A Quickie

November 17, 2009 at 20:52 | Posted in Everything | 18 Comments

Not to be confused with sex.

Zeon, you get this into your thick skull. I DID NOT HIRE SINISTER. You obviously can’t read the PM’s, because it says NO WHERE that I “hired” him. That’s ridiculous anyways, you faggot, there is no reason to “hire” anyone to do anything. WHAT COULD SIN HAVE DONE TO YOUR BLOG IF I EVEN DID HIRE HIM? WOULD HE HAVE MADE A BAD POST :O OMG I BET YOU FEEL SO THREATENED. Oh and maybe next time you post something on your blog, don’t quote what is in my post. Plagiarism ;l YOU DON’T HAVE MY PERMISSION TO TAKE WORDS FROM THIS BLOG.

Well now that I have to deal with you and a false Biblical prophet who wants to bring me down IRL, I guess I’ll have to choose to be angry in real life and be peaceful here. FUCK YOU ZEON, YOUR FAMILY, AND EVERYTHING THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO FRIENDS, EVEN COUNTING THE PET ROCKS BY YOUR SIDE NAMED JIMMY AND ANNE WHO YOU HAVE HAD INTIMATE RELATIONS WITH.

Also Zeon, you cummed all over yourself once and you couldn’t get the stain out of your pants :>





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  1. AKH do I have permission to take words from this blog?
    Also, you take stuff from my posts and put it in yours. Whatya got to say to that?

  2. zeon why ask akh? this is my post. you have no permission from me to quote it. if i type it, it’s mine. the blog, the website, it is akh’s. but anything i post is mine. maybe you can understand that.

    also, i may quote your posts, but i don’t quote the entire thing and use it as more than 3/4 of my body. you’re posts are basically mine with commentary. maybe you can understand that.

  3. Everything you write here belongs to AKH

  4. Yet again you’re wrong. If I were to write a poem, and a blogger were to quote it, it would still be my poem. Just because it is on their blog doesn’t mean it belongs to them. Thus, if I post here, the content belongs to me, but the blog is still AKH’s.

    That was a test to see how idiotic you were, and you made yourself look like a fool. Everyone knows that writer’s words belong to them unless quoted. You, sir, are not a blogger, a writer, or a human.

  5. You don’t understand, Enox, YOU belong to AKH ^__^ you are his property

  6. Zeon I thought I was the one pulling the strings on AKH. After all I did get him to make me an author here. He doesn’t own me.

    Just shut up kid, you lose an argument and then you try to stay stupid shit like that. Disgraceful.

  7. How am I disgraceful? YOURE disgraceful for lying to the community for one year, creating fake arguments, etc I think you know what I mean.

  8. No no no no no, see, Zeon, when we are talking about a certain subject, we stick with that subject until one person is proven to be incorrect. In a conversation such as this, you do not post random statements to avoid the questions such as you do. Get back on the topic of the conversation or I will put your posting rights back to the way they were.

    Here is the topic: You are a disgrace because, as ascertained by your posts, you cannot present valid points in an argument, but rather, random posts with little to no relevance to the topic at hand.

    I hope you read this post all the way through, because you usually don’t.

  9. youre posts are not worth my time. Anyway, I try my best to stay on-topic, but really, I don’t see much difference between what you would call two different topics. All of your topics are “I hate Zeon”, “Zeon is an idiot”, “Zeon can go fuck his mom”, “I have nothing to blog about”…

  10. I just told you what the topic was:

    “Here is the topic: You are a disgrace because, as ascertained by your posts, you cannot present valid points in an argument, but rather, random posts with little to no relevance to the topic at hand.”



    Also, if my posts aren’t worth your time, then why do you always come and read them and comment on every single one?

    Well I’ll let you off with that post, one more comment that doesn’t adhere to the convo gets you killed off of AKHlog Jam.


    Also anything someone writes is their property 😛 doesn’t matter where it is. You can copy my stuff, but only Enox can speak for his. <:

  12. AKH why did you have to go to hospital is everything ok

  13. Zeon is no longer allowed to comment on my posts, because he continuously decides to avoid the questions presented in my posts. Case closed.

  14. You were in Hospital AKH? Why? you broke a limb or you were visiting someone?

  15. I had my appendix out. :> Got some pain with my appendix a few weeks ago, it wasn’t enough to stop me carrying on as normal though, and it went away within a week.

    it came back last sunday much worse though and I spent monday in bed. Since I’d looked up what I thought I had the last time I had it (chronic appendicitis) I thought I’d go to the doctors on tuesday.

    Went there in the afternoon, just expecting a diagnosis and a hospital appointment or some pills *-* (hopefully some pills) but instead I ended up in A&E, had a canular (or however you spell it) put in and had the operation that night (at about 11:45 PM) AFTER HAVING A SECOND CANULAR (these are like needles that they put fluids on a drip through) PUT IN MY HAND. I don’t believe this second one was ever used. -_-

    Apparently the operation was about 2 and a half hours and when they woke me up just after it I kept taking my oxygen mask off (with my RIGHT arm which I would normally be keeping still because it had the canular in and it kinda hurt to move with it) and I moved from the bed I was on in theatre to my hospital bed with no problems.

    I have no recollection of those events.

    I probably woke up for the first time that I can remember at about 6-8 AM that day, but I basically spent the whole 48 hours after the operation just sleeping (I like my sleep). That caused a bit of a build up of fluids in my lungs which I had to cough up most of before I could go home cause it was keeping my body temperature up to get rid of it otherwise (up until now my temperature has been around just under 38.5°C).

    After this I had some annoying little injection to stop me deep-vein-thrombosising cause I’d been sitting around all that time, I started getting up and moving around and eating the day after (this is friday) but apparently my temperature was still up thursday night (39°) so I couldn’t go home friday night.

    On friday night (while I was still in the hospital bed …) the same nurse was looking after me as the one last night, and apparently my temperature had been fine, I guess a 37 got misread as a 39. THAT SUCKS.

    Anyways my temperature stayed fine that night, as you can guess, and I got out of hospital about midday saturday.


  17. HAI

  18. […] on Enox’s post “A Quickie” […]

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