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Changes rock into ITS desired form:

“J. Cali death trees and Shrubs. The purpose of reading the game, and I know that the Clubs. I am here, I know at least three people. Keterbelakangan ‘sea says. At least three people were killed, and I know the club.”

This changes a rock into a hooman, after you know what the ingredients for a hooman are:

“Oxygen (carbon 65%) (hydrogen 18%) (10%), nitrogen (3%), potassium (1.5 percent) and P (1.0%), Potassium level (0.35%), nitrogen (025% mo), sodium ( 0.15%) and Magnesium (0.05%), copper, selenium, newspapers, molybdenum, Fluorine, Chlorine, Sodium, Magnesium, cobalt, iron (0.70%).”

Then the incantation:

“The tube is under music, but sings pictures of dogs vibrations BUSHLE this shit started Yai Alchemy”

To change the statue of Axle into a hooman:

“Change that statue into a catch. You uh yes rhyme is good. Break the statue plox. I’m tired of waiting. Please work this time. Get. Don’t let Axle die when I rip open his stone self, cus if he does he’ll be mad. Hell.”

To break the slightly bigger statue of Axle:

“Break the rock around Axle. GET”

To break the statue of Axle:

“Break that rock too :L”

After all of this, if you are confronted by Masked Tard, please follow these safety guidlines:


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