lol yes, Rainbow is similar to Conure sometimes, even down to the voice, ha ha.

  13. Yes her first impression is just…bleh. Too prissy and girly for my tastes, plus I have a strong distaste for the term “Lady.” “Oh I’m a lady” blah blah blah arrgh. I’ve grown up around women who despise this type of person too, so it’s why I have this distaste. Over time though, it’s shown that she thinks of a “Lady” to be much more then being a prissy drama queen. (Mind you she is at times, but she’s definitely funny) Plus has a soften side for her sibling, Sweetie Bell. So I tend to relate with her, even though we don’t share personalities. On that note, I sorta found myself attracted to her too, it’s rather odd. She’s someone who wants to look good, and wants everyone to look good too, at her own expense. That’s a character right there.

  14. Mmhmmm. :3

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