The mysteries of ram + An insight into the working environment of the MR.SMES! company

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First off in today’s smes-packed post we pay a visit to mrsmes’ latest delusional forum topic where we find a debate taking place between smessy and one Ivor Biggun.

That brings back memories.


… in the Forum Topic “How well do you know your ram(computer speed)?”

mrsmes wrote:

“if you learned that nybbles, nor nibbles are parts of bits which form up ram processing power, but 1 bit is preferred faster in some terms, so in order to learn about this misunderstood friend we will need to learn Binary so here is a YouTube video( How Computers and Binary Work, now we no longer misunderstand this friend so my question is how much ram or bits or nibbles or nybbles do u know your machine uses and does that really make your machine the fastest as it claims to be, or the manufacturer and producer has told you. if there is something I missed let me know, and yes I tried to make this as short and less cramped as possible but if u can do better show us, by all means I don’t mind competition + u learn from your mistakes as long as they are not made twice, or so the myth goes.”

Lefty 97 wrote:

“ram doesnt specifically mean computer speed… It stands for Random Access Memory. But having a big number would probably boost your computers overall speed.”

mrsmes wrote:

“well the overall speed difference is what we are arguing here, but the myth has it a 1 bit server is faster for downloading while rams are faster for loading this makes a lot of confusion so my question is why? why does this get interpreted like this, or is it a mistake? may be a computer whizzes and wizz Ivor Biggun may have some thing to say and a little light to shed on the topic, as he knows a lot about computers and claims to be a technician.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Mrsmes, I dont claim to be a technician because I am not. I am a programmer, all these questions which you have about RAM etc would be obvious to you if you actually learnt how to program instead of talking about wild theories.

Firstly your 1bit server “idea”. All I am going to say is NO you are wrong, youve misunderstood the youtube clip (that was about binary) and gone off on a tangent. Even if I had the time to explain to you why you are wrong, you wouldnt understand ergo you wouldnt believe it, so I wont bother.

Moving onto your RAM point. What I think you are trying to ask is why is RAM faster than HD access? I will make this as simple as possible as again I dont have the time to try to explain, get into an argument then drift off into your world of 5d, 1bit computers and goo coming out the computer.

The answer is simple. You PC uses ram in order to execute programs that have been loaded, if it starts to run short it will use the harddisk. The harddisk has moving parts and accessing data off it is slower. Your memory has no moving parts therefore it can access data off it quicker. I hope you understand Mrsmes because thats as basic as I can make it.

Lefty 97 is correct. RAM will not always mean a faster operation. It depends on how much ram you have and if your system is using it. I have 4gb for example. I rarely break 2gig on usage. If however you were using say 512mb and then upgraded it, you would notice a speed increase as your machine would be using the harddisk less.

I hope Mrsmes, I am not going to regret answering this question.”

mrsmes wrote:

“no your not as a matter fact, my father happens to be a technician and mechanic in computers himself so he actually knows a lot about them and found about the 1 bit theory.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“I knew this would happen.
No Im not what?
The question needs to be asked if your dad is a technician why did you need to ask the question here?
If, as you claim, your father is a technician, why not ask him to speak to me here? If he is saying that a 1bit computer is faster than say a 64 bit one, then Id love to have a chat with him and it should provide an entertaining read for the yoyogames users here.”

mrsmes wrote:

“I just figured you would know some what about the subject and want to have a say on it, and yes ty Ivor I have asked my father and it’s good to know the processing power and ram of a machine and which unit is preferred to be faster or known as the faster unit.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

I missed your point. I dont understand what you are trying to say. Are you saying you understand my points now?

Mrsmes, it is my opinion you need to get yourself a book about computing for beginners and start again. Learn the basics, take it slowly, forget about trying to understand more complex issues and forget any theories that you may have had in the past.

Thats the best advice I can give to you.”

mrsmes wrote:

“meh… I take YouTube Classes such as Binary and as to how it works and a few other programming languages to help out with any project that requires it or using it in DLL form.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Mrsmes, can I ask, do you know what DLL actually means? Do you know how to create one?

Do you understand why binary is taught?

You see you mention youtube again. You are unable to understand and interpret those clips properly, Id suggest you dont watch them. Have a think at all the times youve believed something purely because it was on youtube.

Thats why I say get a book on Computing for beginners – you can learn then without being distracted by things that are too complicated.”

And lastly for today, the profile of the smes has yielded yet more gold featuring the recent and short-lived adventure of bbgames into the MR.SMES! Company …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

bbgames wrote:

“No1 join Mrsmes he demands too much too quick, its impossible to keep up, and he gets really stressy, and DONT ADD HIM ON MSN cos if you annoy him he sends you viruses

and hes no peacemaker, he wants to bring down the big companies like Microsoft, but ahsnt got any money SO DONT GIVE HIM IT”

mrsmes wrote:

“@BB Games: Imposer you jerk, we all know it is you who done it, and sent the viruses and made the demands for big money but I only send viruses to peace breakers like you, who chose to destroy the viruses.

@bbgames: you see you know it is jealousy in your heart that you know your going to lose against my marketing plan and were not prepared with yours and knew mine was perfect, and were afraid to admit, and confess in fact I never even asked for a diam from you, it was you as I do recall who asked for say all the profits we make, to get started and be payed daily I was clearly telling you that those who are hired will, and I repeat will be payed $400,000 and bonus money I h8 it when you lie.”

bbgames wrote:

“ummm i didnt lie about anything, u tried to send me a virus on msn”


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