Subjectivism: The Denial of Philosophy

January 25, 2012 at 22:31 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments

I’d like to analyze pure subjectivism here, which is Solipsism. For those of you who do not know, Solipsism claims that the subject (or the person) perceives reality, and that this perceived reality is the only thing that exists (in the words of Berkeley:  “To be is to be perceived”). This perception is reality for the subjectivist; anything outside of perception is not real.

I call this the denial of philosophy for two reasons.

First of all, it denies the possibility of further research into anything. It takes the fact that what is perceived as reality (i.e., the opinion of the subject) as the ultimate truth, and thus, why else would we need to use our reason? We only have to use reason, according to the subjectivist, in order to get to this point in knowledge:  that our knowledge is already reality, the only reality. What would be the point of inquiring further into the world?

It also denies philosophy, secondly, by abandoning logic altogether. It escapes having to deal with fallacies because it denies any type of reasoning except for its own. Its own reason must be infallible else another reality exists in the knowing of another person, which is impossible in Solipsism.

In conclusion, Solipsism is baseless and assumes this baseless-ness at its own base.



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  1. Agreed. I also think it’s stupid to believe you’re the only conscious being, because while not impossible, it seems far too unlikely to me.

  2. “Agreed. I also think it’s stupid to believe you’re the only conscious being, because while not impossible, it seems far too unlikely to me.”

    That’s hilarious because I was (sort of) reading this memoir by a man with schizophrenia who basically thought that he was the last conscious person and that everyone else was just a “shadow’ of sorts, that they were just messing with his head. Oh and he also believed in the sun’s “rays” doing shit, having the divine message of “You must get a sex change,” and other strange things.

  3. Lol :3 did he have a sex change then?

  4. Nope, he was insane, so I doubt they would have let him do that. It was for the weirdest purpose, too. I think it was something like being the mother of the child of god or something.

  5. Ha ha ha.

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