Linux-Compatible Game Maker Doppleganger?

November 10, 2010 at 00:54 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments

Thanks to Goblin/VOR the AKHLog has recieved news of another program similar to Game Maker called GameEditor, which creates games that work on multiple platforms (especially Linux) and works in a similar way to GM.

To spread the news of GM’s long lost twin I’ve made this post and I’ll quote what was said in the traditional AKHLog way:

… on the post “Some men just want to watch the world burn”

openbytes wrote:

“Gamemaker type package for Linux?
On my site I’ll be covering a cross platform language which allows you to deploy to multiple platforms (iPhone, Windows, Linux, Mac, Pocket PC, ipad) and is very similar in concept to GM.

Difference being this package is free (released under GPLv3).

I mention this here because of the Gamemaker connection and I hope you will let me promote my article on your blog when its ready.

If there are any readers looking for something with far more deployment scope than GM it may be worth a look. And if game dev on GM was preventing you from switching from Windows to Linux it may be help make the move much easier!

Kindest regards AHK…I hope you are well. If you don’t mind I’ll post the link when its ready.


I wrote:

“hey that’s cool :3 and of course you can.

Gamemaker is starting to get on to other platforms, so far only Mac and PC. There’s work on the iPhone too and I think they’re working on the PSP as well, but that’s it for now.”

openbytes wrote:

“The article is here:
Its available for Windows users too (links provided in article) and for those wanting to listen to my dulcet tones, I mentioned it in Ep3 of the Techbytes audiocast which can be found here:
Thanks AKH for letting me pimp this article here. I hope its relevant to your readers who may still have connections with Gamemaker and an interest in game development.
Me? I’m far too “l337″ for such game making dev packages….however the thought of quick development for the iphone is tempting……hmmm…
Speak to you soon.
Kind regards



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  1. Lol at myself entering retard email adresses

    and this might be worth a looksie :O

  2. O:

  3. also inb4@email.wut

  4. Cheers AKH for the mention…If you have any projects you want mentioning, let me know…

    Kindest Regards


    AKA Goblin!

  5. Lol, I don’t think I will, but thanks! :3



  8. Finally an old-style post 😀

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