A Possible Collaboration Incoming!

January 26, 2012 at 17:01 | Posted in Everything | 16 Comments

How about this? Axle and I have been in (constant) communication and we’ve had the (possible) idea of making some sort of sprite comic. If anyone wants to be a part of it, I hope they read this post, because I’m asking that they comment here with a sprite sheet so that we can come up with some sort of framework for a loose story-line.

Basically I think we will be making some sort of story-line to follow but branch off of for creative purposes.

So it wouldn’t be impossible to add in characters throughout the comic, in fact that’s probably how your characters will be introduced.

Anyways, this isn’t official (yet), but I think it would definitely be a fun project for our continued unification, another “reunion” of sorts. A combination of elements from both sides of this deep rift of “indifference” so that we can connect somehow. A suggestion, hopefully one that will attract some sort of renewed relationship.



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    I HAS NO SPRITENOXES. I want in D:

    This sounds like a cool idea : 3

  2. I would enjoy being involved in this momentous event. I’m still solidifying exactly what my OC looks like at this point, but I’ll try to have a sprite-sheet by whatever the deadline for this is.

  3. Skyler Stormfeather (me)

    You know me, typical over-powered magical asshole.

    Dr. Cooksus Theodore Boiregarde

    My “sidekick”. Despises me, but is my best friend at the same time. He’s VERY sarcastic.


    His personality in a non-SoA related thing is now more along the lines of a stuck up celebrity that hates every non-celebrity he meets. LIKE REGIS PHILBIN!

  4. I’m not indifferent…I thought affle gave you my email and everything, I still wanna chat…

    ah well.

    I have no sprites worth contributing so *shrug*

  5. “I’m not indifferent…I thought affle gave you my email and everything, I still wanna chat…”

    Did send the email, I think enox would have sent a confirmation from it, but I think those didnt get responded to… huh.

  6. Ok dragonz, but I do need you to submit something, because if I pick for you it might suck.

    Ok tails.

    I have all of your sprites now CON.

    nate, I’ll send you another email.

  7. I’ll see what I can do about a spritesheet, but I’ve got nothing to send it as of yet. This is still an awesome idea.

  8. Alright, cool.

  9. I “threw together” (it actually took a surprisingly long time) this sprite sheet if you wanna use me in it. It’s not in a perfect grid and some animation frames are missing (small movements), but I assume that doesn’t matter for a comic. :3


  10. Awesome, that’s ok. I’ve added it to my collection (it’s growing bigger and bigger now)

  11. Awesome. :3

  12. By the way, I add to my sheets a LOT, so expect a few random updates to them XD

  13. Ok.

  14. [joke]

    Sun “Big Don” Mafia
    The best character to ever exist. Favorite thing: Beer & Drugs

  15. A collaboration you say?

    I’m interested….but have no sprites, and little to no story…

    But yeah. I’m interested.

  16. [notjoke] Conure: you just fucked up big time by posting those sprites. :B [/notjoke]

    Craig, I’m interested in you, actually. Have you read any of my posts other than this one?

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