Infighting + the magical power of icon-locating DLLs

November 27, 2008 at 19:01 | Posted in Everything | 3 Comments
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it’s raining outside and I’m cold and wet 😦

Now into YoYo-related news, there is fighting among the AKHLog ranks. it may not surprise you to know that one of the participants is Zeon, but can you guess the second? 😉 …

… on TurboX’s post “My Honest opinion part 2”

LavaWave wrote:

“Zeon for fucks sake shut up with the swearing already, You’re worse then me whenever you post.”

Zeon wrote:

““Zeon for fucks sake”

Whose swearing know?

Right,so I get it.YOU,lavawave AKA inuyasha,one of the lamest people at the AKHlog,are telling ME that my posts are worse than yours.


LavaWave wrote:

“I am not Inuyasha, I am LavaWave A.K.A Jean Pierre Dalli and I am not the worst person either, You from the look of it is as bad as a pissed off Nekru by which also makes me sick.”

Zeon wrote:

“Jeez,fuck off.Not only you post pathetic posts,but you wont admit youre inuyasha.

I thought you had been de-lamerized.”

TurboX wrote:

“I love how you turn agaisnt yourselves”

LavaWave wrote:

“That is because I am indeed LavaWave, Now I don’t care if you believe me or not but Zeon, You’re turning like Nekru and TurboX at the same time.

BTW TurboX don’t get in the way, Idiot.”

Zeon wrote:

““You’re turning like Nekru and TurboX at the same time.”
You fucking asshole.Why dont you just shut the fuck up?


TurboX wrote:

“Hey, its just funny how my post has caused you two to bitch about each other, its almost patheitic. I love how you to think its going to offend me or anyone else with constantly throwing insults just hoping for someone to sqerm”

LavaWave wrote:

“LavaWave = LavaBall

@Zeon:Enough of this crap now, I’ve had it with your insults, Go cry to your mother Zeon, That’s what you’re good for, Even TurboX makes more sense then you, Dickhead.”

Zeon wrote:

“Yeah,I know,I should do better than that.I shouldn´t bother about insulting you,I should just ignore you.I dont have time to waste with a retard like you.”

Sexy sattelite wrote:

“looks like Zeon and LavaWave have fallen in love with each other ^_^ yeah dudes go on fight, Satan is enjoying you guys fighting, He is watching the fight from Hell

keep on fighting my pity monsters ^o^”



[I’M HERE D:<]

LavaWave wrote:

“@Zeon:You’re either a 13 year old who watches Naruto and other anime crap or American.”

… on my post “tigerdude is back in the YoYo Community + THE HAWK’S DOCK Predictions”

Pilot wrote:



Zeon wrote:

“Hey AKH,LavaWave is inuyasha,right?”

I wrote:

““Hey AKH,LavaWave is inuyasha,right?”

-_- no. LavaWave is LavaBall. AkmaYo is inuyasha.”

LavaWave wrote:

“That was me who insulted you Zeon because I was getting tired of your swearing, You make yourself look like an idiot.”

Zeon wrote:

“Oh,ok sorry for calling you inuyasha.I just got mixed up with all the names he has”

Sexy Sattelite wrote:

“whats this?
who’s Inuyasha?

afaik he is a cartoon character”

… [gb2japan] …

“by the way Zeon i enjoyed watching you 2 fight like a cat and dog on the streets of truthoraclemedia >:D

steroids anyone?
drugs will keep you livin for longer P

i take cocaine whenever i know i am gonna fight someone so i will have more advantages then him, i suggest you do too

“winners DO drugs!””

[it should be blatantly obvious that you don’t trust burnys in his Sexy Sattelite persona, but cocaine is not a steroid. And don’t do drugs >_> …]

And lastly for today, many of you may have noticed a significant increase in speed in the latest HAWK’S DOCK beta. Some of you may have thought it was down to $pecter’s de-mutilation of the GML code, but the true reason behind it is obvious: it was the magic of DLLs, of course! 😛 …

… in the Forum Topic “How could the service of my dock be improved to better suite you?”

mrsmes wrote:

“it is Improved now.”

$pecter wrote:

“It certainly is.”

GZ wrote:

“Yes, it’s definitely faster (my mouse doesn’t lag anymore) and there are a few more programs added to the dock. Again, I suggest reworking your codes and making it less laggy. Other than that, it’s looking pretty good.”

mrsmes wrote:

“well I did think to myself and say to $pecter over msn, that I thought it was going faster because of more DLLS being used strangely enough. You would think the more DLLS there are in it to load and soon unload it would be slower than it currently is or slower than Game Maker. But it’s actually faster than C++, weird huh? @MelonYoshi: I believe I fixed your problem and many problems with it, will this suffice.”



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  1. Now, see, when it rains outside you are supposed to go inside.

    (19:55:31) Serge Humphrey:
    You using Icon-locating DLLs? [crappy English seems to work just as well for the smes]

    (19:55:56) Aaron:
    well actaully a program Iconsext

    (19:58:23) Aaron:
    iconsext* iconset external i think it means.

  2. “Now, see, when it rains outside you are supposed to go inside.”

    XD I had to walk home from college.

    Thanks for the quotes, bobserge. 😀

  3. “Zeon wrote:

    ““Zeon for fucks sake”

    Whose swearing know?

    Right,so I get it.YOU,lavawave AKA inuyasha,one of the lamest people at the AKHlog,are telling ME that my posts are worse than yours.

    (I have no Idea where this happened, I haven’t bee on the akhlog for so long XD.)

    Now, why the hell would I be LavaWave? We don’t even have the same IP o.O and I’m sure everyone here knows I’m not LavaWave. And I wouldn’t be anyways. You guys have no reason to fight. XD.


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