Ultisoft needs your help again + YoYo Games Survivor

November 7, 2008 at 13:19 | Posted in Everything | 1 Comment
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First off for today, ultisoft needs your help again! 😛 Although not as much as last time. if you want to join him as part of the new company he’s forming, or even just suggest a name (he is looking for one) then check out his post below.

… in ultisoft’s post “I’ve been accused… by my best friend 😦 ; and my new company”

ultisoft wrote:

“[…]I’ll let this post slide this time, but if he accuses me again, then i will be seriously ticked off.

Also, I am still working with mrsmes, and I am still a part of his company, but I also want to go back to my own company.  But, I need a few things for it:

  • Company Name : I will of course need a name for the company.
  • Graphics Master : Taken by ultisoft, but more help would be good too ;)
  • Web Master : Taken by ultisoft
  • Games Programmer : Somebody that will help with games and submit them for beta testing.
    • Current Games Programmers : ultisoft, and I am looking for more
  • Beta Testers : Somebody that will look for bugs in the games.
    • Current Beta Testers : none
  • Company Logo : A logo for the company that goes along with the name.

Thank you if you contribute to my new company, and of course I am still working with the MrSmes Company; I just want my own again.”

… [click here to read ultisoft’s full post] …

I wrote:

“Ha ha, I used to be like you, so fickle. Moving from one project to the next. I even had a short-lived “company”, which I abandoned immediately after writing the website for.

When I finally realised what I’d been doing all that time, I made a post about it.

5 days prior to that, I released AKH T3NNiS.

Good luck with your new company, ultisoft. ;D I’m sure it’ll all go well. ;) I hope you do better than I did. ^__^

Next up today I’d like to share with you a little tidbit from the comments of THE HAWK’S DOCK showing just how ambitous smessy really is 😀 it just keeps on growing :\

… on the Game “THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0”

Flare97 wrote:

“You aren’t a business person mrsmes, stop acting like one, And just because you’re autistic doesn’t mean people will give you mercy for making a stupid gadget.”

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, yeah sure once I am finished with all business industries.”

And lastly for today, I present you with a recent RP-ish forum topic posted by The King, infiltrated by mrsmes and currently focusing solely on his NAILOG RAGE GRAAAAAAAH D:< … XD

… in the Forum Topic “YoYo Games SURVIVOR: Continue the story”

The King wrote:

“Story: Remember last year when Googigi wanted to make that game with famous members in it, well apparently he got the members back together and they finished it. Googigi got everyone together for an after party on a yacht that he rented. All was well, until, a storm raged by with powerful winds. A bolt of lightning struck the middle of the boat and it split in half, the people on the two halves held on as the ship sank. They blew out of sight. They woke up on a seemingly deserted island, the people on the left side of the boat landed on the Izquierda tribe side, while the right side landed on the Derecha side.

Izquierda________________ Derecha

Aqua Dragon_____________Steware
Rogerrog________________Dark Dude
IcyBlock_________________Power Board
NT_____________________Doctor Ulrik
samalamma 708(request)___Mr_Y_Not

The two sides met with the tribe leaders for the side. They told them the ritual for lost castaways was to have them partake in an ancient ritual. However finds the tiki hidden somewhere must bring it to the island before nightfall. Whoever has it by sundown, stays safe, those who don’t have it…”

sammalamma 708 wrote:

“The Izquierda tribe was fishing to catch some fish, when I wild boar came and smashed all there equipment they had made. They retired to a cave for the night because of the great depression that had just befell upon them.

(wow that really sucks, I’ll think of something better later :P)”

… [topic dies] …

The King wrote:

“Sorry, I’ve been gone for a while because of my computer. Anyway, while fishing the Izquierda tribe found the idol in the ocean, so they take it in that night. And Deredcha will choose who has too…”

mrsmes wrote:

“torture her. “Make her talk” Nal said.”

steware wrote:

“Steware found a nice cave and settled in.”

mrsmes wrote:

“and trashed Nailog with a sniper gun, because he was so pissed off at Nailog, because Nailog had…(done some particular thing to piss him off)”

[Where did Nailog come from? >_<]


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  1. Apologies about the Anonymous comment, that was just a test to see if I can post without details 🙂 and I’ll be posting like this 🙂

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