Ultisoft Back Online + The Latest smes situation and a new song

December 12, 2008 at 15:06 | Posted in Everything | Leave a comment
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First off for today, who forgot about Ultisoft? 😛 I noticed he was missing for the first week, I figured he was working on a GM project.

Then he never posted again. Turns out his internet was down, but he’s back now! 😀 Can’t wait to see you posting here again, Ultisoft. ;D

You were gone so long, you even missed tigerdude’s brief reappearance and similar sudden disappearance [anyone know about that?] too. I think he got caught/owned. :\

… in ultisoft’s post “I’m back! (finally)”

ultisoft wrote:

“Hey guys, remember me?  This is Ultisoft.

Yeah, my Internet has been down for weeks now, so I am ust announcing that I am back at the AKHlog ;)

I am going to post here more often again now, so just wait for my new posts.”

Lastly for today, it’s time for a condensed dose of smes, featuring an update on the latest reactions to him, the outing of gmgex as another OS-obsessed GM user, and a new song we may or may not see smessy spouting for the next week …

… on my post “People dying of sadness? Not on smessy’s watch (unless it’s Bill Gates). + Memories”

Pilot wrote:

“Mrsmes needs to get straightened out… I get lost reading what he says.”

Hans Zimmer wrote:

“smes must be on some ’sadness kick’. He’s convinced that I’m depressed just because I don’t feel like programming.”


… on the Game “Gmgex OS BETA Installer”

Jammo8 Games wrote:

“does this get rtid of windows?”

mrsmes wrote:

“dear lord if anything does and it’s not made in GM but it’s made by a good pal like gmgex in pure code and no GM i hope so, and salute u gmgex and zone51 would like to c u 2day on MSN.”

… on the Game “Gmtex Os”

mrsmes wrote:

“nice OS.”

… on the Game “Gmox Os 2.0”

mrsmes wrote:

“i posted this using the browser it has, yeah it’s cool and sweet.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack i just tested it and it has a virus attached it to remove it, it’s bad and unsafe just don’t let stuff like that pass the scanner again, gmgex re upload it after you remove the virus, I just removed it with avast I am sorry if this gets u removed i didn’t mean for this, 2 happen but i must be honest although good working OS, i must say.

… on the Game “Lost Snowmen: Special Edition”

mrsmes wrote:


the graphics almost you remind of a gba style graphics even the platforms and background, so sweet. Cause it’s ‘ SPECIAL, SO SPECIAL, SPECIAL, YES SO VERY SPECIAL, SPECIAL, SO SPECIAL, SO SPECIAL ‘ a ha ha good song, lol I like it, even though it is some what girly it’s addicting, *sings Special*”

“levels 3 and 6 are hard.”


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