A Quote to Think Upon (III)

January 31, 2012 at 14:58 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments

“Indeed, if we were to tell the vulgar herd the ordinary name of our substance, they would look upon our assertion as a daring falsehood…God has concealed this mystery from the foolish, the ignorant, the wicked, and the scornful, in order that they may not use it for evil purposes.”

-Pythagoras, as quoted by Anonymous, an alchemist, in The Book of Aquarius



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    Ha ha, what was the substance in question?

  2. Pythagoras was a Greek, and I don’t think he was a Jew (more like a mystic Eastern), so GREEK PROPAGANDA EVERYWHERE.

    And the substance is the philosopher’s stone. Which by the way, people are still trying to make.

  3. I was referring to how modern media is ran by jews (an actual truth, though I don’t personally think it means much), ha ha.

    Cool :3 what the hell is the philosopher’s stone? (I am assuming a mythical stone that couldn’t possibly ever be real, as a non-mechanical substance, at least).

  4. Oh, haha.

    The philosopher’s stone is a red substance that is created when you alchemically purify any substance. Of course it takes longer if you use impure substances like a stone, but if you use “mercury” (not real mercury), it takes less time (around 3 years). It supposedly turns metals to gold, and when it is used as a drink, it is the “elixir of life.”

    Fanciful stuff, but there’s a group trying to make it now, the anonymous author of “The Book of Aquarius” has a forum up and going. I’m not taking part in it, but it’s interesting to imagine what could happen if they really made one. The stages that are supposed to happen are happening for all of the people on the forum (they’ve all got pictures detailing the days of their “creations”), but until something is actually produced I’m not buying into it (I don’t have the money anyways).

    So yes, you’re right, it’s a mythical substance.

  5. That sounds cool, I might look in to that. :3

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