THE HAWK’S DOCK new beta + smessy’s eccentricity hits a new high

December 7, 2008 at 12:46 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments

First off for today comes the news that THE HAWK’S DOCK has been upgraded to beta version 3.5. Among the new features is the option to switch to an analog clock (the one with hands) or to minimize THE HAWK’S DOCK to the system tray instead of the taskbar.

I realise that the update has been available for two days now, I’ve waited for a scene to develop on the game’s page.

… I always knew it would happen.

… on the Game “THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 3.5”

mrsmes wrote:

*BUMP* @$specter is there some sort of hold up with them sorry to rush u, but it’s the last 3 weeks of work for the month and the project maybe delayed from then up until January 21st.”

[5 days ago]

steware wrote:

“…why would you bump the comment board?”

[4 days ago]

mrsmes wrote:

“no one replied with in 3 days, those are the rules as I recall or forums are there some different for the comment board and y should they be, different?”

bbgames wrote:

“ill comment then:
its stupid, theres no way your going to sell this!”

[3 days ago]

Toledo88 wrote:

“@mrsmes: a.) random question: when is the next update?
b.) there really is no point in bumping a comment board because bumping is so a thread can surface back to top in a forum so it can be viewed and replied to more often, while a comment board is not …competing with other comment boards to surface to the top because there is no top. I hope I made any sense 🙂 “

mrsmes wrote:

“perhaps today, in a little while but i can’t set a release d8, it’s either today 3:00pm or tomorrow 7:30 am, or around 8:00pm tonight, and it’s getting a small minor update which has a slight bug in it, that $pecter is fixing for us in the Binary code.”

“U can drag the shortcuts on to the dock, or right click and select them now.”

bbgames wrote:

“it still sux, i dnt no y people would pay $15 for that”

[2 days ago]

$pecter wrote:

“Hi bbgames,

I am a developer for The Hawk’s Dock and I would be grateful if you could tell me what you believe ‘sucks’ about The Hawk’s Dock or what you would do to improve it. Also, just in case you hadn’t already noticed, the version of The Hawk’s Dock which you downloaded was FREE.


mrsmes wrote:

“and this is beta, and it is still in proggress in fact the first version isn’t even out yet.”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“There is no rules on bumping for the comment board. Unless you are an idiot. Then maybe.”


michaelepw wrote:

“the dragging works, but there isnt an icon when dragged”

mrsmes wrote:

“must be the play now error, with instant play try doing it offline because it might have trouble finding the temp file since it’s not on one PC, but a entire network of temp files, which makes it confusing.”

$pecter wrote:

“Some icons won’t drag show up when you drag a shortcut on (eg. MS Word), I’m not sure why. the LNK file format is pretty complex, I might have missed a section.”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“GIMP was not made by Microsoft. GIMP is a photoshop. Ignorance is natural, stupidity…ehhh, not so much… I’d class you as stupidity; blaming everything on Microsoft.”

mrsmes wrote:

“$pecter you did your best but it’s not a time to give up now.
@Authentic GameWarez: Get a life at least I made a dock which is not using something of Microsoft’s or a rivals an ur jealous that $pecter and I have done better than you,.
@$pecter: Sorry for bragging IK we talked about this on MSN but i have had enough of those 2 jerks Authentic GameWares, bbgames, they are just starting to bug me off and it ends here, and we did better than them.”

[Windows = Microsoft. The idea of a dock? Your “rivals” came up with that. ;P]

And lastly for today, it would appear the goings on on THE HAWK’S DOCK’s game page have gotten smessy more hate-filled and crazy than usual.

This makes for a good read.

… on mrsmes’ profile …

MelonYoshi wrote:

“Your type of people make me want to destroy the world, mrsmes. You created a virus and it will be an illegal act if you send it to anyone. Now then, if you keep this up, no one will want to try your games as they might be too paranoid that it is a virus instead of a game.”

… [two days and two pages of comments later] …

mrsmes wrote:

“@MelonYoshi: and no it’s a common mistake, I only wish to destroy rivals in my path who wish to destroy the world, i on the other hand wish to save it. I owe up to many of my mistakes, u on v other hand barely ever do, or never can and r jealous and want to appear as the more intelligent more smarter person, because ur not.”

[mrsmes has a habit of replying to old posts. *sigh*]

“@Ivor: “Very good Mrsmes. I would like to know where you copied that from. Firstly in the space of one post your punctuation, use of paragraphs and spelling has become perfect. Its blatantly obvious youve copied that from somewhere.” No I just got better, and smarter and picked it up from a previous time you taught me, and i checked gm’s help file an my spelling wasn’t so bad at the time, i guess i was all out of typos for the day.”

… [THIS was said on the forums. >_>] …

“*Bump* I have either come to a agreement with bbgames, or soon will, or will find he is who tried to hack my PC this morning.”

Toledo88 wrote:

“A. mrsmes, can you PLEASE stop going on this crazy idea that anyone who argues with you is trying to hack your computer? There is absolutely no proof that anyone is out to harm you or your computer.
B. If you have GM7 Pro, I’m pretty sure (not entirely) that there is a function for opening the CD drive for the virus. I believe it was cd_close_door()
C. What are you claiming MelonYoshi is jealous for? There seems to be a bit of a personal tension between you two.”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“Do you know what I find the most ironic of it all? You are completely against Microsoft, yet you use MSN (Microsoft Instant Messaging)!”

mrsmes wrote:

“not when I and $pecter make the skin and part of the IM instant MEssenger for the Dock, and the dock is our project and so it’s not Microsoft’s so that’s one thing off the list so u can’t brag.”

[As VOR has repeatedly said, it still requires Windows and will die without it.]

A.butt out it’s none of your business
B.butt out it’s none of your business
C.butt out it’s none of your business
D.If u don’t i will let a mod notice so butt out it’s none of your business”




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  1. Well, Microsoft is evil on one thing, Windows Vista, Visit my blog to see my post on Vista, It sucks ass I must say and I feel ripped off and I doubt that Microsoft is doing anything about it, They\’re working their ass off Windows 7 which I bet it would be full of bugs, Damn Microsoft beta-testers, I hate Vista >_< I was fine with XP but Vista random crashing crap instantly made me hate this OS.

  2. “I was fine with XP but Vista random crashing crap instantly made me hate this OS.”

    Not to mention the Aero theme clogs memory and the infuriating User Account Control >_<

  3. One solution for anyone who wants to break from Microsoft:
    “Pick your flavour!”

  4. Honored to be featured in the AKHLOG several times. Smessy really gets on my nerves.

  5. […] on my post “THE HAWK’S DOCK new beta + smessy’s eccentricity hits a new high” […]

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