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“This morning, when I went to check if Enox had replied to my latest comment at the Doomblog, I saw that it had been deleted. So I started my search for clues… On the AKHlog, he had a violent discussion about politics with Enox. Enox bashing other people’s political views. Surprise surprise. And on DHF, he posted his final (I think) farewell…”

No, the target of this title does NOT go to Zeon. In fact, I almost admire him for at least searching for clues. However, he didn’t find the correct answer, as I was not the one bashing anything. In fact, it was the other way around (and to tell you the truth it wasn’t that violent of a DISCUSSION). Last night, I went to my post “Found Some Cunts :> (and some friends)” to find that Doom had commented:


“You dont live under a socialist reign, so stop acting like you know what your talking about

(though at least you EXPLAIN your points instead of being a fucktard like conure)

Besides my political side talking

Those “God” remarks are hilarious, I believe people who believe in god are weak, people should take matters into thier own hands, thats what socialism is XD

Just as a point incase anyone doesnt know

Socialism is a people controlled market system

Not a government controlled system

its more related to capitalism than communism, minus the stupid fucking greedy corperate bastards

You know im right, dont argue the point XD”

Well, that certainly did screw him over in the sight of DHF. The person who was supposedly not one to bash other people is the one who, hypocritically, turned around and called believers in God weak. This is the reason why he had to leave; he ruined his own reputation. I did nothing, in all actuality; the only thing I did was respond to him, and in a discussion-like tone:


“Nate, that was the most PATHETIC post I have seen in my life. I have no words at all. I’m fucking speechless.

Oh, and I just lost all respect for you btw.”


“*reads above post* [referring to Doom’s comment]

*respect -50*”


“I will barely say anything about socialism because I’ve already stated my points to you. Also, I don’t have to live under a “socialist reign” to know what it is like or what happens under it. History has shown what socialism has wrought. But, I forget, new generations think they know what is best and repeat the same, sad mistakes that their fathers made. Also, we in America are fine with capitalism and do not need socialism.

However, I will elaborate on your God talk. I am highly offended. I believe in God, and I am NOT weak. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean you rely on Him for everything. You pray to Him to ask for help in times of need; that doesn’t mean that he just does everything you ask for. For example, if you asked for help with understanding the Bible before reading it, you would still have to read it, but God may provide you with a more open minded approach towards His Word. We Christians don’t just expect God to hand us what we desire at our command. You have a screwed up view of us if you think like that.

And you know, at least I respect other’s religions. I don’t call them weak because of their beliefs. You like to say that me bashing people for their view on politics is bad, but when you bash the religion AND the political views of others, you find that it is fine. The classic example of your liberal/socialist party, which is filled with hypocrites.

Socialism is controlled by the government, not the people. The people are forced to distribute their wealth in between each other, but that doesn’t mean they control it. Socialism happens when the government steps in to “help” its people. You show me how it’s not controlled by the government and I will be astonished. [he couldn’t, and thus, he responded with something that would help him avoid the question]

Your success in life should be earned. Those “greedy corporates” that you speak of had to work to get to the place they are at. Maybe you should work in life so that you can get a good job :O But knowing the nature of socialists, you’ll probably end up working the burger stand at the carnival complaining about how you don’t have much money.

One more thing, SOCIALISM IS, LIKE, THE OPPOSITE OF CAPITALISM. Socialism allows the government to choose prices for products. Capitalism allows companies to compete with each other and have their own prices.

And no, YOU AREN’T RIGHT, AND I WILL ARGUE THE POINT, BECAUSE HALF OF THE STUFF IN THAT POST OF YOURS IS IN YOUR HEAD AND NOT IN REALITY. Even if you think socialism works for your country, it won’t work in America, because we want nothing but PURE CAPITALISM. Some insignificant non-American 16 year old can’t say that socialism is best for the country. Not only are they inexperienced in the way our system works (it has its up and down periods), but they are also still 16 and like socialism because it presents an easy way out.

But, really, you have no idea how much: “Those “God” remarks are hilarious, I believe people who believe in god are weak,” has angered me. I hope it doesn’t show in future comments, although it probably will.”

Does everyone see this? Doom was asking for me to correct the mistakes he made in his post. It wasn’t bashing; it was simply stating that what he thought socialism was is actually wrong. Also, he deserved everything he got for bashing religious people, because he’s the one who always preaches AGAINST bashing. So, you ask, why is the title of this post insolence? Look at Doom’s final response to all of this:


“Wow, fuck you guys

I cant seem to say anything without getting bashed [and the blame game begins; he’s the one doing the bashing, not us!]

So Enox, make a fucking essay on how much of a jerk i am [he obviously didn’t read it; the comment was mainly about socialism]

Thanks i really appreciate that

I cant seem to EVER SPEAK MY MIND [not when you bash others in a hypocritical fashion, no]

and conure

I never said anything that disrespected religions [calling people who follow religion WEAK? THAT’S DISRESPECTFUL]

I find it to be true, most people who pray to god are looking for there own benefit, Its PATHETIC

Man im sick of this political bullshit, this stupid blog [when you are proven wrong, you are :> ]

and you enox

you have become a real asswipe

You have lost a friend [I don’t acquaint myself with hypocrites, so I lost nothing]

Im leaving this fucking hangout

Fuck you all [real mature, mooD]

After that hideous excuse for a response (after all, he avoided everything I pointed out), I responded, but after he had made a topic on DHF called “Leaving.” After I post my reply to him, I will move on to the DHF discussion:


“RAAAPE” [I had to put this in here]


““I cant seem to say anything without getting bashed”


the classic liberal, trying to put the blame on the person who’s right.

people, just to make sure EVERYONE gets this, doom left because his false socialism beliefs were proven wrong, and because he was frowned upon for saying that people who believe in God are weak.

Now, onto the DHF discussion (I’m only posting his topic starter and my post):


“Well my overall existance and reputation has been shattered

No point in being here anymore

Its been fun guys

I must be leaving

I cant handle the drama anymore

Zeon, Enox, all the assholes i currently hate

you win

Im gone, Im afraid i wont come back, and so im not tempted, Id like for you Dragons, to please delete my account

Im much happier with my real friends anyways =P

Goodbye guys, it was nice talking to you, but I will always be nothing more than an internet user to you guys

Im starting to see why zeon hated enox in the first place

But that doesnt make him right

~ Nate



“i figured this would happen.

Doom posted something on the akhlog about how people who believe in God are weak, and i responded that i was very upset about it.

and of course, doom gets into pms mode and storms out. and he tries to use zeon’s hate for me as an example of his own!

zeon hates me because of that stupid lying period way back when. doom, although you are trying to be smart, you won’t fool anyone with that lame analogy. [Zeon I know that’s why you hate me, for a fact]

“Well my overall existance and reputation has been shattered

No point in being here anymore

Its been fun guys

I must be leaving

I cant handle the drama anymore”

i have not one doubt in my mind that he’ll be back, because he said this last time in his leaving topic. for one, you’re “reputation” was “shattered” because you insulted a religion in a hypocritical fashion and were proven wrong in a subject. there was no drama, as you call it; you obviously don’t know what that is either

but after this, no matter if he comes back or not, he’s just a dirty god-hating socialist.

And, until the day I die, Natekaiser, the Paladin of Doom/Mood, the Doomkaiser, will forever be known in my mind as the insolent, hypocritical socialist.

In other news…


And, interestingly enough in his “back” post (man, he was at dinner a long time), he put the most popular search term that found this blog. Can you guess? HOT GIRL WITH ALL ITS MISSPELLINGS. I wonder where that came from? Well, let’s just look at one of the few posts with a hot girl’s picture in it:


If you look around in the bag, you’ll find a picture of a hot girl that is supposedly Zeon’s true form. However, we know this to be false now ;I

And, for more news, THERE IS A FREAKING LOAD OF GM GAMES/RPG MAKER GAMES BEING MADE AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Let me give a quick report of each, and then the post will be over :> (emote steal)

DHF Jam: The Game

This game is being created by, guess who, myself 😀 It’s for the supposedly (but not really) well known sprite comic for DHF, DHF JAM. So far, it’s a completely random game with no good plot, featuring three playable characters: Enox, Cookie, and Pilot! Not only do you get a story mode with an autosave feature (it saves every level), you also get a LOLSOCK mode, which is still a highly secretive mode that has not been released (in the demo, lolsock mode is the fake lolsock mode). Until this game is finished, there will be no updates to the sprite comic :O

Strike of the Budgebandits

This game, created by ConureMaster, is the answer to the death of the BT series. Although it isn’t quite the same, except for the characters (such as Cookie and Sunrobber), it’s been made even better than the last, if you can even call it this, installment! This game features an overworld map and levels that will most likely piss you off because you can’t beat them (lol), but will add to the overall satisfaction of you beating the entire game. Plus, hard levels are the best levels! The bosses are also some of the most challenging I’ve faced. With moving platforms, crate/switch combos, and better graphics, this game will give you that Budgie fix you’ve been wanting! So far, only a few demos have been released, but they have been extremely promising!

Dragon’s Curse: Crystal Legends

This is Vikorian’s answer to the community project question. The game is an rpg featuring forum members! It includes a day/night system, a possible info log of all the enemies you face, and a nice fighting system. A demo has not been released as of now, but there have been screenshots that show how far the game is progressing. They look extremely promising!

Axle’s Game (Unknown Name)

I don’t exactly know what Axle’s game is called or what it will be about, but it is an rpg that will also feature some DHF members. Right now, the only released demo is one where you enter Conure’s shop. If you respond with something about a dodo, the storemaster (Conure) will take away health and possibly money, which leads to even more laughs, which the hilarious store music already made. Hopefully we will get more info about this game soon!

And that conclude my 2,243 word post.



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  1. oh i just noticed that zeon wanted me to respond to his comment. well that’s too bad because he no longer exists on my posts here.

  2. Yeah, Nate is truly a hypocrite.

    Too bad he left though

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