First post: Flash of rage into gates of solitude

November 25, 2009 at 18:10 | Posted in Everything | 16 Comments

The following is a Guest Post posted by Seika on November 25th, 2009.

What’s the point of introductions when you know me already AKH… or do you? I suppose people here who will read this don’t know me… BUT THEY DON’T NEED TO! Why am I force feeding insanity waves down the throat of this semi-awesome post you may ask, well my post of minimum importance readers, it’s to prove a point and that point is… (someone who is mentally challenged would place piiiieee here but i have an actual point so please let me continue please) that insane people are the people you should know here on the internet, as (Firefalls view) “The internet is not serious business” therefore you want to know someone who will not bore you to tears with homosexuality… and person you will look to is me, vote Seika for best friend forever on the interwebs ‘BFFOTI’ because when your with me… wait… what was this original post about? umm… something about gates of solitude… OKAY WHAT THE F@~# DOES THAT TITLE HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!!!! @#@##@@~#~’#’#@@@#’~”~’@’~’.

So yeah… ummm… I’m not going to read this post until it’s posted so… yeah.



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  1. Who reads their posts before they post them? Lol.

  2. People who read their posts before they post them Lol.

  3. “therefore you want to know someone who will not bore you to tears with homosexuality…”


  4. ^ vikorian does that often

  5. Tuesdays only guys.


  7. =/ Well that’s nice. I kind of get it, if it’s what I’m thinking about, but I already apologized for being a bitch so…whatever.

  8. Did you think Seika was talking about you or something cus I doubt he would do that.

  9. x3 Wait? What? Seika’s an author? Holy camoly, I need to get into the loop. Yeah, I know Seika wouldn’t do that ❤ this blog post actually made me fall on my ass laughing so eh, wouldn't have mattered anyways really.

  10. ehehehehehehe I don’t think anyone knows what you were talking about except me FF.

  11. I think I do AKH… if it’s what you told me on MSN.

  12. >_>

  13. lawl I did give seika a snippet of that, didn’t I. Also Damian saw it in the DHF Chat, and Chip on MSN. I’m pretty sure I only pasted the last line to you all though. XD Oh and Chip got something about him not deserving it but me deserving it. <:

    Let’s leave what happened at that shall we.

  14. Chip? You mean Chipmunk? Is he still around?

  15. Ya on MSN.

    Constantly appearing offline.

  16. Lol I also see him around on PP ocasionally.

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