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July 21, 2010 at 01:01 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments

I guess I’ll share this “rant” of mine with you guys. It’s about Pokémon and stuff, a lot of you will probably like it and maybe empathise. :L

Adam says (23:24):

*you know

*since I’ve stopped playing pokemon

*I’ve become less OCD

*this happened last time I went through a bout of playing it

Adam says (23:25):

*it’s been about 2 days

*but it’s finally subsided

*when I play pokemon, or any game for that matter

*but especially pokemon

*and other RPGs

*I get very OCD

*because I get to the point where I know how everything works

*and I don’t want to accidentally fuck things up

Adam says (23:28):

*I know how a pokemon has IVs and EVs and natures (although I don’t pay so much attention to natures) how it’s PP can be maxed out with some rare items, how it can have pokerus, how it also has contest condition (another thing to increase, think of it like experience/level but far less intensive and easier to max out) and how contest stats can be so easily affected and effectively ruined permanently, or just never max out in a certain area

*I even know down to

*how the time you switch on the game and your actions from then on affect what pokemon are found randomly or hatched from eggs

Adam says (23:29):

*and this makes me really OCD

*and it affects my behaviour in normal life

*and I express more symptoms of OCD

Adam says (23:30):

*and then I finally don’t have the energy to EV train another pokemon or level one to 100 (which I didn’t do a single time during THIS bout …)

*and I’ll go on to something else or stop playing entirely

Adam says (23:31):

*I feel like, I can’t be happy with the pokemon I’ve effectively made until I’ve maxed out it’s level, EVs, contest stats, and maybe PP and probably pokerus status too

*and I want to have caught it in the right ball since that little image stays on it’s profile forever

Adam says (23:32):

*and what if I hatched or caught it on a date that I don’t like? 😦

*and even after all this

*can I assume my trainer number/id was not affected by other people? I want this to all be my own work

*and if I was distracted during that first playthrough

*or I started playing later or earlier than I would have

Adam says (23:33):

*because of someone else

*it would have affected my trainer no.

*the OCD just gets worse and worse

*and even when there are no problems

*I just don’t FEEL that pride I want to feel

*it just doesn’t happen

Adam says (23:34):

*for me to be proud of something I’ve done it must not be logically perfect or without problems

*that might get a little surge of “yay!” if it’s a proper realization but it disappears so fast

*the pride just has to happen

*and I have no idea how it does for me

*but I guess

*I wonder if

*to get the pride

*I have to not actively be searching for it

Adam says (23:36):

*it’s happened before, I’ve been proud of stuff before a long time ago, and yeah that wears off very quickly too

*but it lasts the whole day

*when it really happens

*and I guess that’s what I’m  searching for

*I hope it to last a long time

*or at least

*for me to be satisfied with the final product forever

*but this NEVER happens

Adam says (23:37):

*it has never, ever, not once happened




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