Breaking Down Zeon’s Latest Post About Entity?

August 4, 2009 at 06:59 | Posted in Everything | 10 Comments

First go read the post here, then read this (Enox talking):

I will go to college and work on my education instead of blogging on EZ, Zeon. That’s how I help my country. When you see my name on the political news you’ll realize what I’m talking about.

Also, you have NOT stayed in a forum, which I referred to as a community, longer than a “metaphorical” hour.

I said I wasn’t coming back HERE, but I guess I am.

Also, quote Zeon:

“At last, Enox, master of deception and public enemy of the people, is no more.”

You don’t make sense. I’m not “no more,” I’m still here you blathering idiot DX AND, to make matters worse for you, I’m still writing for the AKH Log. I’m also not a public enemy (more of a public advancer) and I’m also not a deceptor. THAT was a fake personality but I don’t seem to get that through your thick, arrogant skull.

You’re starting to become Tigerdude1993.

Also, Zeon, YOU ARE NOT THE MAIN CAUSE OF ENTITY ZERO BEING DELETED. I have school coming back in a week and DHF Jam is enough commitment for me. There was really no need for a blog anyways besides shaming every comment you post. However you were a minor factor in its deletion, since I thought you would be crushed to see that your precious history was deleted.

Guess you didn’t think about that.



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  1. When you said “I won’t be coming back here[the Zeonlog], either” I thoguht you meant it…The way of the lamer, they always come back 😀

  2. Oh god Zeon is retarded, he wants people to believe he is a hacker and he cannot hack, who wouldn’t know that entityzero was shut down by Enox himself?

    also Stephpen? is that Enox’s real name (I found it on zeonlog I think) or it’s another lie?

  3. of course he shut it down himself, i wouldnt bother hacking it. Enox, if it really was for college, you wouldnt delete it, you just wouldnt post in it frequently. Plus, now its holidays. Plus, youve gone off with another community.

  4. *unfrequenly

  5. zeon:

    i’m not a lamer or else AKH wouldn’t let me post here *facepalm*
    also, i’m not going to college you dumbass, i’m not even 16 yet. i’m just going back to school and don’t feel like having a blog anymore. also i’m not even in another community!


    yes my real name is stephen, zeon just overheard it, akh knows it for a fact.

  6. “i’m not a lamer or else AKH wouldn’t let me post here *facepalm*”
    You have taken advantage of AKH’s benevolence.

    “also, i’m not going to college you dumbass, i’m not even 16 yet.”

    On DHF you said you where.

    “i’m just going back to school and don’t feel like having a blog anymore.”
    Yay, you finally realize you are hopeless at blogging.
    “also i’m not even in another community!”

    You have found another community, do not lie to me.

  7. Enox isn’t a lamer.

  8. Zeon, you are forgetting that I’m posting about YOU on the AKHLOG? YOU ARE THE LAMER.
    Also, I’m in a school where I have the option to take college classes. Get it right you dumbass!
    I don’t want to have my own blog since I can post here, I’m not hopeless at blogging. At least my posts aren’t shitty like someone’s here 😉
    I have not found another community. I wanted to for a bit, but now I’m going to stay at DDNN and DHF.

  9. and thanks AKH XD

  10. This site rocks!

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