bbgames resignation denied? + Flare ‘N’ Darth + I’m finding it hard to resist pointing out that that is SO not rock, Heavy Metal or rap …

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First off for today, as a warm-up for an intense smes dosage, we’re returning to the scene on his profile as smessy finds out that you can’t force people to be your friends and work for you like a lifeless slave for free after you painfully lose an argument with them.

Of course, he silently denies that anyone would see any problem with doing that >_>

… on mrsmes’ profile …

$pecter wrote:

“@toledo88, you are criticising mrsmes for not allowing you your ‘freedom of speech’ when you are doing the exact same thing to him. Also, ‘freedom of speech’ does not apply in this situation, the Yoyogames servers aren’t based in America, they are based in the UK (where the ‘freedom of speech’ you are talking about does not exist).”

Toledo88 wrote:

“Good point (on both parts.) Though I may be wrong about this, I thought the free speech allowed any speech except ones that are intending to bring harm, which would include a virus or destroying Microsoft (< please correct me if I’m wrong.) But the server is UK, so I guess it doesn’t matter.”

mrsmes wrote:

“and Australian, but the fact is that no one should bully anyone else it’s ok to have your say just don’t bully others. In fact @bbgames: I am sorry we are going to get along fine now, it’s alright.
We have come to a agreement and bbgames is a good guy now, and working with MR.SMES!, to help us out and lend a hand $pecter, I will never bad mouth bbgames again and I will listen to you more often. I just need a break now and then, so does everyone but no one is that tired $pecter if u need help ask”

I wrote:

“Just to clear something up here: Human Rights are not exclusive to America P the UK also has the right to Free Speech, countries that don’t are a minority rather than a majority. ;)

$pecter wrote:

“Okay, AKH, sorry Toledo, Free Speech does exist in the UK (albeit a slightly less liberal version than its counterpart in the US). Strangely, Australia does not have ‘real’ Freedom of Speech even though it is a developed country.

[I … Actually I’m not all that surprised.]

mrsmes wrote:

“good point, uh $pecter we need to talk on MSN, it’s good news bbgames is now volunteering to help us out and be a friend of ours and does not wish to be payed he likes working for free he says so he’s helping with the os, and dock.

I am stuck on level 18 on Aztec God. XD good game.”

bbgames wrote:

BTW if u didnt guess on MSN im out of the Dock and OS Projects

sonicguy1234 wrote:

“My Game Should Be Ready Soon!”

mrsmes wrote:

“sounds nice, ty so much guys.”

Next up for today we’re making our way over to the YoYo forums, as Flare97 is thrown back into the spotlight with his comic-writing partner darthmarus in some still smes-related news …

… in the Forum Topic “Flare ‘N’ Darth (Comic)”

Flare97 wrote:

Welcome to the Flare ‘N’ Darth comic topic!

We are just starting out with awesome hand-drawn art provided by DarthMarus/Kyle Burden.


PWNED! (Comic #1)


We’re watching you! (Comic #3)

I’m not THAT fa-…..maybe…(Comic #4)

Cheater! (Comic #5)


Don’t say the dark side sucks at a Star Wars convention… (Comic #7)

Go Squirtle Go! (Comic #8)

Why i don’t play D&D in real life (Comic #9)

Shoop Da Whoop for Dummies (Comic #9.5)

Bringing back the classics…if i can find them..(Comic #11)

How to deal with your room mate. (Comic #12)

“Please do not use without permission, Art done by Kyle Burden.”

darthmarus wrote:

“comic 14- the epic BULK

yes, that IS a blue hulk, but it is called the BULK. it may reappear in this comic, so be sure to remember it is called the BULK flare. (hint- the 30th comic is an epic battle between the bulk, flare using shoop da whoop, the iponator, and hte guest star of comic 30. this will be an extra-long issue maybe longer than 3 pages. so be sure to apply NOW if you want to be in comic 30. you must also have some kind of superpower or something you would want to be given.)”

coughin05 wrote:

you guys make awesome comics 🙂

darth, i dunno if you noticed, but i messaged you with traits and whatnot, so check that out :b

also, am i going to be an ongoing character, or just a guest?”

darthmarus wrote:

“depends on wehter you want to be, but at max you would apear once every 7 issues

anyway, i am waiting for flare to tell me the “story” for comic 10

comic 15- return of the iponator

coughin05 wrote:

“you guys look REALLY REALLY funny in the last pane XD”

darthmarus wrote:

“almost like we are from south park. i had to re-draw us in the exact same poses 6 times, so by the end i just rushed it.

comic 16-

Flare97 wrote:

“I sent you the story, Now i’m going to update the first post.”

thinvader747 wrote:

darthmarus wrote:

“be sure to apply NOW if you want to be in comic 30. you must also have some kind of superpower or something you would want to be given.”

Be… IN the comics? Cool!”

darthmarus wrote:

“if you have some kind of connection (sorry, but the comic 30’s guest star is going to have to be a largley recognized member, if they were a mod (on any site) that would be awsome because i have an idea about that)

@flare- where’s comic 13.5?

comic 17

comic 18- what’s with this planet?

just to recap everything to be easily reached by a certain flare 97…..

comic 13.5- epicly epic fail

comic 17

comic 18- what’s with this planet?

comic 18.5

maybe i should make my own “epic fail” images comic”

[that was four posts]

mrsmes wrote:

it would spice up the comic a bit, and get more views despite his anger and humiliation just use a really angry him ready to smash some one in the comic then and make him look like a mad raving evil loonatic, i’ll get in trouble 4 this I know but it was just a opportunity to good to resist then give him a few happy moments to cheer up in the comic and then back on humor streak city and on the road to success, it may turn out SMASHING, if ur lucky he will burst with anger and fear and shatter.

Quinlan Vos wrote:

“Nailog is an awesome guy…..humilate ’em a bit????

you’ve got to be kidding me >_<“

coughin05 wrote:

“Nailog rocks. . .
. . .
. . .

darthmarus wrote:

“we are ONLY USING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE ADDED. especially because the guest star WINS comic 30’s epic battle. doing what you suggust would be juvenile and idiotic.

nailog is fine, i don’t even know why you would want to humiliate him. i have gotten PMs from him twice, once when i acted like a noob with capslock, and once when my sig images combined to be too big. niether time did i lose any priveleges, or get any bad marks i am aware of. plenty of “responsible” mods on other sites woud have banned me for either *cough*runescape*cough*. i don’t know why you think it would be a good idea, but if YOU want to make a comic mocking decent moderators than be my guest.

my brother has seen me drawing these comicsa so much, he is doing his own series…… comic 20, my youngere brother is the guest star”

“scratch tha my brother is not the guest star. he insitsed on only guesting if he could draw the comic , and that isn’t gonna happen, he’s 7.”

And lastly for today, we finish this post with yet another appearance for smessy’s predictable [when you know his IQ level] choice of music, this time featuring a gross misidentification of genre …

… in the Forum Topic “Weekly Top 10 – Your Top Ten Albums”

DeathandGrim2 wrote:

“This is a topic to post what Ten albums (In music) do you consider to be classics? If you want to put a brief reason of why.

Here’s Mine

#1 Illmatic – Nas
#2 Late Registration – Kanye West
#3 Hip Hop is Dead – Nas
#4 Legend – Bob Marley
#5 Stadium Arcadium – Red Hot chilli Peppers
#6 Reasonable Doubt – Jay-Z
#7 Paper Trail – T.I.
#8 Raising Hell – Run D.M.C.
#9 Kingdom Come – Jay-Z
#10 AmeriKKKa’s most Wanted – Ice Cube

Now what do you consider to be classic? – Post it here!”

mrsmes wrote:

“idk who sings this, but i’d say Boom Boom Boom
definitely my top fave, I think 50 cent wrote it but here is what it is,
still good song blends in and fits in quite well.”

… on the YouTube video “Latale – Artist potion-less Hamburger solo-hunt”

Lilith693 wrote:

the hamburgers make me want bulgogi burgers from the store which is 50cents xD

[50 Cent did not write this. *sigh* Autism at work here.]

… back in the Forum Topic “Weekly Top 10 – Your Top Ten Albums”

cgwalls wrote:


#1 Appetite for Destruction – Guns N’ Roses
#2 Boston – Boston
#3 Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin
#4 1984 – Van Halen
#5 Back In Black – AC/DC
#6 Eliminator – ZZ Top
#7 Toys In The Attic – Aerosmith
#8 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
#9 Nevermind – Nirvana
#10 Hotel California – The Eagles

A lot different then what you guys consider classic lol.”

mrsmes wrote:

yeah an rock and heavy metal and rap and songs like the ones i post you can almost get addicted 2. I’ll make u a deal don’t and i’ll pm u 100 pms with ones u h8 and categories u don’t like, the ones i post are simply addicting u c.

[Seriously, what?]


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  1. what is this place? i searched my name and came up with this……

    kinda funny, although i think it should be known that i was really the only one doing much in the flre ‘n’ darth comics.

    you know, i have 9 more that i never posted……


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