Gotten tired of Zeon’s ways

December 28, 2009 at 14:01 | Posted in Everything | 21 Comments

Lately Zeon has been thinking I have “mood swings”, and I was originally going to explain the reasons behind this in a post yesterday, but I never got round to it.

Zeon came to the DHF Chat today and I couldn’t take it any more, I just snapped and said it, so here it is now I guess:

Anon4115: AKH?


Anon4115: can I test an email spammer on your email, Ill stop when you say?

AKHFTW: no you can’t

Anon4115: ok

Anon4115: gonna test it on tiger then >:D

Anon6609: “daily sending quota exceded”

Anon6609: XD

Anon6609: The dickhead must have ate like 200 messages

AKHFTW: you’re banned

Over PM:

anon1 (12:28:59 PM): I didnt send them to you it was to tiger
akhftw (12:29:12 PM): I know
akhftw (12:29:21 PM): but you’re not welcome here on DHF
anon1 (12:29:51 PM): are you annoyed cause I spammed your friend
akhftw (12:29:52 PM): also, 200 messages is fuck all
akhftw (12:29:59 PM): OK zeon
akhftw (12:30:03 PM): let’s get this straight
anon1 (12:30:06 PM): That was an estimated guess
anon1 (12:30:08 PM): ok listenin
akhftw (12:30:08 PM): I don’t have mood swings
anon1 (12:30:12 PM): ok
akhftw (12:30:15 PM): I just get mad at you every time I see you
anon1 (12:30:20 PM): aha
akhftw (12:30:20 PM): because I hate you.
You have blocked this person
You can also report this person to Chatango
12:30:25 PM anon1 has logged out

Zeon, if you’re reading this, which you probably are, I don’t want to hate you, but everything you do makes me.

All you do when you are here is hate on everybody but me and sinister now that he supports you (slightly). You know I like these people, yet you seem to think I’m not going to get mad when you’re insulting them or plotting against them.




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  1. lol nah don’t worry about it Zeon, you can keep using it and keep the video up but remember if you come around here trying to get at everyone who likes Enox you’re going to get the same reaction off me that I’ve been giving.

  2. I knew a cat named Tiger

    Our neighbors were arrested and they didn’t give two fucks about poor Tiger, so we took care of it until the neighbor’s relatives came back months later and took it back.
    Now that ain’t right. I was the one raisin that pussy.

  3. Poor tiger 😦

  4. STFU

  5. Dumbass you Dumbass

  6. Your all faggots


  8. I’m a dumbass! And I like to suck cock


  10. Im gonna fuckin rape you

  11. 😦 asshole


  13. I’m a faggot.


  15. Damian, you silly boy, stop talking to yourself.

  16. I’m not.

  17. SHADDAP!

  18. :L

  19. Heh, sorry. Used my fake mail. Should have changed it. That was me btw.

  20. lol

  21. 200 messages, really 😐 I could delete them in like 5 seconds
    Too bad for Zeon, I gave up my old “Tigerdude” email to spam, and I don’t even check it anymore. Fail.

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