December 13, 2009 at 23:47 | Posted in Everything | 9 Comments

I mean, break. I’m gonna take a short one from the blogs.



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  1. K.


    (this post was made by Enox btw)

  2. It will be dumbshit :>

  3. Zeon:

    “My latest post on the Zeonlog must have hit him like a sledgehammer”

    No, Zeon, the reason why I have to take a break is obvious: I have to be able to live my real life too, and posting here every day takes away from it. I know you don’t know what real life is, so I won’t elaborate anymore than I already have.

  4. To Zeon real life is that walk you have to do to get to your computer everyday and night after getting out of bed. Although I could be wrong, maybe he sleeps at the computer :3

  5. 😀

  6. lol seika
    that’s extremely believable; wonder if he ever goes to school/the kitchen

  7. Hey Zeon I didn’t know the rules were that I can’t add on to someone’s insult.

    It’s a basic social skill, it’s called contributing to a conversation.

  8. Zeon you copy them directly from the source. I added on to his insult. These are different things. DUMB APE

  9. Is there any point on typing here?


    But I am doing so anyways

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