tigerdude joins the AKHLog + the Ultisoft Browser + THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0 released

October 23, 2008 at 18:14 | Posted in Everything | 6 Comments
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Today, my readers, you are witnessing a rare event indeed … the addition of a new writer to the AKHLog. 😀 Everyone here should already know him, it’s tigerdude!!! ;D

… on my post “Tidz and the Second SatanChild666 given a real identity”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“hey AKH. can i be made an author at your blog? i’m going to delete mine and then join yours if possible. thanks in advance.”

Pilot wrote:

“Cool idea tigerdude! AKH, you should do this!

Anyways, anyone remember La Nooba? I’ve done another masterpiece starring many more people this time.

I wrote:

“YAY D Sure thing, tigerdude. ;) I’ll make you an Editor, same as ultisoft.

@Pilot: where is it? P Can’t wait to see it. ;) ^__^

[Also, that’s comment #6666]

A welcome to tigerdude! 😀 If you can read this post, I’ve added you as an Editor. 😉 ^_^

Remember yesterday when I said you can expect an update on burnys/Tidz/SC? Well, it would appear he’s realised the degree of control he has over what I write. All I could find from him was this: 😛

… in ultisoft’s post “Info about the new Guitar Hero game and the Ultisoft Browser”

ultisoft wrote:

“Well, a game I’ve been waiting for a long time is finally coming out Sunday (in the US)!!  It’s Guitar Hero World Tour.  It has better drums and better graphics than Rock Band.  Since I have a Wii, I can play with my Mii and make up a song by just goofing around.  Or I could make a real song that you would play normally in game.  You can find more info on this from YouTube.  I have a poll for you guys to vote on as well, lets see what you think ;D”

And, instead of remaking The Hawk’s Dock, I am going to start my own project called the Ultisoft Browser.

“I would also like a lot of scripts to be on here, so give me your ideas and codes and I’ll see what I can do ;D”

George W Bush wrote:

“hi i am george w bush and i dare you to watch how stupid i could be


i hope you enjoy it thanks and lough at me while at the time of watching”

[You can do better than that. :(]

Oh yeah, did I mention ultisoft made another post? ;D To read ultisoft’s full post, find out more about the Ultisoft Browser and vote in his Guitar Hero poll, click here. 😀

And lastly for today, THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0 is out. 😀 Complete with a refresh button and what would appear to be a theme tune that plays when you open it :\

… on the Game “THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0”

AkmaYo wrote:

“If you minimize it, it gets stuck and you can’t maximize it again. But, it was pretty cool 😛 4/5”

aracnoX wrote:

“Akma it says to press Z i think..”

mrsmes wrote:

“u think, gee it’s like in the description bar, and it tells u when u highlight the minimize button I’ll update it, it now has a refresh button on the dock…”

I wrote:

“Uh … did you upload version 2 right? Because I redownloaded and it’s still 1.5. :\”

3-D Cube wrote:

“Its a shame this got downrated”

mrsmes wrote:

“strange I’m very sure I updated this with another file, uploaded hmmm… when the little update this game button comes up it will use the newer update try that one…”

I wrote:

“The file is no different to 1.5. Try reuploading 2.0. ;)”

mrsmes wrote:


“& fixed…”

I wrote:

“I liked the opening sound 😀 and the new additions (MR.SMES Logo, Refresh button) were good to see. ;D

But, uh, what exactly does the refresh button do? 😛

And I noticed you didn’t turn off “Freeze the game when the form loses focus” (actually, I noticed this last time, but I forgot to say). With that on, if people open another program and put their mouse over where one of the shortcuts is, it plays a sound, which could get annoying. ;)”

Try the newest version of The Hawk’s Dock by clicking here. 😉



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  1. You can view Chatbox Wars (my newe one :D) here at DDNN: http://ddnn-team.forumotion.com/forum-fun-f9/lmao-t1763-20.htm#30455


  2. what the heck?!
    i never applied as a writer!
    i promise, i was at this gay camp thing for my skool…
    that had to have been someone impersonating me.
    someone may have figured out my password…hmm…i’m gonna change it.
    btw, i’ll just write my posts here instead of my old blog from now on 😉

  3. O_O Impersonator? Wow.

    P.S. Updating Chatbox Wars to be longer.

  4. Today I got banned from yoyogames, I cannot log in on the main site just the forums, I have no idea why I was banned but I doubt zekegames is going to be of any help, He doesn’t look like a guy who you could trust anyway atleast not me.

    If I won’t be unbanned then I can say my life on yoyogames is over for good, I think I got accused of being satanchild because of tigerdude and aracnoX and the mods took them seriously.

  5. Ha ha, Oh God XD I was wondering last night if it was really you, I felt that there was something different about that comment.

    It was thetruthoracle, btw. 😉 Just checked the IPs. He’s really toying with us now.

    And just to make things clear, everyone who’s commented here so far is real, no impersonations. LavaBall is indeed banned. :\ I’ll be quoting the forum topic about it in my post.

  6. […] on my post “tigerdude joins the AKHLog + the Ultisoft Browser + THE HAWK’S DOCK beta versio… […]

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