A Quote to Think Upon (VI)

February 3, 2012 at 15:03 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments

“We live in an epoch of ‘dictated social order.’ The mass determines what shall be the accepted culture, art, literature, philosophy, science, even religion. And there is no social demand for culture of a higher order, for spiritual culture, for real art or real philosophy. The social demand now is chiefly for technics…There is no desire for the things of the spirit. Spiritual energy is switched over to be applied to objects of anything but the spiritual order. The intellectuals are socially defenseless; their existence is deprived of all material support.”

-Nikolai Berdyaev, The Fate of Man in the Modern World



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  1. Mostly true, but things aren’t that grim. There’s a community for most things. :3

  2. All of the communities, he’s saying, are dictated by whatever the masses want. As more people become interested in something, mainly because of the current conditions of the consumer society and technology, those people instantly dictate what that community becomes. “Majority opinion” dominates a group that may have once had an intellectual cause (especially political movements, it’s a tactic to infiltrate groups but can also be an innocent effect of too many people joining).

    And he’s also saying that since it’s determined by the masses, intellectuals are put out of work because they don’t want anything truly mentally stimulating to become their entertainment or activities.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a community “of a higher order,” as he puts it, in the world today. It’s next to impossible.

  3. Oh I see, yeah ;<

    And there are probably many communities of a higher order, they're just small and no one hears about them.

  4. “And there are probably many communities of a higher order, they’re just small and no one hears about them.”

    Yep, I’ve been searching for such communities, but no luck yet. Not only are they small, they’re few in number, and like you said, hard to find.

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