Something that confirms what I’ve suspected for a while

May 15, 2010 at 00:01 | Posted in Everything | 6 Comments

Happiness (in fact, this goes for all emotions) is just a temporary state and most people spend nearly all of their lives in a neutral (or slightly sad, or slightly happy) state, depending on their state of mind – optimistic or pessimistic, high or low self esteem, secure or insecure, thinking they have problems or thinking they’re OK.

Humans are, by nature, ungrateful and always wanting more. Some people will never be happy however successful they become, while others will always be happy.

Also, random tangent: I find life gets so much better when you accept where you’re realistically going to fail, and stop trying.

Easy for me to do since I’ve always thought like this and never been ambitious as a result.



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  1. lol hope is an illusion, i’ve known that since the 4th grade

    hope gets nothing done, action is the real deal

    shall we bring up obama for this one, i doubt i even need remind you XD

  2. The temperal effect of positive emotions can’t be eliminated unless it were possible to meet the demands of the human wants and needs, but that’s impossible

    And lol, Enox mentioned Obama. I forgot about him, mainly because he isn’t changing as much as he promised. : /

  3. Hope is all an illusion…

    I don’t believe that, I refuse to believe that.

    Of course, Hope comes from hard work and responsibility, no loud mouthed black presidents failing to deliver.

    Well, in the end, people always do the right thing…after they exhausted all other options…

    Nate be preachin’

  4. It’s impossible to achieve pure happiness forever, because you are never satisfid until you have achieved what you pursue, yet if you achieve what you pursue, it leaves you with little purpose. I don’t know what you mean by ‘Hope is an illusion’, Nate, because it’s as much of an emotion as everything else..

  5. I was quoting what Enox said, maybe I didnt clear that up right…

    “…because it’s as much of an emotion as everything else…”

    Yeah, of course it is.

    I don’t think its impossible, humans aren’t one sides beings.

  6. *Sided

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