Zeon = Tigerdude1993 and The Equation That Proves It!

December 21, 2009 at 02:57 | Posted in Everything | 3 Comments

Hello AKHlog readers! What a beautiful weekend we’ve had, what with all the snowstorms and blizzards along the east coast of the good ole’ USA which completely skimmed by my area! But, aside from all of that weatherly nonsense that you probably don’t even care about, I’ve got a grand pile of news that regards Zeon:  HE IS TIGERDUDE1993!

That’s right, folks. Our good old buddy Zeon has decided to encompass everything that Tigerdude1993 was:  Zeon is and has been a liar, has scammed a good bit of people, and has taught them a supposed “lesson” about the Internet. So, Zeon, the person you hated the most is the person you have become, huh? Don’t things always turn out to be quite ironic around here?

Yes, Zeon now encompasses almost every aspect of this almost fictional Tigerdude1993 character. The only thing he lacks is a snobby attitude, which he makes up for with his idiocy and terrible arguing ability. Just today, he was trying to argue random points with me the DHF chat; however, none of them were in regard to what was the current topic or discussion at hand. Multiple times, he stated “You just got pwned noob” or “Your mom.” YOUR MOM. Isn’t this what we see out of the little fourth graders who want to try to be funny? So, not only does Zeon’s latest scam show us that he is, in essence, Tigerdude1993, but he is also showing us how immature and foolish he is.

Now, Zeon wants to say that I am still “Tigerdude1993.” Yes, I must still take responsibility for choosing to be a fake person on the Internet. But really, who cares? Zeon is probably one of the FEW people who were even impacted by what I did. Anyways, I am no longer acting as the character “Tigerdude1993” on the Internet. However, as we can see, we have a new Tigerdude1993 looming over the horizon, one that was formerly and supposedly a “saint” that preached against what he has now encompassed, AKA, Zeon. But as for me…well…call me by my true E-name…

~Enox, Your Truth Oracle-~



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  1. Enox, you are correct. You are doing so well in this math class, they should move you up a level. Seriosuly. You could successfully divide by zero in that equation!

    But seriously, you are right.


    Zeon divided by Zeon = 0



  3. I was thinking about this all along

    Personally, who gives a flying fuck if you were “Tigerdude1993”

    Your not anymore, and that’s all that matters

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