A New Look YYG is coming + Ultisoft: The New Face of The Hawk’s Dock?

October 17, 2008 at 12:17 | Posted in Everything | 6 Comments
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YoYo Games is experiencing some slightly exciting times as it is once again placed on the verge of a long-awaited and much-needed website enhancement. The new improvements have been written and are currently in testing. We have been told that they want to “have this in your browsers by the weekend”. YoYo work on GMT Time, so this now gives them 11 hours and 43 minutes from the time this was posted by my watch.

Do I think they can do it?

Oh come on, this is YoYo … but there’s a first time for everything. 😉

I’m looking forward to the update, whenever it does finally come. But just what will be included in it?

… in the YoYo Games Glog Post “Website Changes” …

sandy wrote:

“We’ve tweaked a few things on the site which we are currently testing.  There’s a new home page and the play pages make it much easier to find the games that are popular today, this week etc…not just in the history of YoYo Games !!  Uploading games is also much neater and will only be a 2 stage process.

I haven’t set a time to release the changes, but I hope we’ll get this done in the next day or two …. we’re still testing so can’t be certain we won’t find any killer bugs that take time to fix.  Plan is to have this in your browsers before the weekend.

[bolded parts = awesome]

Lastly for today, we’re taking a look at the latest developments for THE HAWK’S DOCK … or will that soon be The Hawk’s Dock?

… in ultisoft’s post “The Hawk’s Dock REMADE and what do you think about our OS?”

ultisoft wrote:

“OK, I am completely remaking The Hawk’s Dock.  It will have the same features, but my version will also have more tools on it, and I will disclose more info on it later ;D

Oh, and I made a few polls about the OS…”

I wrote:

“Sounds … interesting. Are you making the Dock with mrsmes or are you and him making seperate docks of your own? ^__^

[to see ultisoft’s latest polls (about the MrSmes OS), click here and read his post.]



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  1. The new YoYo site is up, and it’s AWESOME 😀 Also, weenom’s Crazy Friends 2 is the 3rd Spotlight game out of 6. Good for him. ^__^ Me too, since my review is the first to show. ;P

  2. I like the new YoYo site, although some changes should be made there. It’s still a little buggy for me, but the profile pages look F-ING awesome.

    *you have full permission to put this in Quotes of the Week XD*

  3. Also, go check the Oracle of Lies 😉 Someone’s apparently after them… 🙂

  4. Whoops, misspelled email.

  5. Hi all. Sorry Ive been away for a while, but Ive been very busy fighting the Opensource battle on other forums.

    I notice we have a new story maker “Oracle”. Right, Ill start with him.

    Heres a quote from his “blog” – “Remember, the Truth Oracle doesn’t let the Internet consume his life or his time. He actually has a life.”

    Well theres the first lie there. Its obvious that the internet does rule his life and that he has let himself get so cross, that hes made a blog to “fight” Akh and Tigerdude.

    First issue there, Oracle doesnt seem to realize that the AKH blog (and Tigerdudes) feed the readers with the stories they want to read about, otherwise they wouldnt get the hits. In a time where stories are fewer, Oracle has now done his bit to further increase the hit count of both blogs.

    Second issue. “He who cannot be named” is not a child. He is old enough to drive. The fact that AKH and Tigerdude both encourage him in his ideas (tiger was helping him with his latest GM work) is completely lost on Oracle, also the fact that “he who cannot be named” so obviously likes “playing up” to the readers on yoyo gives you a relationship (of sorts) between him, yoyo and Akh/Tigerdudes blog.

    Oracle. You seem to take the internet too seriously. People dont have to read anything let alone believe it. People have freedom of choice, hence why your blog efforts are of no real interest to anyone.

    It doesnt matter if the AKH/Tigerdude blog is run by Microsoft in an effort to cheapen the works of freeware GM coders or any other wild conspiracy theory. People come on the net to be entertained and you contradict yourself when you try to claim that you are researching Akh yet the internet does not rule your life.

    AKH and Tiger make no excuses for their blogs, with the proactive posting style they have, they will quite happily post both pro comments and anti ones. At the end of the day all they are doing is trying to entertain – and their hit count shows, they are doing a good job.

    One last thing Oracle. Whilst trying to “fight the good fight” against AKH/Tiger, you are blissfully unaware that even closer to the home of “he who cannot be named” are people making youtube videos making fun of him. Why are you not challenging these people?

    Just an idea. Id love to hear a reply & please, try to refrain from profanity. I will enjoy a debate as long as the inclusion of obscene words is not employed.

  6. and can I add, thanks to a MOD on Yoyogames, I believe the AKHblog now has its official logo/catchphrase:

    THE AKHBLOG – “Bickering without end”

    AKH, I really think you should get a logo of that! Its probably one of the catchiest lines Ive seen on a site name!

    Regards. Vor

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