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December 24, 2008 at 17:44 | Posted in Everything | 16 Comments

and then leaving.

I’ve decided that, after AKH has left and I have revealed my secrets that pretty much kept me here, I should leave. I know that I have said that in the past, but that was fake.

I’ll give you all one last post though, which will be all the things that I have archived that people have written. I don’t really know why (other than the fact that you can’t find them anywhere else, not even my old blog), but I feel like I should.

One last post to come soon.



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  1. Tis a sad day, the end of an era, well its been fun. All that we did and the people we owned, I hope you can finish Mystic machine, if not could you at least update it one last time. I’ll still be on yoyogames as I really want to get back into game making, I enjoyed Death storm and want to make one more game, maybe sometime after christmas.

    Anyway thanks for everything, its surprizingly been enjoyable. Merry christmas.

  2. yeah, it’s sad, but I think it’s for the best.

    i’ll be finishing up mystic machine, for sure, and i’ll remember all the good times we’ve had. and once your done with death storm 2, i’ll be playing it 😉

    merry christmas to you too, turbo.

  3. Having returned properly to the keyboard after alot of xmas related work functions, I have to say I was surprised.

    Im going to put all the other things to one side, and no matter what your opinion on past events the one thing we can all agree on is that its been very entertaining, VERY entertaining.

    As I said before, SC was always more of a concept than a real person anyway, and whilst tiger has admitted to the previous personalities, I dont believe for one minute that SC,IHP or any of the others is his real one. I do believe that the Tiger I spoke with on numerous occasions, was the “real personality”.

    Regardless of what has gone on in the past, I still stand by my opinion that tiger is of sound mind. Lets face it, the AKH log has been entertaining since Jan (in a big way) and since none of use will never meet, its really accademic that the personalities were made up. (Infact a UK talk show was proved to have “staged” guests in order to entertain.)

    Tiger, I do hope you will stay in contact. If you contact me via PM Ive got an email add for you. As I am sure your main area of interest is in things not Yoyo or blog related. I do think though if you applied your techniques in other avenues, you would be a valuable asset (FSF) I wonder if you would be interested? I could certainly think of a few uses for your skills/interests.

    Anyway, all the best.

  4. hey VOR, happy holidays.
    i might be interested, but i’ll need you to just go ahead and email me first (tigerdude1993@yahoo.com) because i have been banned from yoyogames (one of my ip’s was banned as SC).

  5. Yep no probs. I thought you had been unbanned.
    The request is I have sort of asked before. I will contact you anyway, but I will put a summary here as at the moment, as I cant open my email client (and Ill email you more dets in a bit).

    Why you ask, cant Vor open his email client?

    Here is a very sad confession, and since Tiger has taken the initial steps of confessing things, I feel I have to do the same.
    I have a problem.
    A really big problem.
    A problem, that someone like me should not have.
    An addiction.
    What is it, I hear you ask?

    World of Warcraft. Im currently running it very well in Linux, but for some reason the WOW client will not share an internet connection with the email prog (Evolution)

    Heres a brief summary of what the email will be about.

    FSF – Free Software Foundation – “The promotion of free and opensource software to enable all users quality software that is free to modify, distribute”

    One of the things I and other like minded people do is challenge, the Proprietary Troll posters (paid company employees who blog/make comments about their software to advertise it, by pretending to be happy users) and highlight any incorrect facts they try to put forward. Now tiger, since you have a skill with the forums and posting, its certainly a great way to windup/expose people who are making a living out of falsely promoting something for profit (and its in a good cause). I will send you more details shortly, but as I say I have an addiction……

    I havent had a chance to read back on the previous entries, I hope AKH is still going to be around.

    Tiger, you proved me right. Remember when I said I believed that you were far more intelligent than you led us to believe? – Well you managed to make me “believe in SC”, and I didnt believe that was an easy thing to do!!!
    So whilst I have been “owned” I have sort of been proved right as the same time. You WERE more intelligent than you led us to believe!

    I sincerely hope you have a good Xmas period. Ive certainly enjoyed the events over the past few months, and you had better stay in contact!!! as it would be a shame if everyone just goes their separate ways.

    Ill email you soon.

  6. Heh, well I wish you the best of luck Tiger. ^^ It has sincerely been fun, but I truly have no interest in you “acheivements”. I mean, people who know your little Internet alias would know, right? ^o^ Anyways, I wouldn’t mind keeping in contact with you, but whatever, it’s up to you.

    VOR: =O It’s been a while! An addiction eh? Well, Iif it’s possible, cancel your Internet, for a month. It takes about 30-35 days to be able to “overcome” an addiction. XD Of course, DO NOT start playing WOW again. It’s like a drug…you’ll always want it, and once you get it again you’re addicted. I’ll post more later, but yeah…I gtg. ^^ Cya!

  7. XD I meant Archives, not achievements. And Merry Christmas to all! ^_^

  8. ok VOR, i’m up to that. i’ll wait for your email.

    and firefall, haha ok, and sure, send me an email and we can still talk.

  9. VOR,AKH has left. Read the post below tigerdude1993s confession.

  10. I’m still lurking 😛 Happy Christmas everybody! ^__^

  11. hope everyone had a merry christmas, i did.

  12. Happy Christmas AKH!

  13. Hi Im back. AKH, Tiger I have an email/details that I am composing for you two and lets hope in 2009 we all stay in contact.

    Moving onto matters at hand. I hope everyone had a merry xmas/festive period.

  14. VOR: we better 😉 i’m tired of yoyogames crap, what you’re talking about sounds more interesting…i may stay for it.

    PS: i had a good christmas.

  15. Good. I am composing a LONG!! email. Its in regards to what we spend most of our time doing. If you notice on yoyo forums, I aimed my debate with an open source theme. After Ive given you the history, you will understand why.

    What I would like to see is the AKH log return, but this time as the update for the shilling trolls to be highlighted on. As I said before, its all in a good cause and its very entertaining as well.

    What with coming up to the new year, and the numerous links I have to send, it will be a few days. In the meantime, take a look at Slashdot, you may get an idea of what/how we do.

    If you get a chance, check out the Stephen Fry video on FSF, he echo’s the ethos of what we are trying to achieve, and also check out a guy called Richard Stallman on Wikipedia, he is another “activist” who is quite well known and VERY ACTIVE!

    Best new year wishes, Tiger, AKH!!!!!!!!

  16. Good luck to everyone in 2009 and beyond. This will (probably) be my last post here.


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