Tidz and the Second SatanChild666 given a real identity

October 22, 2008 at 19:05 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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Today on both YoYo and the AKHLog, we awake to the arrival of a potential revolution in the way we see SC, as burnys, commonly known in the YoYo World by another name in recent times, has posted here claiming to be the Second SatanChild666 – the original SatanChild666’s impersonator – the one who didn’t spam the forums – the one behind many guises including the likes of Arrow-Head, Spazz, Lumine**, AKH I have an answer is that is that OK, AKH ^ and tig3rdude1993.

I for one don’t think this is a lie. But what do you think? 😉 …

… in my inbox …

aracnoX wrote:

“Is he really trying to say he isn’t Tidz?


Tidz of the Truth isn’t the truth oracle?

Hmmm how silly. The whole Oracle thing happened after Tidz challenged you.”


Tidz wrote:


that was my first and real account before i took on satanchild, read my messages before its too late as i wont repeat them!”

Those comments are gone. But after looking at a Google Cache of burnys’ profile from October 9th, we can at least see what he last said on YoYo Games …

Very mysterious. Definitely the type to impersonate someone … and do well. 😉 Now back to the PMs …

… back in my inbox …

LavaBall wrote:

(PM titled “Burnys Returns :O”)

“Oh noez

He say’s he is SatanChilds impersonator altough I know this isn’t true because he doesn’t know about SatanChild or who he is so he is just some kid with social problems.

[link unrelated. Also, :\]

… on my post “Tidz joins the Truth Oracle [who he may or may not be] as a liar + THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0 … is coming”

VOR wrote:

“I must be either stupid or illiterate (or both) as I completely missed the news about Makke being arrested.

Can anyone update me?”

I wrote:

“I didn’t post about that. it was kinda … to serious for this blog. The kind of thing that was best kept secret.

I’m pretty sure it’s not true (I have some big doubts) but I’m not sure enough to post the story on here. ;)

VOR wrote:

“Ah, er, yeah. How about a PM on my yoyo profile about the story?

Im very interested, as I have received a weird PM and it may make better sense of the story.

Regards. Vor.”

[PM sent 😉 ]

European Limuzin wrote:

“Makke has been arrested?
man what a shame, Why was he arrested? i think it would be a good idea that you AKH would make news on your blog about it, I am interested about this story and I want to know more about it.”

burnys wrote:

“european limuzin is me ;)
burnys a.k.a satanchilds impersonator”

… [True. Exact same IP as European Limuzin and Tidz.] …

eddie fenech adami wrote:

“jien jisimni Eddie Fenech Adami u jiena il president ta Malta u sa narestak AKH.”

I don’t know what language that is, after googling some parts of it the best I could get was slovenian … it’s not that. Of course, I also tried Maltese. It either wasn’t that, or my translator doesn’t work. Eddie Fenech Adami is the 7th President of Malta according to the reliable source that is Wikipedia …

Expect more on this tomorrow. ;D



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  1. hey AKH. can i be made an author at your blog? i’m going to delete mine and then join yours if possible. thanks in advance.

  2. Cool idea tigerdude! AKH, you should do this!

    Anyways, anyone remember La Nooba? I’ve done another masterpiece starring many more people this time.

  3. YAY 😀 Sure thing, tigerdude. 😉 I’ll make you an Editor, same as ultisoft.

    @Pilot: where is it? 😛 Can’t wait to see it. 😉 ^__^

  4. […] on my post “Tidz and the Second SatanChild666 given a real identity” […]

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