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When I was about 13 or 14 years, I always put a short without underwear when the friends of my older sister came home. So I went couch and became with my leg lifted, so they can see my dick hard.
I was spying with the side view if they were watching, and one every 10 seconds gave a look, and each look, I just got more excited.

That was a hot latina, best friend of my sister and stayed at home until late. Once, we were watching a movie together under the cover (was freezing cold). Obvious that I was nothing under the shorts, then I place so as to pull my dick in her back.

Then I started to think about the more sexy things than a kid that age could think, and I was getting harder and my cock was rising on her back. Then she departed. Damn, had not risen even 1cm. I approached it again and she move again. I left and I see the movie. After about 15 minutes, she turned her body toward me and “accidentally” stumbles his hand on my dick. After a minute, she did it again. The third time, I caught her hand and put inside the shorts. She started masturbating me, but then after about 30 seconds, she took his hand quickly and raised the bed. He spoke at my sister who went to the bathroom, and gave a wink at me when my sister was not watching.

“It’s now or never”, I thought, but had to learn how to deal with it. I asked for my sister her name, was Samara, she has 14 years (would have if she was alive), died at 13 in Cascavel-PR. She rode a bike when she could not deviate from a wire. The worst was that the owner of the lot did not help her, laughed quite. After she agonize by 2 hours in the wire, she died.

Through this message I ask to make it to rest in peace.



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