Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2008 at 20:31 | Posted in Everything | 1 Comment

Yes, today is Halloween. Didn’t see any mention of it yet. Oh well. I’ve got a party to go to in a few hours ūüėČ

So besides all of that. I forgot to mention that on October 20, I got my permit! That also means that that was the day that I turned 15. Yeah…it was my birthday.

And lastly, I’ve confirmed that “Francis Monpierre” was the original SC’s fake name. “Francis Hoogland” is the name he copyrighted one of his stories under. Click here to see it. And if you don’t feel like clicking…:

“I was once writing a little apocalyptic-story maybe you like it ;D¬†

(comment please)(It’s realy good, atleast my friends and class mates say so.
this is a MUST-read) 
Comment if you find spelling errors, I will edit it later…¬†
©2008 Francis Hoogland 
Current Chapters: 
1. Early Conflict РFinished 
2. War smells in Europe РFinished 
3. Asia at War- Working on 
Chapter 1 –¬†
Early Conflict 
Ok, it all starts in the year 2012, Iran has reported to have made a succesfull
amount of 50 nukes, and the number is rising every day. due this information
gained by Israelean spies the Israealean goverment sends sabotaurs to start a
riot in Iran, this all happens in the first 2 weeks of January. The Iranese army
uses force to cut down the riots and continues the Nuclear program. 


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