*Buzzer Noise* *And I Mean the Incorrect One*

October 31, 2009 at 21:03 | Posted in Everything | 40 Comments

Zenostias Says:
October 31, 2009 at 6:51 am

http://www.freshbytes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/internet-serious-business-cat.jpg [Fucking Epic]

D8 Seriously, stfu, both of you, stop being so god damned immature. Zeon, you’re [an] asshole, Axle, you’re being extremely over-dramatic. I mean, wooooo, he can mock you, deal. Just leave him alone and he’ll eventually get bored of the imaginary internet life he’s leading.

“Since Enox has left, I intended to become the good person of old, but no, now its not going to happen because of YOU.”
Since when does Enox affect you? Get the hell over yourself. Just because you’re still going “boohoo” over the prank he pulled doesn’t mean that you can blame that on everyone else. You want to be mature? THEN BE MATURE NOW!

I personally love this comment found on the Zeonlog from my friend Zenostatias, however, it’s got a few problems.

Axle was trying to defend everyone on DHF, including me, while at the same time throwing in some humor. He was probably being over-dramatic to get some lol’s. You also have to understand that, quite possibly, Zeon has annoyed him for quite some time now, that an event in real life angered him, and he let it all out on Zeon.

The other thing wrong with this comment was the “he’ll eventually get bored” part. He’ll never stop being annoying, no matter how long you ignore him. DHF ignored him for 2-3 months, and yet, he kept coming back. Ignoring him won’t work in this situation, and we’ve already learned that.

Also, I don’t think Zeon is leading an “imaginary internet life.” I think that, in reality, Zeon has a mental disorder and can’t help what he’s doing. You also have to take into consideration that Zeon’s family life may be terrible and the only way he can find peace is by being here. Zeon is a real person, just like all of us.

My point is, the internet isn’t the same for everyone. To some, it’s just a digital world with robotic people who don’t have feelings. It’s too bad that most come to realize that people are real here , have genuine emotions, and can be personally affected by things that happen in it, especially if that person’s only way of finding happiness is by being here.

That’s one of the main reasons why I stopped lying.



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  1. Note to self. Defending my friends serves as a flashing beacon for someone to take it the wrong way and verbally punch you in the face. Jee thanks, whoever the hell you are.

  2. forgot to enter id- that was me

  3. ALSO- I see the internet as a place to hang out. Thats all it is to me, really.

  4. Enox, I dont understand you anymore…

  5. What do you mean Zeon?

  6. I cant make it any clearer, I cant understand your way of thinking anymore

  7. Hmmm…ask me a question and I’ll answer it in my own perception of thinking. Whatever question you may have.

  8. I’m an anon – 🙂 – with just one thing to say:

    If you feel as if though the internet may be upsetting you (in Zeon’s case) then just chill down and be friendly! Th Internet is a place where people will prank and assault, and you pretty much just have to go with the flow of it all. Nobody will hurt you, it’s only a freaking computer!

    A free cookie to whoever can guess who I really am.

  9. 😐 Where did my comment go? D:

    Edit by AKH: it got blocked cause you said Zeon. <: it’s there now. Also, I know who you are cause I looked up your IP, but I’m not gonna spoil it for everyone. :>

  10. Okay, thanks for not spoiling it. :>

  11. That’s a nice way to put it Enox, zeon makes me forget that the internet is still made up of humanity

    Whoops, I went there….

  12. AKH you blocked my name? :O
    Also Anon, the internet cannot damage you physically, but what about mental damage?

  13. “AKH you blocked my name? :O”

    WordPress searches a whole comment for things you put on the blacklist, so when I blocked your username it blocks all comments containing it too 😛

    “Also Anon, the internet cannot damage you physically, but what about mental damage?”

    I lol’d.

  14. Its true though, apart from my case, imagine if a small kid saw p0rn on the internet, it could traumatise him

  15. p0rn? I stop people from posting but there’s no censor here. ^__^ (OMG FIRST TIME I’VE USED THAT EMOTE ON HERE IN AGES)

  16. WTF http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Image:Obama_dildo.jpg

  17. wtf




    Also I have another account either way.

  21. You call this spamming? Wadaya think youre doing to my blog?

  22. I’m not doing anything. :> ocnure and damian aren’t affiliated with this blog.

  23. akmayo is da first on the tag cloudage

  24. *peeks head through AKH’s monitor* Nice black wireless mouse, blue mouse mat, dark blue stapler… you like dark colours don’t you… Hey weres the keyboard :<

  25. “Also Anon, the internet cannot damage you physically, but what about mental damage?”

    agreed. or, in my case, it can teach you lessons, change your personality, and even change your opinions on a lot of things.

  26. Mysterious anon back. 😐

    I hadn’t given thought out to mental damage. I know it is hard to reverse such damage… and the internet can easily change people. It has changed me too.

    Alright, who wants to know who I am?

  27. Are you the anon who always posted with that name waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in ye olde AKHlog days?

  28. I see Zeon saw my videos.

    And no the anon is not. That was VOR btw.

    Also my keyboard is on some slide-out thing. I slid it under the desk.

    And zeon your IP is banned so I still had to approve that comment. :>

  29. Now, you know. :>

  30. thanks for deleting MY post >.>

    well i think you did, because i said anon was pilot or something.

  31. Aha AKH has some common sense left after all, deleting the posts in which you betray your friends.

  32. I agree with this blog post to a certain extent, the truth is I was more or less exactly like mrsmes, I have a disorder and I gone on cubeengine forums when I was young and early to the internet, thus my language and how I typed caused alot of grief to those members, if I were to say I never went there when I had like 12 or 13 and would have gone there now I would have been an accepted member but due to what happened before I doubt they would welcome me anymore, however I disagree with the problems with family, I know a certain member on NG “EpicFail” who was some of the worst family problems to the point his mom gone in psychic ward and even then doesn’t act like a complete fool of himself, I can look for it on newgrounds if you want me too.

    btw WB Ivor Biggun, thought you would never post again.

  33. Oh btw I am using my new email, my old email is lavawave@ymail.com

    I use them both generally tough.

  34. lava you douche, you said you wouldnt come back. also, where has ivor posted again?

  35. tbh I today morning was the first time I opened this blog again in like… a month? forgot the last time I came here lol, VOR is anon atleast as AKH just said.

  36. No I said anon isn’t VOR. >.< it was Pilot, he revealed himself.

    And Enox, you just said that in the chat you silly fucker. :> There was no comment on here from you about it. 😛

  37. To prove it further, I even used the e-mail used back in the day. Same avatar (I hope) and stuff. I was the anon. Hope to clear up any confusion I may have spawned.

  38. AKH i swear to god, i posted it here before i said it in the chat :O You probably didn’t delete it, but sometimes i have problems when trying to post comments DX

  39. Then what did you say about VOR? did he posted lately or he never came back?

  40. he hasn’t been here for a long time.

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