Change of Plans

January 4, 2009 at 19:07 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments

I’ve decided to move our posts on the end of the world to a different date. Why, you ask? I see it necessary to address a few rules that are going to be needed around here…obviously some people aren’t mature enough to handle anything around this website.

I will be thinking up a few rules, in the mean time I really want to work on Sonic Mystic Machine (which I’m working on the final boss right now) so I’m out.




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  1. wasnt that one of my quotes?

    And I cant wait to finally play mystic machine

  2. “hey ultisoft, just wanted to let you know that i’ll be posting a few rules about commenting, if a comment doesn’t follow those rules then you can just go ahead and delete it ;)”
    OK, sounds fair… If we are posting here together, then we have to agree on something.

    But, remember, AKH is still lurking over this blog, so don’t make the rules too strict

  3. Oh wait…
    Ah crap… I thought I was signed in before i posted that xD

  4. “But, remember, AKH is still lurking over this blog, so don’t make the rules too strict”

    Ha ha, you can make the rules as strict as you like, I’m not posting (aside from the occassional comment 😉 ), you guys are the ones in charge now. ^__^

  5. Are you the manager of this blog?
    It seems as if you are seeing as it is AKHlog and you are AKH.

    Can you make me a mod or something to take care of certain commentors and idiots on this blog, You can trust me OK.

    EDIT by Tigerdude1993: Nope. Don’t ask to become a moderator or anything. I don’t think I can even do it anyway.

  6. Tigerdude1993 did nothing wrong, It’s just LavaWave, I’d say ban LavaWave AKH.

  7. thanks akh 😉

    turbox, which part are you talking about and i can’t wait to finish it. i’ve got everything ready, i’m still figuring out what i’m going to make the final boss do, and then i have to do the extra zone, but that’s where i’m stuck. do you still have that super sonic engine? the one where sonic loses rings as super sonic? i would appreciate if you let me use it

    zeon and shadow_516: speak one more word of banning and i’ll have your comments deleted. or figure out how to ban you. i’ll find the comments that need to be moderated, i don’t need people tattling. and zeon, why would he ban me? or lavawave?

    and finally ultisoft, i’ll add to the rules later, but good job you got the general rules down.

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