Beware the Truth Oracle + LavaBall is Banned? + Chatbox Wars

October 24, 2008 at 12:24 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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A warning to all: be on the look out for the truth oracle. 😛 He’s taken many forms in the past and now the ever-changing YoYo member formerly known as burnys is using his impersonation superpowers to their maximum potential.

the tigerdude that joined this blog yesterday wasn’t the real tigerdude. But we might not have seen the last of him on the AKHLog yet 😉 …

… on my post “tigerdude joins the AKHLog + the Ultisoft Browser + THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0 released”

Pilot wrote:

“You can view Chatbox Wars (my newe one :D) here at DDNN:


tigerdude1993 wrote:

“what the heck?!
i never applied as a writer!
i promise, i was at this gay camp thing for my skool…
that had to have been someone impersonating me.
someone may have figured out my password…hmm…i’m gonna change it.
btw, i’ll just write my posts here instead of my old blog from now on ;)

[looks like he’s decided to stay anyway! 😀 ]

Pilot wrote:

“O_O Impersonator? Wow.

P.S. Updating Chatbox Wars to be longer.”

LavaWave wrote:

“Today I got banned from yoyogames, I cannot log in on the main site just the forums, I have no idea why I was banned but I doubt zekegames is going to be of any help, He doesn’t look like a guy who you could trust anyway atleast not me.

If I won’t be unbanned then I can say my life on yoyogames is over for good, I think I got accused of being satanchild because of tigerdude and aracnoX and the mods took them seriously.”

I wrote:

“Ha ha, Oh God XD I was wondering last night if it was really you, I felt that there was something different about that comment.

It was thetruthoracle, btw. ;) Just checked the IPs. He’s really toying with us now.

And just to make things clear, everyone who’s commented here so far is real, no impersonations. LavaBall is indeed banned. :\ I’ll be quoting the forum topic about it in my post.

OK, I suppose I should deliver.

… in the Forum Topic “What gives?”

LavaBall wrote:

“I cannot log in to the main site, I keep recieving the “You are banned” Sign whenever I log in to the main site, Strangely I still can log in to the forums, If I really am banned I want to know why I was banned and what did I do.”

Power Board wrote:

“Hmm… that is strange.
Have you uploaded a game recently? If you have a virus might have been atached to it”

LavaBall wrote:

“Oh no, My only games that I uploaded were E.V.E X, ZoniK Alpha and E.V.E 2 By which I was hacked and had them removed and I haven’t uploaded any other game since then, I don’t even have GM Installed anymore.”

I wrote:

“Your IP address was different when you posted on my blog this morning. Maybe your IP has changed and the new IP is banned here?”

[it’s more likely than you think. A lot of SC’s IP addresses were from Malta, remember? 😉 ]

LavaBall wrote:

“I don’t know, My IP Suddenly changed was maybe because I turned the computer off without shutting down and letting firefox and etc… on, When I do that the next time I open firefox I lose my history and log out from any site I was, I think my IP Changes between that too, Either way I am the real LavaBall here talking and not some impersonator or anyone else.”

And lastly for today … isn’t there something I’ve forgotten?


Pilot created a (fictional) chatbox conversation starring the members of DDNN. Here’s a little taster:

… in the DDNN Forum Topic “lmao” …

Pilot wrote:


Cirque du Pilote presents:


One day on DDNN, a chatbox war begun with such insanity… there were STFU’s, meatspins, love chases, and a little evil. Let’s begin.

Pilot has joined the chat
Pilot: Hello?
MetaRidely86 has joined the chat
MetaRidely86: hello
Pilot: Hi.
MetaRidely86: XP AVENGER
Dragonzrkool has joined the chat
MetaRidely86: we’re playing xp avenger.
Dragonzrkool has left the chat
MetaRidely86: Wimp.
Dragonzkool had joined the chat
Dragonzrkool: I SAW THAT
Dragonzrkool has kicked MetaRidely86 from the chat
Pilot: Hey, what was that for?
Spork! has joined the chat
Spork!: hey
Pilot: Hey.
ZekeGames has joined the chat
ZekeGames: ‘ello
Pilot: What is going on? This is crazy.
Chris R. has joined the chat


[the impersonations are awesome! :D]

To read the rest, as well as take a look at the other fake chatboxes that followed (and those that came before it 😉 ) click here and visit DDNN! ^__^



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  1. Glad you like the impersonations!

  2. Also, made it longer.

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