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Yes, we all have heard the stories of the great creature named VOR. He was a mysterious one and went by many names. He mainly lurked around the AKH Log, now abandoned blogs such as Dark Vengeance, and the yucky, death trap of a swampland named Yoyogames. However, none have seemed to figure out what happened to him.


You see, I’m going to be starting my research on this unknown species of blogger. He randomly dissapeared one day (most likely after the huge, huge post, The End of the AKH Log) and never came back. Can we find some way to explain his random leave, or can we track him down and find out where he is now?

For my first investigative act, I would like to remind everyone why the 7rlog was deleted, which will lead to my first point:

On the post, oh noes, the blogs are dissapearing:

Hi all. The blog is gone. Deleted by someone close to me after an argument! (im spending too much time on it apparently! [VOR’s wife is a good candidate :I]

Shame, it was getting fun since my hits were getting higher.

Its a funny coincidence that tigers blog also recently was deleted. [Not really DX]

So whats next for IvorB? I was about to post some good news, Ive been asked to contribute on a really great opensource project that is aimed at providing functionality for certain software in developing countries who have had PC’s donated to them. [Is this his current e-location?]

Ill still be about, but to be honest Im fed up of this silly IvorB name, that I simply made up on the spur of the moment so long ago. I think ill go back to calling myself VOR or Voice of reason, which was what Ive spent so much time arguing under on various emails/forums. [Voice of Reason D: EPIC]

In regards to the comment on me being the most intelligent, thanks for the compliment, but Im really not and despite what disputes have happened in the past, I believe AKH & Tiger are both very smart and clued up individuals (as well as yourself turbox) At the end of the day this whole community is digital and not real, I hope nobody takes anything personally that anyone says here. [Zeon read, plox]

None of us will ever meet, nor should we. We have a computer life and a real one and at the end of the day, who cares whats said in the computer one? [I kinda disagree here.]

I dont like playing the part of peace maker as it makes me sound holier than thou, but we challenging that we’ve done was towards users who acted inappropriately, now those users have gone, why are people arguing with each other? [Because as long as two humans exist, there will always be at least one argument left for them to kill each other over.]

Oh to the no, I think I strayed away from the subject near the end. Well, it seems as if we have two reasons why VOR left so far:

1) His wife was fed up with him and his “computer life” and decided to take it away from him for a while.

2) He decided to go and help with that project he was talking about.

Before you jump to conclusions, you have to consider this:  VOR commented on posts that dated as far as earlier this January. That post I quoted from dates back into August 2008!

There are a few other factors that I will list here that I think could result in VOR’s leave:

3) VOR realized that since SC666 was really gone, he no longer needed to protect us like he vowed he would.

4) VOR is on WoW and is still addicted to it.

At the cost of getting sleep, I have to end this post. Well, maybe I’ll post more later!



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  1. ARGH why do people keep calling it the AKH log there’s no space D: I let the noncapital L slide.

    also WHAT THE FUCK WERE MOZILLA THINKING WHEN THEY MADE FF3.5? GAH. it just froze my monitor and disconnected me then I restarted the computer to find “DSL Modem: No Device” AND I HAD TO FUCKING RESTART AGAIN AAAAAAAAAAH

    also plox

  2. Yeah iceweasel does stupid things like that when Im using runescape and xat at the same time. (Iceweasel=firefox but with another name and logo)

  3. AKH, it just looks more proper to me DX I can’t stand the space.

  4. “Iceweasel=firefox but with another name and logo”

    I know, I helped you with it when you were installing iMacros and we talked about it in teh xat a little while ago.

    it’s for Linux. :l

  5. “Iceweasel=firefox but with another name and logo”

    I know, I helped you with it when you were installing iMacros and we talked about it in teh xat a little while ago.

    XD I remember that





  9. I have found it you sewage rat

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