Tidz joins the Truth Oracle [who he may or may not be] as a liar + THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 2.0 … is coming

October 21, 2008 at 14:18 | Posted in Everything | 6 Comments
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First of all today, it’s time for an update on the latest goings on surrounding Tidz, TurboX and the truth oracle, as it appears I was conned by Tidz yesterday :\ for that and more, read on …

… on my post “TurboX of the Truth? + The Truth Oracle’s Latest Batch of Lies + THE HAWK’S DOCK beta version 1.5”

TurboX wrote:

You do know that screen shot is fake? You can plainly see where he edited my orginal PM, I actually asked him “I would like to talk to you”

I have nothing to do with Tidz, he is obviously disillusioned, I wanted to talk with the creator of that blog, Tidz isnt the creator”

[Actually, TurboX is right – the text in the PM has no font smoothing while everything else on the page does. Looks like I’ve been had. :\]

ultisoft wrote:

““Well, I could join The Truth Oracle if I have information I could gather; but with school going on and the hassle of keeping up with 2 blogs already would be a bit difficult. I would love to help you out on your blog, so ask AKH for my email and make me a contributor so I can post on your site.”

Heh. Ultisoft, you need to read this place more. P https://akhlog.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/the-oracle-of-lies-has-arrived-__/

I did, I read here every day; its not really the Truth Oracle, more like the LIE Oracle. I always look at your blog, and I do know what stuff is going on…
If I do work on the “Truth” Oracle, then I will actually post True stuff…”

… on Tidz’s profile …

I wrote:

“Heh. SC is behind this. He posted a comment on The Hawk’s Dock Beta, then 2 minutes later (literally) Arrow-Head, Spazz, Lumine** and AKH I have an answer is that is that OK posted with “sign #” and then 1, 2, 3 or 4.

You can still see it if you’re quick.”

LavaBall wrote:

“I saw it 😡
But is Makke really arrested AKH?
The case there can’t be denied whether it was written by SC Or not.”

I wrote:

“I didn’t know you knew about that.

I’m not sure if it’s true, I did have my suspicions about Makke this time round. I’m not sure it’s really him. The IP doesn’t match with past Makke IP addresses, but it did match with a Makke appearance inbetween now and the beginning of this year, so I didn’t question it. But it’s possible we’re not dealing with the real Makke.”

LavaBall wrote:

“The cubeengine, He hates me and etc… Already makes him the Makke we used to know.

But then again since this is the internet things should be taken with a grain of salt.”

TurboX wrote:

“Your starting to piss me off, No i am not your friend, we are not partners, you are obviously some kid who solves his problems with “execution””

LavaBall wrote:

“Talking to me or to AKH?”

TurboX wrote:


LavaBall wrote:

“OK, His comments are removed once again, I suggest to the mods to remove his posting permissions at once too, This guy is obviously a troll.”

Tidz wrote:


[ha ha ha]

And lastly for today, I’m going to cover the latest news on THE HAWK’S DOCK, as my predictability shows and I do exactly what smessy says I’m going to do – post his PM 😉 – Enjoy! 😀

… in my inbox …

mrsmes wrote:

(PM titled “Thanks for reviewing my dock”)

“It was, very swell of u to review my dock, thank you AKH and thanks for Interviewing me on it about it’s features and beta version 2.0 is now out with of course more skins and a refresh button on the dock, and a keyboard shortcut to refresh the dock, and the slight refresh error has been fixed and if you notice now shortcuts number 22 to 8 display their description I’ll make sure that it goes all the way to the other numbers soon, and even add more shortcuts and soon a demo version and then a final release for the first actual full version of THE HAWK’S DOCK version 1.0 and finally I’ll start on the second version soon and if any one wishes to help by suggesting ideas for the dock by all means let me know, via pm people… and yes typical AKH, I know u r eventually going to blog this comment… it’s only typical I mean typical AKH always blogging and reporting the news flash of YoYo Citizens 4 YoYo Citizens, well enjoy making your news flashes it should be fun while it lasts I’ll let u XD and lol and rofl this 1 down and make fun of it but if it goes any deeper I am going to have report this topic to a web security station, and fortunately 4 u, if u had remembered to research be4 u report u would know that web police do in-fact exist, how do you think they scan sites and block those with spyware and malware and viruses and mark them as attack sites or spam or forbidden content where access is not allowed, and hacking/cracking style reports for sites and ones that hack other sites or something or a computer etc… and yes www.kwalty.com / www.kwaltz.com is a attack site which uses a java script and by passes the fire wall and security and tries to shut down all internal information and destroy it, if successful it can destroy a computer if you don’t believe me, I even dare you to go there until you start getting pop ups and alerts and your anti-virus picking up viruses detected and eventually having your anti virus destroyed because it doesn’t want the anti virus to destroy it, so it tries to destroy anti virus before destroying the system’s folders bite by bite and bit, by bit and bits are for example on a network they can be used to speed up the download by say if you have 10 bits it’s ten seconds 5 bits, only 2 seconds 1 bit a fraction of a second…

Beta version 2.0 of The Hawk’s Dock isn’t available yet, there’s no new download on the *updated* game page, so the only taste we currently have of the smes’ latest creation is this scaled YoYo screenshot:

Virus Scanner Issues maybe?



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  1. I must be either stupid or illiterate (or both) as I completely missed the news about Makke being arrested.

    Can anyone update me?

  2. I didn’t post about that. it was kinda … to serious for this blog. The kind of thing that was best kept secret.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not true (I have some big doubts) but I’m not sure enough to post the story on here. 😉

  3. Ah, er, yeah. How about a PM on my yoyo profile about the story?

    Im very interested, as I have received a weird PM and it may make better sense of the story.

    Regards. Vor.

  4. Makke has been arrested?
    man what a shame, Why was he arrested? i think it would be a good idea that you AKH would make news on your blog about it, I am interested about this story and I want to know more about it.

  5. european limuzin is me 😉
    burnys a.k.a satanchilds impersonator

  6. jien jisimni Eddie Fenech Adami u jiena il president ta Malta u sa narestak AKH.

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