MRSMES FOR GLOBAL MINISTER + the pervert club reformed

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First off for today, we’re starting where we left off yesterday, on the YoYo Games forums, as smessy’s plans take the first step to doing the believed impossible and becoming even more ambitious. I think he just might want to literally rule the world. Next up, Uranus! 😀

… in the Forum Topic “If America was communist… would we rule the world?”

raz789 wrote:

“Really what’s the point of ruling the world because once you do people in the USA would probably revolt too. And ruling the world after nuking it would be just full of radiation which would not help the Earth(Global warming).

Its kinda pointless and I’d say there’s probably not any chance of the USA taking on every country. But It would be still possible if you knew every countries location of their nukes.”

JAk HAk wrote:

“I hate to disagree (not really) but America has all of the resources here already. The only thing we don’t have in abundance is oil. Which is why alternative fuels have been such a huge thing lately.

The reason it is common belief that America is dependent on other countries is because most companies use people from out of the country to run their businesses. This is NOT because they have to. This is because it’s cheaper.

And also, while a nuclear war would be fatal to the vast majority, it still would grant victory to the party that struck first and struck best.

Making other countries mad does not concern me. That would force us to use our own resources which would strengthen our economy (like in the first and second world wars).

And oh. China can’t force us to pay our debt to them. They don’t have enough power to. Rather than pay what little we could to them, we would use that money to beef up our defenses against them.

Please do not take this in the wrong way. I do not believe in a one world government. Be that American, European or Asian or Russian or whatever… I don’t like it. I don’t believe in starting wars. But I do believe in defending yourself in the best way possible. If that means striking back, and hitting harder and thus seemingly initiating a war, then I am all for it.
I do not believe in nuclear bombs. But I don’t want people to think that just because they would result in a radioactive planet people would never use them. I think in a moment of urgency that someone is bound to use one some time.
And I don’t think that making others mad just to make them mad is right. But I do believe in standing up for myself. If being who I am makes you mad, then I cannot help it. I will never change who I am just because someone else does not like it.”

Peter Porky wrote:

“Well, honestly, if a communist country had as much power as America had, it could hold the world hostage, and take their resources against their will, without nuking them.”

JAk HAk wrote:

“Yeah. I agree with you. We are not a communist country (yet) but despite everyone else’s arguments, I think we could hold more power than is suspected. I would wager we could hold the world hostage.”

Keekiri wrote:

“America is too frecking politically correct to do anything so dramatic. Besides, the thing with Disneyland and McDonalds… yes in that way the whole world is slowly coming under SOMEONE’S influence. I think that ecological take-over is a bit more daunting than an all out blow-’em-to-smithereens extravaganza, because it’s far more likely and almost just as sinister.
What Niik said about taxes is interesting, and probably true. Was that a quote from somewhere?”

ThyDeath wrote:

JAk HAk wrote:

“And also, while a nuclear war would be fatal to the vast majority, it still would grant victory to the party that struck first and struck best.”

Are you sure? Before one party wins the nuke war, its enemies will have enough time to use their nuclear powers against it. And the nukes are so powerful that very few detonations are enough to kill everything on one continent (I am not only talking about America). For me, nuclear war is almost equal to apocalypse, and therefore, senseless. You start a war to dominate the world, but in the end you kill everyone living, inclooding yourself. What’s the point?”

JAk HAk wrote:

You don’t kill everyone. You kill the capitals and airports or military bases in the lands that need conquering.
Seriously? You think all of the military captains are going to be THAT stupid in their attack planning?

I think that you are right and wrong. yes, America is overly politically correct (as a whole; I for example am not). But then again there are those who are not. And then also there are those who make the rules.
This last group is the one that is starting all of the trends. The one that controls the media and gets their viewpoints into the people’s heads regardless of the loss of freedom and any other dire consequences tied to it. These people have to exist. It is hard to point a finger definitely at them to say who they are, but they are out there. They have to be. And when they make it ok to do something, there will no longer be any qualms about that with the majority of the people.
This, although I believe is very bad, is also very true. I wish it were not. But, I can only do so much I guess.

About the taxes thing, I suppose that could be true. The government is corrupt. Some are worse than others, but eventually they are all corrupt. It is a “necessary evil”. I think that it might have been covered up and people are tricked into thinking that they need to pay taxes, but keep in mind also the penalty of not paying taxes. The government will come down on you. Your credit score goes down. Nobody will sell anything to you. That’s something I don’t believe you can do anything about unless you searched through masses of legal code and went to court regarding not needing to pay taxes any more. Then, I suppose, if you won, you would be free of it. But then they would probably pass a law pretty soon making it so you had to again.”

MelonYoshi wrote:

“Communism is not possible. And before you bring it up, Russia was not communism…it was stalinism.
So…no. And even if we were communists, we wouldn’t rule over the world.”

Vlad wrote:

“Very true…but when I saw this I thought that “Communism” was just a word used to stand in for the socialist ideas and such…but…meh.

Russia failed at communism. Rather epically. Any countries that try it tend to.”

JAk HAk wrote:

“That’s because communism does not work. Countries, even they were once thriving, just fail when they try communism.”


“I think it would be cool that america ruled the world
then americans could be in charge of little territories, kind of like what happened w/alexander the great :
just like the roman empire was splt up among his generals
the world could be split up among americans”

JAk HAk wrote:

“Well I am completely against a one world government.

No matter what there will be dissension.”

Yal wrote:

“Well, one thing that makes world governments impossible is that it’s impossible for a centralized government to keep hold of everything going on… Like, can even the government of a small country like Denmark control everything they need to properly? No. I mean, the world’s just too big. If it was smaller, maybe just a continent, all would’ve been much easier. How about continetal governments?”

mrsmes wrote:

“it would require for a perfect world that all Governments work together in peace and each country of the world controls itself and other countries and turn order of controlling would be passed down through a vote like when electing the President of America except it would be a Global Minister who also controls the current country he/she is in charge of, thus becoming Prime Minister would not be as hard as becoming Global Minister so more people would pick the role of Prime Minister before going to a higher position like Global Minister, and the elections and choices for who becomes Global Minister would be only available to people who are already in the running of a entire country for over 4 years with out losing their position during a up coming election, on that year so becoming Global Minister would be a big priority and Privilege to those who think they can control the entire earth and under a strong force to keep those countries maintaining peace the people who are found of the crime trying to break the peace would be arrested for a 18 year jail time, or have to pay a fine of $100,000 thus it would encourage those and all countries with thoughts of war in mind to have to change their thoughts and be more rational and civil about solving the problem.

[even if what smessy is saying were possible, it wouldn’t work for an awful amount of obvious reasons. Oh, and up the fine. $100,000 is nothing to anyone in power.]

Niik wrote:


“I think it would be cool that america ruled the world
then americans could be in charge of little territories, kind of like what happened w/alexander the great :
just like the roman empire was splt up among his generals
the world could be split up among americans”

I can tell you now that if anything of this sort were to happen, any Australian worth his stones would proceed to do their utmost to ruin your day. My belief, anyway. You are all entitled to yours, as I am to mine.

JAk HAk wrote:

“Well I am completely against a one world government.

No matter what there will be dissension.”

Exactly. Reading my post history will show that I’m rather patriotic. I live in Tassie, unlikely to be ‘bombed’ due to the lack of anything in particular at all. So, I’d likely survive the first stage of the ‘United States Confirming They Are Dicks War’.

I put bombed in inverted commas because have you all considered what a nuclear war would do? There are certainly countries out there that have nuclear weapons, and would happily use them to retaliate against any percieved threat. OK, so we assume that those weapons aimed at the US are harmlessly destroyed. The rockets damaged, they land without detonating, or even splitting open.

From this, the US, if it hasen’t already, will probably fire nuclear weapons. Suddenly-BOOM. Everyone with nukes realizes that they are perfectly valid targets, extremely juicy ones at that. They return fire.

Look. Even if you arbitarily decide that the United States destroy all other nuclear weaponry, do you realize how much radioactive matter is going to be pouredinto the air? You’d probably want to knock out nuclear power stations too. That material has a half-life of several *thousand* years. Oh, and it’s *incredibly* toxic, even if the radiation effects are ignored. You can’t just stay inside for a week or two. You’ll be breathing in kiloBecquerels for millenia. Only a few, tucked away in their bunkers, would be able to survive a few years, and then what? They would have to stay there, until the end of their natural lives.

Pretend, for a moment, that those bunkers will sustain life indefenitly. Your victorious US would die out in centuries, alone, probaby bored out of their mind, quite probably rather regretful. Oh, one last thing. They would probably commit suicide rather soon. If not, your amazing, world-dominating race will die out of overbreeding. Snap.

@Keekiri: Yes, that’s a quote, death and taxes, but I can’t remember where from, sorry.

@Any Extra Terrestrial who happens to read this: Stay the hell away from Earth. Watch some movies that invlove any sort of contact between us and you. We are xenophobic to the point of being a rather large danger to ourselves, asthis topic proves.

Although, if you *do* come in peace, it may be a good idea to come with some weapons we recognize, a few rockets or something, and very deliberately, and above all slowly, disarm yourselves. Oh, and give us at least 50 years warning of your approach. Don’t alarm us. No sudden moves.

[wait, what? Why did you go all weird at the end? You looked credible until you started talking to aliens. D:]

And lastly for today, what with the recent believed end to SatanChild666 the pervert club seemed to have taken it’s final bashing, but now, months on from it’s painful descent into the land of the forgotten, Tidz is readied to revive it to it’s former glory! His target? Why it’s mrsmes, of course. 😛

… on my post “New theories + Monumental Smessy Moment”

LavaWave wrote:

“Ignoring mrsmes crap, I fear that far in the future (probably I\’l be already dead, My sons will reach it, If not them, The sons of my sons) there will be another war because of America\’s stupid decisions, The world is slowly getting more fucked up year by year anyway.”

Pilot wrote:

“America is in some really deep poo now. So is the world. And anyways, I’m sure America will get into another war before any of us die. :/”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“to answer your question in an earlier post. yeah that was me. i did say that you all are wrong.”

Firefall wrote:

“I hate to barge in here but……I just have to add my two cents ^^ Unless Cyde really has changed in the month or two or…well however long it’s been since I talked to him after I had been banned, it’s most definately not him…=/ he treated me with respect and didn’t even ban me again even though this was on the PokePlushies forum XD so ya…and I don’t think he’s so immature that he’d do something as silly as trying to do this truth oracle thing *rolls eyes*

About the American thing…=/ I have a pretty sure hunch that if they did it China would probably PWN their asses. -_- Think about it, whenever they would should a nuke or something it would go through multiple amounts of paperwork, multiple SYSTEMS <= which happens to be technology….which happens to be able to hacked. And considering how technologically advanced China and Japan are I don’t doubt they could hack the Pentagon…like gawd, they use what? Microsoft with uber advanced Firewalls? XD haha yeah…they probably use something like Linux but w/e”

Sexy sattelite wrote:

“the continent of mrsmes lives is full of LAVA so i dont dare visitting him

i hope truthoracle will find out mrsmes location for my personal uses, i shall recieve a reply with his address so il give him a visit and…

the usual pedo stuff happens P



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