The Truth Oracle denies defeat, despite self-owning + More MSN + A new member of the MR.SME- Oh wait. + smessy the thanksgiving pirate

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First off today we see the beginning of the death [I just think that sounds better than end] of an era, as the time of thetruthoracle’s [and maybe TurboX’s, we are yet to see] false allegations against tigerdude come to a close.

However, it would appear, that the truth oracle does not give up. We’re starting again … the focus this time? Why, you didn’t forget me, did you? 😀

… in thetruthoracle’s post “It Ends Tonight”

thetruthoracle wrote:

““well turbox, you say to respect your opinion, but do you respect others? practice what you preach, douche.

and i will let anyone believe what they want to, but at least i know a few people still have trust in me. that’s what friends are.

PS: to stay on topic…i remember being framed as alice for having the same IP address as her. that was when we were on vacation in kentucky last year (which we are about to take again), and we used the same computer with the same internet connection. see if you can disprove THAT D TurboX D

We will see if you are Alice or not, tonight, on DDNN chat box. I will make an account there and I will expect to be able to talk to Tiger and “gal”.

It will all be over tonight. Either in favor of Tiger or TurboX.

TurboX wrote:

“Tigerdude wasn’t even going out with tigergal lastyear, she only came on the scence a few months ago”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“true, thats just because i don’t keep track of time well.

also, our ip’s have been the same when we have gone to each others houses and got on.”

… in thetruthoracle’s post “Done.”

thetruthoracle wrote:

Through much research I have found Tiger to be innocent of everything I have accused him of…

But AKH is still on trial, and I’ll make sure I find him guilty.

LavaWave wrote:

“I bet you’re gonna find that AKH is also innocent and realize you that you wasted your time by making up this blog, I know that’s how it will end.”

I wrote:

“Oh God. I love this.

Can’t wait to see what evidence you have on me, by the way. 😛 I’m guessing it’s none, as usual.

… And what was it you had me accused of again? Oh yeah, being SC.

This IS going to be fun.”

And lastly for today, it’s time for a triple-dose of your daily smes. And don’t worry, it’s difficult to overdose on laughter. 😀 Where to start? My post yesterday, actually ;D

… on my post “Infighting + the magical power of icon-locating DLLs”

bobserge wrote:

“Now, see, when it rains outside you are supposed to go inside.

(19:55:31) Serge Humphrey:
You using Icon-locating DLLs? [crappy English seems to work just as well for the smes]

(19:55:56) Aaron:
well actaully a program Iconsext

(19:58:23) Aaron:
iconsext* iconset external i think it means.”

I wrote:

““Now, see, when it rains outside you are supposed to go inside.”

XD I had to walk home from college.

Thanks for the quotes, bobserge. D

… on mrsmes’ profile …

bbgames wrote:

“could you tell me where to get Dll s please!”

gibbersoft wrote:

“Um, what are you talking about on my game Toill Mainn: Battle Arena?”

mrsmes wrote:

“I was saying it was wonderful enough to have a MMORPG of it.

@bbgames: u should ask $pecter, but u have amazing work there, in fact I don’t c y we can’t bb friends and recruit u as a staff member @ MR.SMES! and when our project goes commercial pay day. Well let’s just around $400,000 for each employee.

… [I accidentally just around $400,000 for each employee. is this bad?] …

“in fact I am never hiring that jerk.”

[6 hours later.]

… in the Forum Topic “The Thanksgiving thread”

mrsmes wrote:

“I’m thankful for my family and friends.
I’m thankful for God.
I’m thankful for Jesus.
I’m thankful for Thanksgiving
Happy thanks giving every one.
I’m Thankful for my home
I’m Thankful My pc
I’m Thankful My purpose a good one to stop evil old Microsoft, and bring peace
to the world of course.
I’m Thankful for My xbox which I will blow up playing the song BOOM BOOM BOOM(on
my pc, while using a fire proof wall of glass like on Myth busters) and place on
YouTube when I move out of home, this will all be real and live and placed there
no special effects except jamming the button with a jamming device whilst
plugged in it will turn on over and over, off on off on then BOOM BOOM
I’m Thankful for My ds I am getting
I’m Thankful for My Microphone and wavepad which I ripped the unlimited trial of
I’m Thankful for my dock, I made and for everyone’s happiness and joy and ease
of using it.
I’m Thankful for being a good person and down right thankful and polite and well
mannered and most times trying to be a good person.”


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