Francis … Hoogland? + the other SatanChild + THE HAWK’S DOCK: The Next Chapter + the return of smp

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Today we awake to a rare potentially monumentous happening in the world of YoYo Games, as the original SatanChild666 – the one who spammed the YoYo Games forums on multiple occassions, ultimately breaking General Chat – and who until today was known as Francis Monpiere, appears to have been hiding his real surname all along. But today, the man now calling himself the new Mesiah revealed it, along with some more information on his plans for world domination a political career in his country …

… in tigerdude’s post “The Truth Oracle Wasn’t Lying, Burnys Comments on DV”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Guess who’s back again? )

Looks like the Truth Oracle wasn’t lying about logging all of my PM’s. I sent an email asking for one of them, and he provided one that I sent to AKH while I still accused TurboX of being Dr. Spazz.

Also, Burnys finally commented on Dark Vengeance…

“i denie the truth it was me all over,sniff sniff,i can smell your semen from here tigerdude”


Anyways…I asked Francis Monpierre (SC) if he was the Truth Oracle, and he replied with this very interesting email. I’ll end my post with it:

“No, but what I do know my interest is no longer in primitive forums. My interest is politics only. You will see me one day on the news, just wait for someone called *Francis Hoogland*. I am sorry for crashing your fun and ruining your forum experience but I cannot do anything right now. My ambitions are the Raian Empire. The Fourth ReichGermany, Holland and Belgium United!
I will win the minds of people, I am good at it. I got great plans for my country Holland. For instance the road system, I would sugest Double-decker roads. Stacking roads onto each other this would no longer require to throw people off their land to make plans for highways. We could use the old ones! 
Multi-Level city building. Why build shops and factories on the surface? Build them underground!
Crime levels too high? Asign the National Gaurd and strangle those F*ckers!
I will pretend like if I am the good person, Mahadma Gandi the II but when I will rule I wil with an iron fist! If people wont unite and accept the way they are then there ionly one way – BLOOD AN IRON! Otto von Bismarck was right, to unite a nation you could either way compensate your enemies and neighbours or you could force them too unite! I will respect people the way they are, and I will still give my respect too people, because as you know:
I accept people the way they are, because else it may invoke total war!
We should accept people, and if we dont we should try too understand each other, and if we dont do that then we should leav each other alone, and if we dont do that we should build a wall inbetween of us, and if that doesnt help then I come in: Blood and Iron. Dont get me wrong, I am not Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin or a second Mao Zedong instead I am the new Mesiah.”

“I got love inside of me, I got a peace of Heaven inside my heart but at the other side there is hell and evil. The reason I am good is because I know whats bright and dark, I play with god and dance with the devil. But you’d better don’t get the devil out of me, you will rather like too keep my little demon inside it’s cage ^^. I am the Dark Mesiah, I am the new thinking, I am revelution! The Raian Empire shall rise out of my nation I will trample the corrupt, egosentric, stupid, primitive and bureacratic goverment!”

“I allready rule this world – people should just need to accept it and understand it. Netionality is of no importance, you aren’t a better person because you exedently were born on another peace of bare soil! I don’t take any credit of the heros of the Netherlands as I have never seen them or met them! I have only saw them on pictures. Religion should be critised but also respected! The reason this world is soo fucked up is because of idiotic extremists and imperialists like Osama Binladen or George W. Bush or whoever has tried to change the history of our beloved planet earth!
I will proceed with caution, watch my enemies and examine them, listen to them and understand them. But if there is a lion on my path and he will not fuck off then you can expect me of probrally wiping you off this planet.
Most people are like robots, useless cheap robots, programmed too do useless work while being brainwashed by their hackers! They are programmed so that they cannot listen and only repeat the propaganda of their leaders! It’s time to wake up! Wake up those robots! Let them know that those robots are important! The only way I can do that is by programming them and understand them! If it doesn’t work then there is another option: Just try until you die, or just take a crowbar and beat them up! And yes, that robot can’t help he is a robot he didn’t choose to be one – their makers did but that doesn’t allow those failed creations too do anything they want!”

“I think I am send here for a reason, I accept people the way they are and I know certain tactics to deal with problems…
If you cannot deal with a problem nor analyse them then you just met a situation known as failure. If you can deal with problems but not analyse them then you are a fool. If you can deal with problems and analyse them then you are a true wise man!
I can deal with problems, and I can analyse problems, predict them, deal with them, think up with solutions and prevend them. We are all robots, we can all do these things yet our masters have blocked our functions and I am here on this planet to save all robots and unlock there abilities and use them to make this a better world!”

LavaWave wrote:

“Francis Hoogland

He has another profile on pixeljoint as godchild777 and the name is Francis Hoogland there

Anyway my comment on this SatanChild is that he is more intelligent then he shown back on yoyogames, He is not a retard and such as the imposter with many names.”

To say the least, that email is one of the most interesting things to make it’s way to the AKHLog in a long time. I’ve only posted some of it, to see the full thing, read tigerdude’s post by clicking here.

Moving on, I’ve got some news on another SatanChild – burnys! The Second SatanChild, SatanChild’s impersonator and the definitely less-skilled spammer we’ve been dealing with for over a year now decided to show his untrustworthy face on the blog for the first time in 6 days after allegations [from me] that he was aslo Timmah, Tidz and thetruthoracle …

… on my post “Timmah Update + string_get()? + Smessy’s Song: The Aftermath”

George W Bush wrote:

“I am satanchild, burnys and the known enemies but i am not Tidz, thetruthoracle and Timmah so ;)

At first I was like

but then I was all like

But to be fair though, burnys has no link in IP to thetruthoracle or Timmah, and neither does Tidz.

Now, on with the quoting.

steware wrote:

“It could be a friend/sibling/relative/neighbor of mine trying to pull this as a prank. But they were stupid enough to use my computer at some point. I’ll investigate on this. I had no idea this is incredibly suprising! And thank you for knowing im not Timmah the average person would jump to that conclusion.”

pennyb22 wrote:

“You Have An Awesome Blog Keep Up The Good Work ..Cheers )

[What? spam?]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“good point.”

Next up today, it’s time for a continuation of the … general confusion regarding smessy’s coding problems 😛 …

… on the Game “THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0”

I wrote:

“I’ll assume string_get is a script you wrote, and I’ll assume it returns a string. To go to the room it returns, try either execute_string(“room_goto(“”)”); or if that doesn’t work, try execute_string(“room_goto(skin””)”);

I can’t really help you more than that without knowing what string_get does. 😉 “

mrsmes wrote:

“it gives a dialogue, asking a question with a input field so what I want the field to do is assign a value to the string and check it and if it’s a certain value go and use a different skin but all the other functions are working normally now, except for minimize…”

Authentic GameWarez wrote:

“Damn, the FPS is like 1!”

I wrote:

“Did you mean to use get_string instead of string_get? get_string() is a built-in GM function that does exactly what you described. Anyway, to do what you want to do, you’d use something like“Enter the number of the skin to change to.”,”1″)

Although it would be better to use a menu 😉 …

(in the left pressed event for the skin change button)
skinnumber=show_menu(“skin 1|skin 2|skin 3|skin 4|skin 5|skin 6|skin 7”,100)
if skinnumber<101

this way it stops people from entering skin numbers that don’t exist (which could cause errors).”

… in the Forum Topic “just a basic problem, possibly a coding error, but idk & can some one help?”

mrsmes wrote:

“well, I will give you a editable to preview… but since I haven’t worked out the quirks and since you might have your dock different and not built in Game Maker I’ll send the codes and scripts and what events they are in but not the actual editable, well this is a script from a extension I used which is meant to minimize the game window(I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that I am not using a border or handle for the window)


“// Minimize the Dock

what I need it do is minimize the game’s window I might be able to fix that if I draw a border and then on start up of the dock switching it around so it draws it 0x0 in other words 0 times 0 dimensions so basically 0 in size but still there but not visible to the human eye in the dock when being used I suppose because that’s a function of the extension’s…
Edit: Dang just remembered I can’t do that, man that sux, hmm… wait I wrote this program in blitz basic to call a function:



and I don’t know y but this minimizes the window if I could write that in visual basic some how, and have game maker execute that file’s commands and run it in the background somehow and then minimize the window of the dock, and not the current application in visual basic so, this is the application ID number which may prove handy, let’s view it: 872942
all applications have a application identification number.”


GZ wrote:

“1- You forgot brackets again

2- WHY are you continuously using stop for this? In BASIC this pretty much stops the program completely.

3- What do you mean by a ‘Skin’? Like a border theme?

4- You are trying to be able to minimize the dock, but still see the outline. Right?”

[Actually, I think he’s just trying to minimize it. 😛 A surprisingly difficult task in GM – there’s nothing built in that does it.]

I wrote:

“I don’t know what extension you’re using or how it works, but I think if you changed the code to window_minimize(window_handle()); it would work (where did Own_ come from?).”

And lastly for today, sticking with the smes, we revisit a one-month old topic you just might remember 😉 and despite smessy’s tendency to be *completely* unaware of timestamps, it wasn’t him who bumped it ^_^ …

… in the Forum Topic “American Holiday”

smp wrote:

“HEEEEEELLO!!! i’m back! i had a great time! so uhh yeah.
i hope to jump to some projects when i get schoolwork cleared up
also if someone would fill me in as to what i’ve missed that would be good.


mrsmes wrote:

“sweet, u didn’t miss anything we always keep u up to date…”

steware wrote:

“Where in the U.S were you?”

mrsmes wrote:

“me, the U.S no where I wasn’t in the U.S I wish I was though and in California…”



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  1. Oh those final quotes you see there, i wasn’t asking where mrsmes was, i was asking where smp was.

  2. Haha, that was obvious 😛 well, to everyone but smessy anyway. 😉

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