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September 5, 2009 at 21:19 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments

First up, we have the completionof Sonic Mystic Machine and the beginning of the production of Sonic Mystic Machine 2! I have finally finished fixing the error on the final boss of Sonic Mystic Machine and have also made it downloadable + instant play. Sonic Mystic Machine 2 begins production as of now, and it will take advantage of the pro edition of game maker. It will definitely be my best work yet (although Sonic Mystic Machine 1 is my only game) ;D For more, click here. It’s got my creations as well as some other cool stuff, so check it out!

Next up, we have Zeon, yet again, trying to hack. Except this time, he hired someone to do it >_> I do not have the quotes but I can easily remember what was said…Zeon ranted about how my email was hacked, and how the person he hired showed him a screenshot displaying that he did. I told him that nothing happened and that he was social engineered (the real way) by this “hacker.” Zeon responded by asking if I was the one pulling all of this. What an idiot.

How could I have been a random “hacker” that Zeon “hired” from some unknown place? It’s borderline impossible. It’s not like I would do that anyways. (PS: The hacker’s name was Sanjay. Not my name choice, sorry ;( )

In other final breaking news, we have Zeon’s picture. How did I find this? I found it. It had nothing to do with Zeon but I used my intuitive Anux Mind Powers (Copyright 2009) to find his image on google by typing in “hot girl.” This is who he really is:

YES, SLUT :> You cannot lie about who you are Zeon, even in the comments in moderation…

On the comments in moderation:


“*yawn* ok Enox, Ive just woken up, expect a post on the Zeonlog this afternoon, all I can say now is that Im not a girl >__> that waz a joke”

That picture says otherwise. Unless, of course, you are a transvestite. Then I really don’t know what to think >_<

Thanks for reading.



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    I’ve been trying to track that faggot down on hackforums, but all I can get is an account called sanjay89. I mean, it’s possible, but there’s no proof either way and I can’t see any communication between Zeon and anyone who said they could hack something for him. it must’ve all been done through PMs.

  2. Actually, there is no real proof in this thread but I find it pretty suspicious:

    it may have been someone from those users, or maybe it was (like you said) done over PM.


  4. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Sanjay is still a cunt. I’m just glad neither of you two wannabe hackers have any idea of where to start.

  5. There goes Zeon getting around the blacklist with a proxy.

  6. congrats on finishing up Sonic Mystic Machine! i will try to play the whole thing ; but i usually get stuck…

    i hope that u guys catch whoever is hacking. if you guys ever need any help from me, i’ll be glad to help you

  7. ultisoft: thanks! and i think we know who is trying to hack, he isn’t much of a threat :l

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