Internet Privacy Is Now Backed Up

August 15, 2009 at 19:32 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments

If you didn’t believe my words about Internet Privacy…

“There needs to be a post about this somewhere around the Yoyo branching communities.

Who wants to have their location just given away to some random person they don’t know? I don’t, and I bet a ton of other non-psychologically impaired people do too. When you look up someone’s IP Address, no matter what the cause, you are invading on their privacy.

Some of us need to learn this lesson.

IP Addresses, although most of the time wrong, can be privacy infringing. If someone does happen to have an IP that leads to their home (although rare), then someone could easily exploit that. Also, don’t you see how that could be a bit stalkerish, hunting down someone’s IP?

It’s also weird to keep IP logs of people that come and go to your website. It is not a safety precaution: the people who would try to do harm to your website would probably use a proxy. Plus, you can easily protect your website by backing it up every so often.

Just a random blurb, but there’s more where that came from.”

…then read AKH’s comment on the post, I done found a Game Maker Game on Youtube:

“Investigating everyone new here who posts an innocent comment is going to drive them away because it makes it look like we’re suspicious of them (which we have no reason to be).

And an IP address is not public. I don’t believe a single site exists where every user’s IP address is shown to everyone visiting the site and if it does, it’s unpopular and likely badly programmed.

IP addresses are only ever visible to those with authority, the people who are responsible for reporting a user if they do something illegal.

Aside from this, an IP check now is almost completely useless what with the half a year of inactivity. Nearly everyone who’s posted here in the past now has a different IP, with the last one or two digits having been changed at the very least.

And lastly all an IP lookup would give is a vague location of the person who posted the comment and there is no point in doing this (it would also drive people away, because for some people the internet and real life are seperate and they don’t want their real location being spread around to people they don’t know everywhere they go online l;).

(Oh god … did I just And lastly? <:)”

Maybe, just maybe, people will listen to AKH? IDK.


I think it’s time that we had some BAG on the AKHlog:

NO! A DEAD BAG! This is when the cruelty of man is exposed 😦

A bag that knows how to survive in the wild!

Quote: “Just look around and you’ll notice the bags are everywhere,” said Sherry Mulhearn, executive director of the Resource Recovery Corp. “They’re hanging in trees, floating on the side of the road, in the bay … everywhere.”


Thanks for reading.



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  1. Actually, keeping a log of IPs of people visiting your site is common practice since users doing/posting illegal things can get you in trouble and proxies can be traced.

  2. I don’t know what I was trying to say in that part of the post as I wrote it a while back.

    I think I was trying to say that I wouldn’t want some random person to record my IP every time they see one of my comments.

    That post was probably more toward wordpress sites. You don’t need to keep a “log” since the IP’s are already logged in comments.

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