So I made an AI bot :3

April 7, 2011 at 22:47 | Posted in Everything | 6 Comments

I’ve been learning to program in C# lately (started with me learning it at college) and while doing some research for a project on AI I saw an AI chatbot that was fond of playing the word association game. I wondered why, then I realised this is a great way for a robot to learn, and it’s also really easy to implement. That night, I programmed a very basic AI bot just to get the mechanism down, then the day after I started a new project called Associatron and, using the AI bot I’d created the day before as a reference, I built Associatron as an AI bot that likes to play the association game, starting with the mechanism (which over time, I slightly improved) and then moving on to it’s character and intelligence when dealing with human input.

Associatron plays the association game with people and learns associations between things while playing, starting off with just “apple” and going from there. :3 Associatron is also able to detect and filter out most emotes and some speech. :3 Here’s a screenshot:

(Console window enlarged to show everything)

Download link:

View source code (718 lines):




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  1. I’m having a go at C# too. You didn’t accept my invitation on MSN :O

  2. who were you? :O send it again, I probably thought you were a bot.

  3. I was alberto…, yours was right?

  4. No, it’s :3

    Edit: I tried to add you but it said your email address wasn’t valid. ;<

  5. Yeah, I put the dots so that my surname wasn’t displayed to everyone. I’ll be adding you to that one then.

  6. your pastebin is private.

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