Why so Not Visiting? + The Story of darthmarus

December 17, 2008 at 12:39 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments
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First of all today, our topic is the decline of the AKHLog.

What’s going on, man? Did something big happen and I missed it? Look at the hits over the last 14 days!

Why so Not Visiting?

Also, yesterday’s post didn’t get published (WordPress just saved it as a draft for some reason) and no one noticed.

And now for the obligatory news story, centering around darthmarus’ recent change of hobby …

… in the Forum Topic “DARTHMARUS IS QUITING GM?”

darthmarus wrote:

“well, i have completley quit Gm. but i have so many ideas…… i suppose i am a unique case, somebody who has gotten bored with GM (and realized he was obbsesed) and quit while remaining one of yoyogame’s top 30 most active members.

so many plans…… anyway, i am never turning on GM again (or at least for a VEEERY long time) but i have a ton of concepts, plans, level designs. plus i know GM (lite) inside and out. all you have to do is follow advice. no noobs.

apply within (this topic)

first idea- a shoop da whoop platformer
second- a game where time can be reversed (and i know how to do it too)
third- a platformer using graphic styles stimilar to mortia with ceilingh hang and edgegrab (i can supply an engine that i already made)”

… in the Forum Topic “incredible popularity that being a uber-nerd gives you (?!?!?!?)”

darthmarus wrote:

“well, i think anyone who looks into my posts, my (former) game creation obbsesion, my multiple star wars, star trek, dungeons and dragons, and magic;the gathering references can tell that i am an UBER NERD!

and thus fairily unpopular. but now that i am spending my time on something that people can see without being on a computer, i am very much intriguing. (as in- “this guy that has been gargling stale nintendo games for almost 2 years can draw like THIS and make music like THAT?”)

kinda interesting.”

mrsmes wrote:

gees if you made a few more games, and went back to GM and even helped out with some projects or made handy tools and utilities with GM for the PC you could actually go a lot more further then you expect of yourself, like for example my dock is already making progress and easy to use and rather handy and neat and tidy, so for being the one with the ideas and $pecter a good programmer for the project it makes us proud to have something easier in the end to use rather than code thousands of separate widgets that can be moved about the PC, once i however find out how those features are made for moving them about the PC or separating them into tabs and making each thing handier and smaller and easier to move about and use it might even suffice for being able to move those elements around and try to make it tidy yourself, but still it’s probably going to be more expensive buying them as a bundle pack so you can just find almost the entirely easiest way of organizing the desktop which I think the best organized way to do it is with the dock I have had $pecter and I work on, and is cheaper to, but if you r only missing one or two aspects of a dock like a tray or calendar for your PC to be tidy and like the rest of your other dock better the newer bundle pack is for you.

darthmarus wrote:

“i thnk that there was not even one period in that sentence. a little hard to undrerstand.”

drizzt7 wrote:

“You learn to live with it -_-

I don’t get great notice for drawing (probably because it’s rare that I do so) but I do get more attention for having made some fun programs, such as my amoeba program. My friends have told me they think it’s fun, and I enjoy it too 🙂 “

darthmarus wrote:

“well, nobody besides myy freinds that i know as a person has ever played any of my gamesd but one (and he took it as an insult, don’t ask)

so now that i carry my work around with me, it is much easier to be noticed.”

racketteer wrote:

“unpopularity and nerdiness are not really related :v
unless you’re into steriotypes.”

darthmarus wrote:

“uh…… i’m not
but being a uber-nerd, i am unpopular

so it isn’t like i am describing the sterotyppe of someone else, i am describing my own situation.”

… in the Forum Topic “my works in cinema 4d (a 3d program)”

darthmarus wrote:

i did this picture in about 6 minutes, plus 20 seconds render time, in a 3D program called cinema 4d.

i did a grey render of a bald human head model, but the rest was me and my photoshop.

yes, 23 seconds exactly for multiple lights, fur, over 7000 reflective ploygons, and volumetric clouds. (i did an animation, and you cant’ see the clouds in this frame)

feel free to comment.”

“look what i did in photoshop just in the last 10 minutes-

i did a grey render of a bald human head model, but the rest was me and my photoshop. non-freeware like photoshoip and cinema 4D rock!”

mitu123 wrote:

“Looks great man, I always wanted to try cinema 4d.”

darthmarus wrote:

“too bad it costs 4000$…..

my dad is a profesional 3d artist, which is why i have acces to 5-figure cost software. (why i have only had GM lite remains a mystery)”

Quinlan Vos wrote:


WOAH I want it….now!

*looks at price*


what type of files can you save it as?”

darthmarus wrote:

“all of them, really.

for what kind, #D or images? it can do 3D sound too.”

mitu123 wrote:

“$4000, oh crap, must find another way to get it, and keep up the good work.”

darthmarus wrote:

“there is a program called blender…. it is kinda like linux, if you get my meaning

it is freeware. it is decent. if you want free 3D, try that.”

mitu123 wrote:

“I can’t stand Blender, I prefer Anim8or.”

[anim8or is win]

darthmarus wrote:

“if anyone wants a sig of my joker, have fun;

mrsmes wrote:

“3d sound and sound design sounds like a amazing product, i think I found my new sound technician for sound development and modeling for software and products and games with that kind of talent with the product I’d have to pay darthmarus, at least $200,000 extra to a normal $400,000 pay rate, say $600,000 a year is not to bad for that kind of quality and pays more then you get at Microsoft for a average employee, I might get darthmarus working on the boot up, matrix like wonderful sound effect for the dock and the new OS.”

bbgames wrote:

“mrsmes ive tried to be nice, but your deluded, no offence but there is no way your gonna make a decent OS in under a year so why plan for sounds now???”

darthmarus wrote:

“mrsmes? i don’t realy know what you just said entirely. i don’t really do sound effects. i can do 3d stuff, though i am not as good with modeling as photoshop.

are you saying you would pay me?”

bbgames wrote:

“@ darthmarus yes hes saying hell pay you he offered me money to help them with their OS!

I turned them down =D”

[the idea is that he pays you when they start making money; i.e. you will not get paid.]

darthmarus wrote:

“well, i have plenty of time on my hands (what does an OS mean here? i know what it usually means, but it may be different.)

as i said, i can’t do SOUND developing (well, okay, yes i can but not as good) but i can write any music you want.

where exactly is this 600000 a year to come from? that is a lot of money for me. let’s see……. that’s over 10 thousand dollars a week. (i think you may have enterd in a zero too many)”

bbgames wrote:

“OS = Operating System”

darthmarus wrote:

“that’s waht i thought. i would assume this would not be done in GM. anyway, this interests me but i would need to know more.”

diggit wrote:

“woah! Nice pictures! Did you make them from scratch or did you use a template or something?”

darthmarus wrote:

“all from scratch, though i didn’t model the joker’s base head. (basicly a grey, bald human head)

and the spikes in picture 3 were created with a random spike generator, but i did the rest



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  1. AKH,do you think that the truth oracles blog has been hacked?I mean,suddenly he takes back all he has said about tigerdude,and he hasnt made a post since 19 November!I dunno,maybe one of tiger´s friends hacked into it or something…

    What do you think?

  2. AKH isn’t it obvious? most of your viewers were only ever interested in the activity between me, tigerdude1993 and truthoracle, but now since I and they have stopped, no-ones really that bothered, i mean even the old crew from yoyogames are gone, I did say this a while back, I guess I was right

  3. It could just be the season. People are probably busy getting assignments done for school or something.

    – Bob

  4. *yawns* Hey guys, haven’t been around for a while. *pokes AKH* Hahaha the drama fest is over hun ^^ sorries, but I left ’cause I was sick of it and had things to do, and it seems other people have too, no offence *goes back to study for her finals*. Anyways, hope you’re doing well, I still can’t believe mrsmes is still doing that OS thing, but whatever…if he succeeds I’ll be amazed.TTYL loves ^^~FF(Le Uber Yummeh Cookies C8)

  5. […] on my post “Why so Not Visiting? + The Story of darthmarus” […]

  6. um…. i am a little surprised to come accross this. why me, exactly?

    lol i have been gone from YYG for months, abd i randomly decided to google myself. strange to see an article about me on a site ive never heard of.

    i already have an inflated ego, you arent helping.

    but seriously, i am a bt surprised that well, noody TOLD me about this.

    whatever. thaks for the attention.

  7. Don’t get so carried away, it was more centred on what smessy was doing in your topics. 😛

    And lol at no one told you. The discussion that goes on in the AKHLog never seems to leave the AKHLog. DX Aside from that, people would’ve only been seeing this post for a day.

  8. and now i’m reading it again for the billionth time >_<

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