Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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  3. Hi all!

    Just my routine visit to say yes I’m still around….

    I had hoped for more discussion….surely there must be something going on in the world of AKH….

    How about your views on 4chan? the ACS:Law saga or what about a nice discussion of p2p V Usenet? It would be nice to see the AKH log being back on the IT subject…..I could link and reference you then!

    Kind regards


  4. Lol, like I’ve said before I don’t really want to post on here anymore, I’m happier with the lower amount of work I have to do now, but I don’t think I can give this place up completely. 😛

    I think 4chan is a pretty entertaining place, and it can be interesting, though there are a lot of stupid people there. Interesting that such a SECRET CLUB ZOMG can become so mainstream and still be called a secret club (though certainly not by many anymore). Also nice to see the effects anonymity has on people, though I don’t think it’s frequented by too many normal people. 😛


  5. ACS:Law was the firm taking filesharers to court. Unfortunately for them they were ddos’d resulting in a mistake being made (when the server was put back online) and their emails being leaked over the www.

    Ive written about ACS:Law before:

    and if you keep your eye on you can get up to the minute news in the world of p2p.

    4chan was never really secret IMHO. The “l33t” crews and groups run in places where nobody ever gets to see or hear about. Whilst 4chan has been instrumental in bringing about peoples awareness of some of the tactics used in copyright enforcement, I would describe them more as “niche” rather than “secret”. That being said, sitting on the sidelines watching the whole saga has been rather entertaining.

    I hope you are well.

    Kindest regards

  6. Ha ha, cool 😛 also I think I read some of that post you linked before.

    It’s kinda good how a massive group can come together and do stuff like 4chan does sometimes with pretty much no one getting the blame. Only problem starts when they do something most people don’t want. XD

  7. Gamemaker type package for Linux?
    On my site I’ll be covering a cross platform language which allows you to deploy to multiple platforms (iPhone, Windows, Linux, Mac, Pocket PC, ipad) and is very similar in concept to GM.

    Difference being this package is free (released under GPLv3).

    I mention this here because of the Gamemaker connection and I hope you will let me promote my article on your blog when its ready.

    If there are any readers looking for something with far more deployment scope than GM it may be worth a look. And if game dev on GM was preventing you from switching from Windows to Linux it may be help make the move much easier!

    Kindest regards AHK…I hope you are well. If you don’t mind I’ll post the link when its ready.


  8. hey that’s cool :3 and of course you can.

    Gamemaker is starting to get on to other platforms, so far only Mac and PC. There’s work on the iPhone too and I think they’re working on the PSP as well, but that’s it for now.

  9. The article is here:
    Its available for Windows users too (links provided in article) and for those wanting to listen to my dulcet tones, I mentioned it in Ep3 of the Techbytes audiocast which can be found here:
    Thanks AKH for letting me pimp this article here. I hope its relevant to your readers who may still have connections with Gamemaker and an interest in game development.
    Me? I’m far too “l337” for such game making dev packages….however the thought of quick development for the iphone is tempting……hmmm…
    Speak to you soon.
    Kind regards

  10. Thanks for the link, your article is great! 😀 Also listened to the third audiocast 😛

    And there’s loads of similarities between GameEditor and GameMaker – first of all, they’re both interpreted/ran with a runner rather than compiled, and when you consider the pac-man in GE’s logo then look at the logos of GM they start to look creepily similar.

    Being able to extend GE with C though sounds like a great feature, the kind of thing I’d have loved to have with GM (with which you often have to rely on DLLs and extensions to go beyond the basics).

    This probably extends GE better than GM for making applications, and even if it isn’t their intended purpose it’s still something that a lot of people seem to be interested in doing, and extra functionality can’t hurt too much. 😛

    And if what I’ve heard about C is true and if this feature was built into GE it would also allow you to code in ASM, coding in C, coding in GE. Which would be pretty good and give a lot of potential/power. Well, maybe only slightly more but it would be very cool. 😛 XD

    Anyways, thanks for the link, I’ll make a post about it so more people see it. :>

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  12. ..
    This is the work of Satan

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