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Anonymous wrote:

“ronnie should do porn. imagine a rape scene starring that man. it could be anything, like some bitch at the supermarket or getting gas or — here’s a good one — getting married. she’s at the altar, and ronnie busts down the wall like the kool-aid man, grabs the bride and just starts RAPING HER SHITLESS, and he’s so powerful that he can fend off the groom with one hand and hold the bitch down with the other.

the porno ends with ronnie grabbing an armful of buffet food and strolling out the double doors as the couple cries in a puddle of nigger cum on the church floor.”

“it would be like MAXIMUM CUCKOLDRY. the woman is unwilling, the man is unwilling, and it takes place immediately after they’re legally bonded together for life.

bonus points: the couple was waiting for marriage, the woman can’t have sex afterward because ronnie ripped her vagina, and she becomes pregnant with triplets. also, they’re fundies, so no divorce or abortion. also, ronnie could wipe his dick off on the groom’s face when he’s done, then kick him in the balls and call him a bitch.

the sequel is when ronnie follows them on their delayed honeymoon a year later, and just as he starts fucking her, ronnie falls through the ceiling a la “the tick”, and actually pulls the entire husband out of his wife, tosses him off the balcony into the pool, and re-impregnates her.”



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  1. dammit, erection get DX

  2. D:

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