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December 1, 2009 at 00:13 | Posted in Everything | 25 Comments

Yeah well it was about time I made a post about these. :>

For those who don’t know I have been making some videos of myself for youtube recently (AND RECORDING MYSELF SINGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING) there are 4 and I actually have no plans to make more in the near future. šŸ˜›

First one here is of me doing 30 (actually 32) pushups, it gets better and you hear more of my voice after this one! šŸ˜› rest of the videos after the link telling you to read more.

I had the habit of adding shoutouts to the end of my videos to people I knew online. I originally only intended to do it after the first one but there are just so many of you people I forgot. Here in completely non-chronological order are my 3 other videos, first ending in a shoutout to someone I met on omegle, zoe:

Next video I’m putting here shouts out to the long forgotten bridie, someone else I met from omegle. if you look at the tags and descriptions of the other singing videos you will see me talkin to her. :>

AND LASTLY IT’S MY MAIN VIDEO WITH MY SHOUTOUT TO THE DHF FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS (THAT’S YOU, READERS) along with many other people on my MSN contacts and squirsh who I met on omegle, along with her friends rosie and calire whom I had met a few days ago.

And guess who I completely forgot throughout all of this? ULTISOFT!


… See, there are a million people.





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  1. Lol you youtubed yourself singing and doing 32 pushups. I’ll watch later..

  2. *is shouted at by AKH*

  3. “Lol you youtubed yourself singing and doing 32 pushups. Iā€™ll watch later..”


    “*is shouted at by AKH*”


  4. I could do 75 but I stopped for a while so now prolly only 50. : /

  5. I can do 32 in half a minute. OH WAIT PUSHUPS NOT SITUPS

  6. LAWL

  7. Ultisoft when I click on battle engine on the Dragon Valor demo nothing happens… ive tried hitting enter but still… does it not work on windows vista?

  8. Windows Vista would probably be it. Although GM7 games are meant to work on it. I’m not sure what Ultisoft made dragon valor in.

  9. wow, i could do more than that in fifth grade (situps) in the time allotted

  10. Oh wait problem solved. I had to use the spacebar. Also, its confusing that when you select something it goes white/grey and the remaining option goes red. Normally its the other way round.

  11. Yea,lol I can do situps until I get bored

  12. Sit-ups just aren’t tiring at all but AKH I will beat you with push ups… although I have like no upper body strength

  13. Shoot I do about 6 pushups and im out. Sit ups are no problem.

    I got leg strength even though sit-ups have no relation to legs whatsoever.

  14. “Sit-ups just arenā€™t tiring at all but AKH I will beat you with push upsā€¦ although I have like no upper body strength”


  15. i should take up this challenge
    the only pushups i’ve ever attempted were as slow as possible, (and i did them snailspeed) and they rang up at a “whopping” 12-15. i may be able to do 25-30 normal :>

  16. Yeah my record is 20 but I haven’t tried to actually go over that

  17. I do not care about pushups. :>

  18. :>

  19. My pushup record is 90 : P

  20. Are they proper nose touches floor push-ups if so congratulations.

  21. Chea

  22. Nice one.

  23. :>

  24. my :> chain dissapeared NO

  25. : /

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