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First off today we see a return to the AKHLog quotes for Keysle, MelonYoshi and Nailog, as we visit the most entertaining of the forum topics that smessy noticed since yesterday …

… in the Forum Topic “Answer the following”

Keysle wrote:

“Keysle Sorm
Answer the following.

 What is a god to you assuming a god exists?
 Why do you believe money has power; assuming money has power?
 Is there something the government is wrongly keeping from us?
 Is your media truthful?
 What is success in life?
 Are modern scientist right about their “facts”?
 What are modern scientists most likely wrong about?
 Can you be mentally affected by galactic cycles?
 Is there any person that is better than another?
 What is being better?
 Assume all the facts given are true. The Mayan calendar and the Chin predicted a critical event on Dec 21, 2012. The Chin and the Mayan Calendar have two very separate, different and far origins. We have telescope, satellite and other modern records of a massive object that will sweep past earth around Dec 21, 2012. Is there anything to worry about? Really?
 Is social engineering real? (Social engineering is shaping people’s life styles)
 Where is heaven, assuming there is a heaven?
 Have you ever sensed the presence of a species with an origin not of this planet?
 Do you fear anyone?
 How much does the Media influence you? (Media being commercials, television, radio, billboards)
 How were the pyramids built?
 What would it take for you to believe giants are real?
 How long would it take today’s technology to build a pyramid?
 Assuming we evolved into what we are now from primates, why do we only use a portion of our brain power? Wouldn’t it be more evolved of us to use 100% assuming we only use a portion of our brain?
 Assume the following facts are true. Ancient hieroglyphs depict a series of things we don’t see today; giants and flying saucers. Were these real physically during their time?
 If we advance enough as a human species can we create flying saucers?
 Given time and peace can we spread across the universe?
 Can we meet other species if we do spread across the universe?
 How much would we welcome ourselves on their planet if they are primitive to us? If they are more advanced then us?
 Is the world decaying from all of the violence and hatred by humans?
 Who do you want to express hatred on the most?
 Assuming the Christian religion is the true religion what’s with the dinosaurs?
 Assuming the earth came from the big bang then we came from evolution and that there is no righteous god how/why would a species evolve to produce homosexuals, enjoy arts, recognize beauty?
 How are any of these things related to the theme of “survival of the fittest”?
 You grew up a bad kid, so your father punishes you for life. Is this fair?
 How long does Hell last and why do people go there?
 Assume there are flaws in the current model of earth. If I showed you a model of the earth being hollow that explains certain phenomena that we are assuming can’t be explained with the current accepted model, would you convert your ideas of earth’s structure?
 What will it take for humans to be peaceful?
 Have ET’s visited the earth?
 What are the cons of one world government?
 Is your educational system for everyone?
 Is there a better way for you to learn?
 If you have the ability to provide for yourself and those you care for without the current system of money and it required that you live a simpler less materialistic life style, would you?
 Can you share your answers with your peers?
 How fast will you forget these questions?

Name (optional) _______________________________”



Keekiri wrote:

“This is going to turn into nothing more than a flame feild and you know it. I don’t think this post is such a wonderful idea.”

Nailog wrote:

Keysle wrote:

“Answer the following”

Do you always repeat yourself over and over?

Is it too hard to find new material to troll with?”

… [they see me trollin’, they hatin’] …

MelonYoshi wrote:

“1. God would be something we can’t comphrehend.
2. With money, you can purchase many things that can make you more powerful.
3. Yes.
4. Mostly no.
5. To make life better for the next human generation.
6. Possibly.
7. Dark Matter/Energy
8. No.
9. Yes.
10. Being more accomplished, mature, etc.
11. No. It is all a fabrication of our fearful nature.
12. Yes.
13. Nowhere, it does not exist.
14. Possibly, can’t be sure.
15. No.
16. Very little.
17. Using large slabs of limestone and placing them on one another, carefully making chambers and hallways inside.
18. I wouldn’t.
19. Half a year.
20. Because we haven’t fully evolved yet, so we have to wait before we may fully use our brains.
21. Could be, I say it was just the same beliefs that we have now.
22. No. We can’t physically manipulate gravity.
23. Low chance, but I say we can.
24. Yes.
25. Primitive: Can’t really say for sure. Advanced: We would be cautious. If they are more advanced, they could have weapons that could destroy us in seconds. It also depends on their motives.
26. No. But the economy and the people are.
27. No one. I have no real hatred to anyone.
28. An asteroid collided, unseen, into our planet scattering fossils everywhere. XD
29. Homosexuality is natural, all species can be homosexual. We have enjoyed art from the beginning of our evolution. Now, beauty is mostly everything with some humans, others it is nothing.
30. Surivival is everything. You do many things to survive, kill, hunt, bribe, blackmail, backstab, negotiate, create peace, etc.
31. Yes. Bad kids make the human world worse. Unless if their morals changed and they became more ethical.
32. It does not exist. Just another perception of our mind. It gives us motivation to not do unethical things so you can go to heaven (see #13).
33. Perhaps.
34. Humans can’t be peaceful, it is in their nature to be violent.
35. It is harder to keep control.
36. Yes.
37. In some subjects: yes.
38. No.
39. Yes.
40. Pretty quickly.
Surveys are fun, aren’t they…”

darthmarus wrote:

“wow, you bothered with numbers?”

MelonYoshi wrote:

“I have a lot of time. That and I’m organized, so it makes my life and other’s easier to read.”

darthmarus wrote:

“i don’t live my life to make it others for easier….. sometimes i deliberatley confuse people”

MelonYoshi wrote:

“If you read #5, it explains why I try to make life easier for others then just completely confuse them.”

darthmarus wrote:

“me confusing a few people isn’t going to help or hurt the next generation. actually, i worry that there even will be a next generation, what with bio warfare. seriously, it is now possible for one eveil genius to wipe out the world. scary.”

mrsmes wrote:

“keysle, MelonYoshi, I care very much about people who care for others, and it’s not just souly for the purpose of the future but do unto others as you would have them do upon to you, if you treat with them respect in most cases they treat you with respect which is nice to give and receive.”


“Or, to summarize, blablablablablabla.

…Ok, that´s maybe a bit mean, but really, what´s with all the philosophy already?”

mrsmes wrote:

“1.some people just don’t understand respect and don’t give it so thus they don’t gain it(PROJECT PIGEONS).”


“Don´t have a cow, man. I meant no disrespect. I´m just saying that you´re all talking so seriously. Discussing how to look at the world. Lighten up and try not to overthink things, that´s all.”

JAk HAk wrote:


mrsmes wrote:

“1.some people just don’t understand respect and don’t give it so thus they don’t gain it(PROJECT PIGEONS).”

Don´t have a cow, man. I meant no disrespect. I´m just saying that you´re all talking so seriously. Discussing how to look at the world. Lighten up and try not to overthink things, that´s all.”

You don’t know MrSmes very well do you?”


“Hahaha! Good one.

Yeah, I afraid I´m starting to…”

And lastly for today, I’d like to finish this post by linking to a game. This time the spotlight falls, for the first time, on new (within the last added group) YoYo moderator NAL, and his possibly seizure-inducing space-key-fearing game “EverScrollingHue” …

… on the Game “EverScrollingHue”

NAL wrote:

“READ THIS, PLEASE! Bizarre game that most will see as eye candy, but is actually a not-bad arcade shooter. An enemy floats around shooting in as many directions as the wave number. You use your stream of bullets to take his down while killing him and protecting yourself. Kill the enemy and he becomes stronger (and you get more points). Keep going until you run out of health, which is shown in large for a second or so when you get shot. Points at top. Controls shown in-game. And, of course, all displayed in lovely sprays of colour (where it gets its name – the hue of all the in-game stuff is constantly changing).

Don’t expect to understand it at first 😉 ”

it was released last month, November 22nd. Link:



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  1. Yay…I was quoted. I feel less than ethusiastic.

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