A Word to the Un-wise

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A note to the reader:  I think you already know this, but none of the proceeding post should be taken as literal. There is no such thing as “body, soul and spirit” but I use these terms because they are mystical in origin and point to actual things. They are primitive descriptions of real objects. If you don’t understand this, that is good:  the mystical medium is meant to mesmerize and disguise the meaning of the message. This will seem irrational, but the meaning will slowly dawn upon you after you have read the text; it will not do so immediately. If it does not, the next post will describe what is meant here (for the most part).


Why do you think that your community will save you? That the tripartite god of the body, soul, and spirit of the community will make you worthy in the eyes of the self? If you truly believe that these things will bring your salvation, you believe in something other than the Thing, which is bad faith. True bad faith, indeed. For what is bad faith but the lie in which the truth is concealed in the subject? Necessarily I respond to your bad faith with this faithfully bad obscurantist analysis of your problems.

The body is the wounded, dismembered physicality, of which the soul of the body screams out in pain against. Yet this body is now inert, inflicting upon itself the pain of stagnation and decomposition. It toils not, yet it exerts the energy of a thousand oxen, pulling the yoke of a thousand weighty stones; the spirit never rests. Lifelessness of life, stillness of the eternal movement; the disabled body is vanity.

The soul screams out in pain, but never once does it decide to leave the body. The alienated soul, the lost control it once had over body and spirit, is lifeless because it is disconnected from life. Body now controls the soul through pricks and pins, spirit now enslaves the soul by keeping it alive. Lifelessness of life, stillness of the eternal movement; the torn soul is vanity.

The spirit revolves and centrifugally escapes from the dead body. The soul is lost in between the two poles, searching for an answer in vain, stuck in the ditch of an untenable position, yet the spirit continues on and leaves the soul behind. Spirit moves the soul to scream, spirit bids the body to stay; spirit continues to be what spirit is. The unending motivation from the spirit further kills the body by tearing apart the soul. Lifelessness of life, stillness of the eternal movement; the everlasting spirit is vanity.

Until the One comes along to smash apart the tripartite god, the community, then it will suffer forever. It will feel nothing but pain, scream nothing but silence, move nothing but its will to move. The One shall set free the soul that is burning in torment, in the liquid hot metal of the god’s wrath. He shall harvest the first-fruits when they are ripe, shall toil for the sake of them all. Though the soul, still stuck between the life and the death of the community, will protest, “Do not remove me from the vine!,” the One shall swiftly cut the plant down, and save the fruit before the harsh Winter arrives.

Liveliness of life, movement of the stillness of eternity; such is not vanity.

Or, the One shall leave them to hang on the vine, to be frozen and cut off forever from a community of leaves and buds by the incoming Winter storms, to be drowned in the magma during the remaking of the world, to be lost in the Old World when a New World is created, to roast in the boiling pit of inferno known only as:



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