A $pecter among us + THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 3.0 + yet more stories behind the smes?

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In today’s entirely-HAWK’S DOCK related 1000th AKHLog Post [oh yeah ;D] our first piece of news surrounds the identity of smessy’s latest team member, someone who’s been on this blog for a long time 😉 …

… on my post “Game Maker for Mac Private Beta Begins + smessy’s amazing power of ignorance + Zone51 makes a return to the Spotlight + A Great Smes Behavioural Mystery Solved + Pork Sword Baseball Bat”

Hans Zimmer wrote:

“mrsmes has gotten a new team member…me! What have I gotten myself into? D
I have completely re-written THE HAWKS DOCK and it actually works now (no hard-coded screen sizes or file paths XD, not to mention the source is only 50kb instead of 5mb).
Expect smessboy to release the new (hopefully non-mutilated) version soon. Contact me on Yoyo or the GMC if you want a demo.

Zone51 is on mrsmes’ team too (I find mrsmes easier to understand :O ).

(Just so you know, I am $pecter.)”


I had no idea you were $pecter, Hans 😀 you were around the GMC ages before I even found Game Maker. Great to see a YoYo [2005] Veteran. ^__^

And by the way, I did know you were in the team yesterday, smessy just didn’t say it in much of a relevant [read: quotable] forum post 😛

Continuing with this story, smessy in fact DID release the new version, and by the looks of it without mutilation. Let’s take a look at that, shall we?

… on mrsmes’ profile …

MelonYoshi wrote:

“Mrsmes … a virus is a virus. It is still illegal and is truely unethical. Please understand that YouTube is some-what like Wikipedia, you can’t rely on the information it gives out (But Wikipedia probably has more real facts than YouTube…).
The message here is:
Don’t be so gullible and believe everything you hear/see.
~ On a further note, that’s good that your icons are going to be customizable.”

mrsmes wrote:

“@MelonYoshi: correction, are customizable and so is the skin for the dock, it is how ever awaiting for the border to be removed and have it’s minimize function perfected for that, and then there is already a working clock feature, and it’s currently only digital but the calendar eve works 2. Finally we are working on Most of the Dock and having it up to date, thanks to $pecter.

heh, customizing may need some perfection with a little adjustment, but working on it.”

… on the Game “THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 3.0”

$pecter wrote:

“I have joined smessy’s team for The Hawk’s Dock and I am re-coding it from scratch.

So far you can select a program to add to the dock and the icon will be loaded from the .exe onto the button. This was the most difficult part, it will be smooth sailing from here on.”

mrsmes wrote:

“@$pecter: well we found a bug, for more info $pecter msn please some time soon, and snappy this involves the icon difficulties. Sometimes after making a minor update or adding something new in, that should work just fine the shortcuts are there but well the icons different story. Also $pecter you have been noted as a collaborator on this project.”

Aside from the bug smessy pointed out, and the errors (Cannot execute temp.bat) when adding a new icon (and sometimes running it, look into it a little, not sure why it’s happening), the Hawk’s Dock is … going completely against all speculation and prediction … actually pretty good. Not that it was smessy’s doing 😛 but I’m sure he’ll take most of the credit for it. XD

I ntoiced some graphical errors too, mostly when I was resizing my screenshot. The window has an irregular shape – it’s like the right and bottom edges of the skin have been cropped from the image used to make it (look closely) and there’s also the obvious green transparent pixels. Maybe fix that with an alpha mask or something?

Lastly for today, finishing the post with more smes, it’s time to end with the kind of gold that right now is just so rare … MSN conversations! 😀

… on the page “Quote[s] of the Week”

Hans Zimmer wrote:

“Aaron(mrsmes): and here in a zip
Aaron: i sprinted off 2 my pc in my room in a split second
Aaron: I was full of energy and still am
Aaron: once I ran up a wall at sonic speed and nearly done a sonic loop after some v, and zipping off and to the front door of my house
Aaron: a full vertical 360 no joke, well almost full vertical 360
Aaron: there has been this myth how ever that dogs can fly
Aaron: ruok(r u ok)?
Aaron: I appreciate ur work.
[goddamnit, stop talking to me when I’m offline]”

… [he does that] …

“Aaron: well time 2 show Microsoft we mean business by a redisgned dock
Aaron: and more features and starting up and building better.
Aaron: redesigned*
Me: microsoft is not a bad company
Aaron: well u clearly never saw it the way I did
Aaron: if u saw their logo through my eyes at the age of 4
Aaron: u would have seen it all
Aaron: and that all people are living on the streets
Aaron: and it’s because they are out of money
Aaron: from one peak at the logo, I saw homeless people
Aaron: living on the streets
Aaron: and no one to help them
Aaron: and let them know they wasted their money with Microsoft
Aaron: who took it all away
Aaron: it is the future if I don’t prevent it
Aaron: it’s not just that but other tycoons 2
Aaron: indeed
Aaron: like Mac
Aaron: and Sony
Aaron: etc
Aaron: and realestate
Aaron: and fuel prices
Aaron: and gambling
Aaron: this world is using those things to drain their money till they have none left they feel happy like on a drug for a while it only lasts until u lose it all
Aaron: what u r about to witness in this world when it evolves to a better place is something unimaginable and where peace is eternal and always theres and nothing can break it
Aaron: it will be our doing
Aaron: but we must program a application to modify this planet
Aaron: and the way people think first
[this explains a lot]”


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